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Positive experience even with Hurricane Beryl!

Kylie-E-405 on Jul 06, 2024

I want to start this review by noting that everyone will always have something negative to say. While their concerns are typically valid, just remember that you can always find something to complain about. Instead, I want to highlight all of the good this resort did in the week that we were here. First and foremost, we were here during hurricane Beryl. I want to commend the staff and management for how they handled everything. We received a hand delivered notice of instructions to our door in the evening on July 3rd informing us of recommendations and protocols that were going to be put in place starting at midnight. Things went on per usual during the day on July 4th except no alcohol was allowed to be served (who knew it was a law that alcohol can’t be served within 24 hours of a storm watch/warning!?). Around 2pm, staff started stacking up unused pool chairs. Dinner started earlier than normal because everyone was to be in their rooms by 8pm. There was a line to get in but the lines moved quickly and efficiently. We had metal hurricane doors on our balconies that withstood the wind and rain. They delivered sandwiches, snacks, and waters for each guest to our room shortly after 8pm and again at around 10am when the worst of the storm was over. By 12pm the next day, the sun was trying to come out and it was still fairly windy, but people were milling about exploring the damage. Staff was already working hard to get things back in order. We saw many guests starting to help the hotel staff with clean up. We felt perfectly safe throughout the entire storm and have no regrets about hanging tight and riding it out. Check in was easy. Thankfully we arrived at a time when there wasn't a line. I have been to many resorts in this area and know that check in can sometimes take awhile, especially if you come in with a big group. I think this is something that just needs to be expected. Food was always good. Many options each night. Overall pretty standard for resorts. No complaints. The cinnamon and brown sugar coffee they had in pots at the buffet was so delicious. Plus the access to espresso machines with to go cups was really great. Our room was always clean, fridge was stocked, and we had plenty of towels. The pool deck was cleaned each morning from whatever fell from the trees at night. They always had clean towels to exchange at the end of the day. This is my second time staying at this Barcelo property and I would not hesitate to come back. We had such a wonderful experience even with the hurricane!

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dgrasser2024 on Jul 05, 2024

All of the items listed below need to be addressed, we were very disappointed compared to our experiences in the past.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Barcello Answers and Honest Review

