Become immersed in First Nations Cultures from across Canada - Indigenous Experiences

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When you sign up for a tour with Indigenous Experiences, you’re greeted by a warm hand drum welcome, that marks only the beginning of a carefully curated and immersive tribute to showcase the culture and history of Canada's First Peoples through a unique and authentic Indigenous lens. Throughout your journey you’ll taste incredible local cuisine like venison sausage, three-sisters soup or wild rice, and enjoy Indigenous dances including jingle dance to hoop dance, paying tribute to diverse traditions from across the country. In the warm summer months, you’ll reconnect with your adventurous side and paddle down the historic Ottawa River by canoe to the Aboriginal Experiences grounds, a unique experience of the Canadian Signature Experiences collection.

“Indigenous Experiences takes immense pride in intentionally showcasing the diverse Indigenous cultures that make up the foundation of Canada,” said Trina Mather-Simard, Founder, Executive and Artistic Director. 

“Following the pandemic, we are looking forward to providing an atmosphere for our guests to reconnect with one another, honour our land and enjoy a taste of First Nations cultures from across Canada.” 

Indigenous Experiences is located on sacred land between Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec, and sits on an ancient trading stop on the Ottawa River. From one side, you can see Canada’s Parliament Buildings and from the other, the province of Quebec.

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WestJet and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) have provided nine, $10,000 grants to Indigenous tourism businesses across Canada that have been devastated by the shutdown of the tourism industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grants were originally earmarked through the WestJet/ITAC strategic national partnership, signed in November 2019.

The recipients of these grants, including Indigenous Experiences, were given the news in March 2021 and their reactions were captured in a new WestJet/ITAC video, WestJet & ITAC: supporting Indigenous tourism in Canada