Seat selection

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Secure your choice of seat with advance seat selection. Seats can be selected when you book your flight, or at any time up to 24 hours before your flight by using Manage Trips. Fees may apply based on the fare bundle purchased.

If you choose not to reserve a seat in advance, you can select a Standard seat for no fee* at time of check in. Fee for Preferred and Exit row seat selection during check-in may apply.

*Basic fares will be charged a fee for seat selection at check-in Advance seat selection:

  Premium/Business fare EconoFlex fare Econo fare Basic fare

Standard seat

At a discount to Basic fare


Preferred seat

At a discount to Econo/Basic fares

At a discount to Basic fare


Exit row seat

At a discount to Econo/Basic fares

At a discount to Basic fare


Premium/Business seat

✔ Included  $ Available for a fee


Additional legroom seating

If you are looking for more space when selecting a seat, we have options. Look for the colour-coded seat options when booking or managing your trip.

  • Preferred seats
    These seats provide additional legroom1 and are located at the front of the economy cabin, allowing for a quicker exit upon arrival at your destination.
  • Exit row seats
    In addition to additional legroom, these seats board earlier therefore allowing for easier access to overhead bin space.
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Family sitting together on plane

Family seating

Families booked on the same reservation can be seated together.  When booking online, provide the date of birth of all guests under 14 and select your economy seats together on the seat map, for no additional charge. Learn more.

Family sitting together on plane

Premium and Business cabin seats

When booking Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, or BusinessFlex seats are included within the applicable cabin and can be chosen  at time of booking or through Manage Trips.

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