Extended Comfort

Extended Comfort includes benefits that enhance your journey from start to finish. With perks like extra legroom and early access to overhead bin space, you'll experience additional comfort and convenience when you travel.

Extended Comfort is available for all guests who purchased an Economy fare (including UltraBasic, Econo, EconoFlex). Guests can select an Extended Comfort seat at the time of booking, after booking through Manage Trips and the WestJet App, or at check-in.

Benefits of Extended Comfort 

Extra legroom

Get comfortable with extra space that allows you to stretch out and relax all the way to your destination.1

Early access to overhead bins

Priority boarding (Zone 2) will allow you to keep your bags close by being one of the first to access the overhead bins. 

Priority boarding

Zone 2 boarding gives you extra time to get comfy and settled before takeoff.

Quicker exit upon arrival 

Extended Comfort is located close to the front of the aircraft so you can get on your way and to your destination sooner. 

Distinct section in the front of the Economy cabin

Enjoy the dedicated Extended Comfort section conveniently located at the front of the Economy cabin. 

A complimentary alcoholic beverage 

Sit back and enjoy your flight with a complimentary alcoholic beverage during inflight service (pending aircraft type, flight length and availability).

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