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Good location can not save the hotel

Michelle W (West Hills, Washington) on Jul 13, 2024

I was staying here while my husband was having open heart surgery. This was one of the worst experiences I have had at a HIlton Hotel.The hotel is old but that does not mean you can not paint over chipped cabinets or replace the desk chair that looked like someone took bites out of it! Dirty windows also. But the topper was the restaurant being closed except for breakfast. 26 dollars for a buffet with unheated food, cold eggs, no heat under the food! We were warned by staff not to eat here! The one thing that was good was the front staff that was really trying their best.

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If you're melanated beware daytime front desk staff are racist??

Nia F on Jun 30, 2024

I want to start this review off by saying this as someone who is well-traveled and mostly stays at Marriott's (Platinum Elite status) this hotel stay fell very short of my expectations. First, i arrived on 6/19/24 was met by Guest Representative named Slyvia who was racist towards me. Her attitude was less than welcoming and i'm a Hilton Honors member which wasn't even recognized. Slyvia was not friendly at all and her energy showed it like i was bothering her. I arrived on a Delta flight from PIT - LAX at 11:50a but, i left my house at 3:30a east coast time so it was already a long morning with time zone changes. I was in LA for Hollywood Carnival which was a group rate booking. This was the hotel Hollywood Carnival chose for travelers otherwise, this hotel wouldn't have been my 1st choice. I had 2 reservations 1 from 6/19 - 6/20 and 6/20 - 6/24. I checked into the first reservation wednesday. Slyvia had me check-in my 2nd reservation as well at same time. I told her from the start "i want room & taxes on my Amex". The amount was $954 on my second reservation for accounting purposes i didn't want incidentals authorized on same card. This idiot Slyvia didn't follow my instructions and just did what she wanted to do. She authorized $300 on my Amex for incidentals instead of the room & taxes. That forced me to have to use my debit card for room & taxes which i didn't want to do. So that's 2 strikes so far at check-in the racist attitude and authorizing the wrong amounts on my credit cards. The final strike #3 was she deliberately gave me 2 room keys that didn't work. My room #403 was on the 4th floor at the end of hallway in corner. After taking my 2 bags up to the room only to discover my keys don't work i was pissed off. In my head i'm like Slyvia did this on purpose. I had to go back downstairs to front desk to get re-keyed something that should have been done right the first time. I told her and her colleague working beside her i think it was Juan how displeased and unsatisfactory my check-in experience was. After i settled in i called Hilton Honors member number to complain about check-in. They opened case and closed it on 6/20. The staff lied said "i walked away from the desk" after they screwed up my credit card authorizations. That's false because i had to come back to front desk due to my keys not working. Here we are it's Monday check-out day 6/24 no manager has called my room or cell phone about my complaint the entire stay. I had took the general manager's Riley Wood business card when i checked in. I called the front desk at 10:00a cause i was told the night before by Bill he would be in at 9:00a. Slyvia answered my call and i asked to speak with Riley. She transferred me and we spoke he was unaware of my complaint. After speaking to him he offered to give me 50% off my first night's stay 6/19 for all the inconveinence which was $242. In total i spent $1300 for 5 nights and the stay was less than spectacular. I'm waiting for my credit and some points as we speak. I called Riley on friday 6/28 @ 10:30a west coast time left him a voicemail. He never called me back friday. I've called Hilton Honors members phone number 1-888- 446-6677 4 times. Some of the people working in that call center are incompetent too. I've had 3 separate cases opened about the same complaint. The reps only document the issue with credit cards but, not the racism i experienced at check-in with Slyvia. The Hilton Honor member reps have intentionally disconnected call on me twice so they're just as complacent too in this situation. I'm a frustasted guest who wants a fair resolution. I would never stay at this property again. The hotel is small so are the rooms and hallways. They skimped on the sound proofing cause the walls are paper thin. My room was end of hallway and it was still noisey as hell even though i requested quiet. There's 4 rooms at the end of hallway plus the exit door and unfortunately i heard all the hallway traffic noise. Housekeeping made it worse every morning and their carts take up the whole width of hallway. For the money i spent could of stayed at a posh Marriott with way more amenities.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