James P on Jul 01, 2024

We just returned from our trip to Barcello. We have traveled to many places around the world, but this was our first Mexico all-inclusive. I'll try to answer some of the questions that I had before traveling (that I couldn't find an answer to). Which Barcello Resort? We intended to stay at the Barcello Palace but had to settle on the Colonial after there wasn't availability when we finally got around to making our reservations. We spent what seemed like hundreds of hours debating which resort we should stay at. I realized after we arrived it doesn't really matter. The Tropical and the Colonial are identical. Their buffets share a wall (and have a pass through) so they are essentially the same buffet (in the same location). We thought the Beach and the Caribe were the "lower" scale resorts, but it turns out they are all very similar quality (we didnt see a room there). So, how do you decide which resort to stay at? The Palace would probably be our 1st choice - although some of the Palace rooms seemed to be in smaller individual pods surrounded by trees that could be far away from the resort. Aside from the Palace, I would stay at the resort based on what's more important to you. Do you want the best beach - pick the Caribe or Beach. Do you want a party pool (music pumping, etc), stay at the Caribe. Do you want a HUGE pool that had a much calmer vibe, stay at the Colonial or Tropical. We generally walked to the other resorts. We took the shuttle bus one time, but we didn't find the walk to be a problem (although there is a LOT of walking). Its about a 4-5 minute walk from the Colonial pool to the beach in front of the Beach resort. It was a longer walk from our room to the Colonial buffet than it was from our room to the other resort pools. Is Premium worth it? We upgraded to Premium. I read a ton of reviews and I still didn't know what was included in Premium when we arrived. After the trip, I would say Premium is worth it only if you want a room on the ocean. Otherwise, it's not worth the extra price. If you don't care to stay on the interior part of the resort, Premium isn't worth it. Any of the extra perks they claim that are available either were not offered/given to us (we didn't get the welcome in-room packet upon arrival), or we didn't use. The Good The Colonial pool was HUGE. It was by far the biggest pool I've ever seen. Overall the resort was clean and although the resort was massive, it didn't seem like it was overcrowded. Our room was acceptable to me, but my wife thought it could use a renovation. It seemed like it had new paint, etc., but it seemed like a quick lipstick type renovation. The grounds were very clean and very nice. The beach was great and the palm trees on the beach were awesome (our group thought more resorts should do this to add shade). The Rodizio at the Palance is a great meal. We would recommend it. We didn't have a problem finding chairs at the pool or the beach. There was quite a bit of chair saving (which burns me), but even with that, you could still find open chairs. You did have to have towel cards (1 card = 1 towel). It was a small pain, but overall, I thought it was worth it because it limited the number of towels people had available to "save" chairs (seriously - what type of person wakes up a 7 am to save 8 pool chairs to only use them for 5 minutes ??) The Bad Check In - Since we added the premium option, we were whisked away to the premium lounge for special check it. But, there wasn't an employee at the lounge for quite some time and overall the check in process took about an hour. If the lounge would have been properly staffed, check in would have taken less than 15 minutes (including making reservations). When we checked in, we could only get reservations at 4 restaurants (4 of our 6 night stay). Of the 4, only 2 were our top choices and the other 2 were based on availability alone. They claimed they were booked up for the other days at the other restaurants (but a family that arrived 1 day after us somehow got reservations at a restaurant they claimed was unavailable during our check in). Although we had a "premium" room that comes with unlimited ala carte restaurants, they said that is still based on availability. So, if you think your premium room will get you ala carte reservations each night, think again. Also our reservations were at 6pm or 9pm (nothing available in between). We stayed for 6 nights and you can supposedly only make reservations after you check in. I'm still confused as to how you can get reservations at a good restaurant for a good time (unless maybe there are a lot of guests staying 10-14 days). Maybe there is a hack somehow of making reservations before arrival (if so, we didn't find it). Although the resort is HUGE, there wasn't a ton of extra activities. Other resorts seem to have "fun squads" that hold games and things. We didn't see that. The Pirate Island water park is not a water park. It's a residential size pool with 5 slides. My kids stayed for 20 minutes and didn't want to go back. I will say the main reason why we picked Barcello is because my kids LOVE a flow rider. It was there, but my kids said it was too busy. It seemed like it was a "single" flow rider. Some resorts have doubles where there can be 2 riders at a time. If you're looking for a "teen" special resort, this isn't it - I didn't see any activities for teens. The resort did have cool areas for young kids (5-12 yr olds). We had heard the service at Mexico all inclusive resorts would be memorable. We didn't find the service to be overly amazing. It wasn't bad, but stories we have heard from friends about the service didn't seem to come true. There were typically only 2 bar tenders at the swim up bar. They didn't generally seem to enjoy themselves and the wait was usually several minutes for a drink. It was very hit and miss. Some of the staff were amazing (we were expecting towel animals after housekeeping, drinks constantly available, etc.) It seems like standard US service. When we checked in, we realized the junior suites only have 2 configurations. A room with two double beds (not queen, doubles) and one small couch, or a room with a king bed and a small couch. This was a problem for us since we had thought each room had 2 couches (we saw some traveler videos showing 2 couches and I swear I read something saying there was 2 couches). This was important to us because we wanted a king bed but still needed a place for our 2 kids to sleep. Although we thought we booked the king room, they had us in the 2 double upon arrival. After quite a bit of negotiation, they agreed to move us to a King room and get us a roll away bed. We did have to stay on the ground floor and didn't have a view of the beach, but at least it was our preferred sleeping arrangement. The Ugly Ventura Fly and Ride. Its "permanently closed". We were looking forward to spending one day at this on-site park. There were no explanations, other than, its closed. We were pretty disappointed - my kids watched a lot of videos on the park and were excited. Laundry Service. We didn't pack heavy as we intended to use the laundry service. The group we traveled with called twice for laundry pick up (different days) and they didn't show up. We called once, and they never showed up. As a result, we ended up having to recycle some clothes. Room Service. We tried room service 3 different times. 1 time they answered the phone and we got food. The other 2 times we couldn't get them to answer. Conclusion We had a very good time and we don't regret staying at the Barcello. The group we traveled with said the Barcello resort is/was similar to the Iberostar (they stayed there last year). If/when we go back to Mexico, we will likely look to stay at a different resort that's a little nicer.

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I would not come back!

Ana F on Jul 01, 2024

Like most people, we look forward to our family vacations, yet we were very disappointed this time. We had to switch our room immediately as it smelled like mold, terribly. They were able to accommodate us instantly on the second and third. Unfortunately, I had a family member who needed the elevator as she is a senior citizen and has a bad knee. The elevator was a hit or miss, it wasn’t working most of the time. The door is a bit sketchy, it doesn’t fully close, unless you pull it tight!!! Let’s move on to the pool/beach. Honestly, the pool area is a bit dirty, the drinks are terrible, and you can’t get a drink unless you walk/swim up to the bar. Nobody walks around asking you for drinks. (Not the end of the world I know) When we made our way to the beach, our family went in to only break a toe! My son got scratched by all of the rocks, and my other family member got his foot stuck between bricks. Why are there bricks in in the ocean??? Well, he broke his toe. Which made him lose his money on an excursion. Now let’s talk about reservations… upon our arrival we attempted to make reservations for dinner, NOT A SINGLE RESERVATION AVAILABLE!! I have never experienced this. I could understand 1 days but all 5?? It’s unacceptable. We couldn’t eat buffet food every single day, so we ventured out into town. Although it was beyond expensive, it was an amazing experience(best part of the trip). I will say, the staff is very kind and friendly. It’s the only good part about the hotel. We will NOT be traveling to this nor any other Barcelo resort ever again.

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Eh- so so. If you’re looking for an average stay, this is your place.

kfellingsworth (Billings, Montana) on Jul 01, 2024

Our room was ok. The door was falling off the cabinet to the fridge, our tub would fill up continuously while taking a short shower, our phone didn’t work, and our tv was broken. We were also there for 6 nights and tried making dinner reservations and we weren’t able to make a single reservation because they were all booked, so that was very unfortunate. Our king bed was very uncomfortable and the pillows were flat which made for a long 6 nights.

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