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The added peace of mind that comes with travel insurance can come with added questions. Our answers below can help make your journey a little more carefree.

WestJet travel insurance solutions are administered by Allianz Global Assistance. We have four different plans to match every guest’s travel insurance needs.

General questions

The right coverage for your trip depends on where you're travelling, how long you’ll be gone and, in some instances, your age and overall health. View all of our travel insurance options now. 

Can I extend my emergency medical coverage if I extend my trip? 

You may extend your coverage if you extend your trip, subject to certain conditions of your policy.

Does my travel insurance cover me if I participate in any sports during my trip? 

There are a number of sports that are not covered during your trip. For more details, be sure to read the Exclusions section of your policy document

Why should I buy trip cancellation and interruption insurance? 

The cost of a trip can be a significant financial investment. With trip cancellation and interruption insurance, you're protected when certain situations prevent you from travelling as planned. Examples include: 

  • You can't travel due to an illness, job loss or immediate family member's medical emergency 
  • You need to return home earlier than scheduled because of a family emergency or medical condition
Will my travel medical insurance cover Coronavirus (COVID-19)?  

Policyholders with a Deluxe Package or Classic Emergency Medical Plan who contract COVID-19 at their destination will be eligible for emergency medical benefits.

These benefits are available as long as there is no Government of Canada travel advisory related to COVID-19 in place on their departure date, that advises against non-essential travel (Level 3) or all travel (Level 4) for their destination.

Allianz Global Assistance offers a variety of travel insurance solutions to Canadian residents. Your destination, health and the length of your trip may affect the specific coverage(s) available to you.

In addition to me, who else needs travel insurance? My partner? My spouse? My kids?  

It is recommended that all travellers purchase travel insurance coverage when leaving their province or territory of residence.  

Will my age affect my eligibility for travel insurance? 

Age can affect eligibility for certain medical coverages and plans, and Allianz Global Assistance offers non-medical options that have no age limits. If you are age 65 or older, you may need to answer a few questions about your health to make sure you have the most appropriate coverage. 

Contact Allianz Global Assistance at 1-833-358-0573 for a quote. Our representatives can help guide you to an appropriate plan and take you through a medical questionnaire.

Will a pre-existing medical condition affect my travel insurance coverage? 

Depending on your age and medical conditions, and if applicable, your answers to our health questions, pre-existing medical conditions are covered if they are stable for a certain time period before your policy's effective date, as specified in your policy. 

What do I need to know about completing the health questions for travel insurance coverage? 

If you exceed the age limit to purchase travel insurance in the flight booking path, you can complete a medical questionnaire online or over the phone with an Allianz Global Assistance representative at 1-833-358-0573. Your answers to the health questions (if applicable) will be used to help determine the benefits you are eligible to receive under your insurance policy. 

When answering the health questions: 

  • Plan for about 10 minutes to complete the medical questionnaire. 
  • You (the applicant) should complete the Medical Questionnaire. (If you have someone else complete the Medical Questionnaire on your behalf, it is still your responsibility to make sure the answers to the questions are correct.) 
  • Answer each question carefully and accurately. Review your answers to make sure they are correct. Incorrect answers may lead to your claim being denied, or addiitonal premiums charged.
  • Have your prescriptions or a description of your medications nearby for reference. 
  • If you are unsure about any questions regarding your medical condition or medications, please speak to your physician.

Do I need travel medical insurance when I travel within Canada? 

Accidents can happen anywhere, and government health insurance plans have limits on reimbursement of emergency medical expenses incurred while you are in another province. For example, ambulance fees, emergency dental treatment and prescription drugs might not be covered by some government health insurance plans.

Will my government health plan cover me for travel in the United States? 

The Canadian government recommends every Canadian secure travel medical insurance before travelling abroad. 

Out-of-country health care, particularly in the US, can be costly, and your government health plan may cover only a very small portion of out-of-country emergency medical expenses. Be sure to read your insurance policy and learn about the coverages available to you. 

Government health insurance plans also don't provide coverage for situations such as lost, damaged or delayed baggage or trip cancellation and interruption. Travel insurance offered by Allianz Global Assistance can provide these coverages and more. 

Do I need travel medical insurance when travelling abroad? 

An accident, illness or medical emergency can happen anywhere, anytime.  

When an emergency upsets your plans, Allianz Global Assistance will be there to guide you with 24/7 emergency care and assistance from an experienced in-house medical team.  