$870 bill NOT worth your money. Stayed June 21st-23rd 2024

Hailai Y on Jun 23, 2024

An absolute horrible experience! Not just with the workers but also with the rooms themselves. I called to book this reservation months ago and for the price I paid for two nights was not worth the quality of the rooms or “hospitality”. When I called they did not tell me that the hotel parking was paid valet parking only. On top of me paying about $300 dollars for TWO nights, I also had to pay $45 dollars PLUS TAX a night for valet parking. Such a scam! The parking lot itself is way too small for them to charge guests an ADDITIONAL $45 a night for parking. The parking should be included (free if that) with the already outrageous pricing of the rooms. What was more upsetting is that they ran out of room for our car in the parking lot and drove our car down the street to another hotels parking lot WITHOUT telling us. That should not be allowed one for safety reasons, and two because our car left the premises. Secondly, the first room (room 613 6th floor) I was booked in had a leak in the ac unit, so when I walked in there was a puddle of water and water coming up from under the floor boards when I walked over them. I had went down to talk to management however they were not friendly about the conversation and seemed to have a tone as if they knew that there was a leak in the room when they booked it. After talking to them about it they were willing to give me a “discount” on the room, but they only took $70 dollars off of my $870 bill for two night. Even then they said it would take 5-10 business days to see the price correction in my bank account. Which I highly doubt but I will for sure be calling to make sure that it’s corrected. I do have to say they were “kind” enough to set my partner and I up in another room (room 617 6th floor), but the room wasn’t any better. After traveling 6 hours a shower is absolutely necessary to relax and unwind. However the water pressure on the shower head wasn’t enough to properly shower. The water wasn’t shooting out more than an inch from the shower head. Lastly, the manager was very deeming and rude toned. I understand that he deals with people all day but when people come to you with issues with the rooms YOU booked there is no need to be rude especially when I was very calm with him. If they would have never booked me with a room with a maintenance issues in the first place, this situation would have never happened.

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Great Stay near Hollywood Bowl (easy walk!) and Hollywood Blvd

Sara M (San Diego, California) on May 09, 2024

Clean, convenient, and a good value! The room was a little dark (decor and natural sunlight, not ambiance!) but there are plenty of lamps that helped! The hotel has been updated and had all the amenities that we needed. The gym was large and had everything we needed (free weights and cardio). Hot coffee was in the lobby in the morning. Great stay!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Most pathetic hotel stay ever.

zoe b (Brisbane, Australia) on May 08, 2024

This hotel masquerades as a Hilton but standards have definitely slipped. The rooms are clean and comfy with everything needed but the hotel facilities were appallingly bad. I paid an extra $100 for the buffet breakfast for 2 nights. First day was OK, lots of ingredients 'unavailable' but offering was fair. Second day the kitchen was closed for renovation. Wasn't told until I turned up to eat. Wtf? Why charge for a breakfast you can't provide?? I did complain and the receptionist gave me a partial refund which was very reasonable however I could hear from my seat the kitchen staff slagging me off which is very juvenile. The bar also did not open during my stay. Valet parking is 45 per day for the guy to move your car 10 feet for you so seems a grossly overpriced unnecessary forced charge. Why not just provide self parking g for a reasonable rate. The guy brought my car, left the handbrake off and left me to struggle with suitcases. Location is a 10 min walk to the walk of fame however hollywood is a grimy dirty rough area so I regret this whole trip. Hired a car and couldn't wait to get outta there. There's a holiday Inn right next door so if this location works for you, go there instead. Hopefully they don't just squeeze money out of you for no good reason whilst trying to be a big roller when really it's equivalent of a travel lodge.

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