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Boeing 737 MAX

737 max

On January 22, our 737 MAX aircraft returned to the skies, after months of rigorous testing and safety checks. We understand you may have questions about the MAX, and we want you to feel informed and confident when flying with us. Read more on our 737 MAX information page.

Unique characteristics of the 737 MAX

Environmental benefits

  • New Advanced Technology delivers approximately 13 per cent more fuel efficiency than our current Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.

Increased guest comfort

  • Quiet engine technology reduces noise by up to 40 percent over the Boeing Next Generation 737.
  • Overhead space bins designed to maximize efficiency of space create more room for carry-on baggage.
  • Boeing Sky Interior create a spacious feel with flowing curves and full-length sculpted walls.
  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology keeps guests connected with the highest bandwidth available in the industry.
737 MAX 8
Guest capacity 174
Engine CFM International LEAP-1B
Standard seat pitch 31-34 in./79 cm–86 cm
Premium seat pitch 34 in./86 cm
Lavatories 3 (one lavatory at the front and two at the back of the aircraft)
Cruise speed 530 mph/850 kph/460 knots
Maximum altitude 41,000 ft./12,500 m
Range 4,045 mi./6,510 km
Wingspan 117 ft. 10 in./35.9 m
Length 116 ft. 8 in./35.6 m
Tail height 40 ft. 4 in./12.3 m
Cargo container door dimensions1

Forward hold
48 in./122cm wide
51 in./129.5 cm tall1


Aft hold
48 in./122 cm wide
48 in./122 cm tall1

Seats in Premium are located in the first three rows of our 737 MAX aircraft and have extra legroom. In some of our aircraft, these seats are equipped with a middle seat blocker that will be phased out as we reconfigured to 2x2 seating across our 737 fleet to further enhance your Premium experience on board.

1Please note: the cargo door on the 737 opens inward and restricts the opening to a maximum of 33 in. (84 cm) in height. Items that exceed this height may need to be turned on their side or angled to fit through the opening. Items (including mobility devices) that that are too large to fit through the opening, cannot be turned on their side, or cannot be angled to fit through the cargo door opening, will not be accepted.


787-9 Seat Map
  Regular seat
  Premium fare seat
  Extra legroom
  Less desirable

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