Access to an extended worldwide network of trusted physicians and hospitals and Virtual Care will ensure you are referred to the most accessible and appropriate medical care based on your unique healthcare needs while you’re at destination. 

Allianz Global Assistance will also arrange direct payment for your treatment whenever possible, so you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Learn about all travel insurance packages available through Allianz Global Assistance, or check out a few more frequently asked questions. 

How far in advance of my trip's departure date must I purchase travel insurance? 

You must purchase coverage before departing on your trip. You may benefit from purchasing coverage as soon as you make your initial trip deposit, especially if you are purchasing trip cancellation and interruption insurance—either as stand-alone coverage or as part of one of the packages offered by Allianz Global Assistance. 

Will my travel insurance policy pay my emergency medical bills up-front? 

If you purchase travel insurance administered by Allianz Global Assistance, Allianz will arrange direct billing for your treatment whenever possible, so you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Will travel insurance pay my expenses if I’m on a trip and I am called home for an emergency? 

If you purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance, it will help pay for your expenses to return home in the event of a covered emergency. There are a number of circumstances that qualify as an emergency (for example, the death or serious illness of a family member).  

The cost of cancelling a trip prior to departure can be very expensive, as most trips are non-refundable, especially if you have to cancel just before leaving on your trip. Having to return early from a trip can also be very expensive. Either way, trip cancellation and interruption insurance are very important to protect your travel investment.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada may issue travel advisories to avoid non-essential travel (Level 3) or avoid all travel (Level 4) outside of Canada due to COVID-19. These advisories may be issued for all international travel, for specific destinations or for certain types of travel (i.e. cruises). Travel advisories impact travel insurance and are subject to change. They may be issued, lifted, and then reinstated depending on the status of COVID-19 infection rates in Canada and abroad. 

If you’re preparing to travel outside of Canada, plan ahead and remember to check the requirements of the country that you’re visiting. As with every trip, it is recommended you review and follow any travel advisories for your destination from the Government of Canada.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Benefits found in: Deluxe Package, Deluxe Package with COVID-19 Coverage, Trip Cancellation & Interruption Plan, Non-Medical Package

If you test positive for COVID-19 prior to your departure and are unable to travel as a result, trip cancellation benefits will be available under these plans.

Other than this circumstance, these travel insurance plans do not provide coverage for trip cancellation or trip interruption claims related to an epidemic or pandemic. As a result if the Government of Canada issues a travel advisory for your destination, there is no coverage for trip cancellation or trip interruption due to the advisory.

Emergency Health Benefits found in: Deluxe Package, Emergency Medical Package 

Policyholders with a Deluxe Package or Classic Emergency Medical Plan who contract COVID-19 at their destination will be eligible for emergency medical benefits.

These benefits are available as long as there is no Government of Canada travel advisory related to COVID-19 in place on their departure date, that advises against non-essential travel (Level 3) or all travel (Level 4) for their destination.

Enhanced COVID-19 cover found in: Deluxe Package with COVID-19 Coverage

If you do travel while a Government of Canada travel advisory against non-essential travel (Level 3) is in place for your destination, the Deluxe Package with COVID-19 Coverage offers benefits for emergency medical and quarantine expenses if you test positive for COVID-19 while on a trip.   

This package also includes our standard emergency medical, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage, flight and travel accident benefits for our most comprehensive protection.

Contact and claim questions

Call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-833-358-0573. Their caring and experienced in-house medical team is ready to help you 24/7. It is critical that you contact Allianz Global Assistance before seeking treatment.

In your time of need, their Emergency Assistance Specialists will guide you to the most optimal healthcare provider based on your condition and location – whether that is to seek emergency help at a specific nearby hospital, visit a walk-in clinic, take a house-call, or to speak with a virtual health provider through Virtual Care, Allianz’s TeleMedicine solution.

Their Emergency Assistance Specialists will also arrange payment on your behalf whenever possible, and share important information and next steps related to your claim.

In a life-threatening medical emergency, get to a hospital immediately and have a family member or friend call Allianz Global Assistance on your behalf within 24 hours of admission and before any surgery is performed.

Filing a travel insurance claim with Allianz Global Assistance is easy thanks to their online claims portal. It’s a smooth and efficient experience that keeps you informed at each stage of your claims journey. 

Claims for all products and benefits can be submitted online including trip cancellation, interruption and delay, lost or delayed baggage, and out of pocket emergency medical expenses. 

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