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Exclusive limited-time offer

Bonus WestJet dollars just for you.1

Yes, we've deposited bonus WestJet dollars into your WestJet Rewards account, which you only have a limited time to use on any new booking.2 Sounds like time for a spontaneous vacation (the best kind). Use this bonus, and the existing WestJet dollars you have already earned, and you'll be off to amazing places. It's a limited-time offer exclusively for you, so you've got to act fast.1

How to redeem your WestJet dollars:

  1. To redeem your WestJet dollars3, book online.
  2. Sign in to your account using your WestJet Rewards ID, which can be found in your email
  3. On the Payment step, indicate the amount of WestJet dollars to redeem. A minimum of 15 WestJet dollars per guest, per direction of travel applies.
    Note: only the guest signing in will be able to redeem their WestJet dollars on the booking. If multiple guests wish to redeem, separate bookings will need to be made by signing in with each guest's unique WestJet Rewards ID.
  4. When redeeming WestJet dollars, the remaining amount must be paid with a credit card.3

Redeem now

To redeem your WestJet dollars on a WestJet Vacations package; please contact your travel agent or call 1-877-737-7001. We're open Monday - Sunday; 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. MT.4

Travelling with an infant under 2 years of age?

Please call us at 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET).

WestJet-marketed flights

A WestJet-marketed flight is any flight that has a ‘WS' carrier code preceding the flight number (eg. WS656, WS3109). So, as long as you book it with WestJet and the flight number starts with WS, you can redeem your WestJet dollars on that flight.