WestJet’s continuous improvement approach to Safety Above All

Last updated February 23, 2024 at 11:46 AM MT
By Travis Brassington | | 2 min read
Driving our commitment to advancing our safety culture


After more than 20 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a senior officer and CF-18 fighter pilot, I joined WestJet in 2011, and recently took over the helm as Vice-President of Safety. 

WestJet’s steadfast and highly regarded safety standards, spanning our 28-year history, have protected everyone in WestJet’s world by preventing serious incidents. We constantly learn from our experiences and celebrate a continuous improvement mindset. This commitment ensures we are proactively injecting lessons learned into our operations, while collectively advancing our safety culture. 

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What is WestJet doing to build on our safety record?

We take a holistic approach to safety by investing in our people and processes to establish and enhance multiple barriers to safety risk: protect our people, protect our guests and protect our operation. 

WestJet proactively earns our formidable safety reputation every day through the following measures:

  • Reviewing and reassessing our processes and procedures constantly to ensure a cycle of continuous improvement. 

  • Employing highly trained and skilled professionals, who prioritize safety above all; they are impeccable at transitioning, when needed, from service delivery to providing emergency care, both on the ground and in the air.

  • Collaborating with our partners, manufacturers, and industry associations, including the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), to advance safety across our operation and our industry; this drives awareness and critical knowledge transfer, while helping to build trust.

  • Participating in the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program, ensuring the highest international safety standards are met or exceeded.

There are no winners or losers in our industry when it comes to safety; the aviation system succeeds by building and maintaining confidence in air travel. Our commitment to continuously collaborate and innovate to improve safety standards extends beyond just our airline and is paramount to the success of our industry as a whole. As professionals, we have a duty to safety, while also building trust in this complex system, where public and employee assurance is essential. 

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