WestJet Rewards upgrades

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More ways to upgrade with WestJet Rewards

Platinum, Gold and Silver members can upgrade in more ways, with greater benefit than ever before.

Place an offer to upgrade

Platinum, Gold, Silver

From the point of purchase up to 75 hours before your flight, WestJet Rewards members can place an offer to purchase an upgrade. Offers are considered for all WestJet guests; consideration of the offer may include original fare, WestJet Rewards tier status, number of available seats and number of guests travelling with you.

Place an offer

Pay for an upgrade at 48 hours by calling your priority support number

Platinum, Gold

Platinum and Gold WestJet Rewards members have early access to purchase an upgrade to a seat in Premium or Business. Platinum and Gold members can request the purchase of an upgrade between 48 and 24 hours prior to flight departure, subject to availability, by calling their respective priority support number.1

Early access terms and conditions for: Platinum and Gold

Complimentary upgrades prior to check-in

Platinum, Gold, Silver

With the purchase of EconoFlex fares, Platinum, Gold and Silver members may be eligible for complimentary upgrades to Premium on most WestJet flights.2 Platinum members are also eligible with the purchase of Econo fares.

Complimentary upgrades are assigned prior to the opening of the 24-hour check-in period and allocated in priority order by tier, starting with Platinum.

Complimentary upgrades prior to check-in terms and conditions for: PlatinumGold, and Silver

Complimentary upgrades at the gate

Platinum, Gold, Silver

Didn’t receive an upgrade prior to check-in? You may still be eligible to receive a last-minute upgrade at the boarding gate when seats in Premium remain open.3 To be added to the priority list, you must have an eligible booking and check in a minimum of 75 minutes prior to departure (either online or at the airport). Eligible fares include EconoFlex and Econo for Platinum members, and EconoFlex only for Gold and Silver members.

Upgrades from Premium to Business may also be available when flying on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner within Canada only.3 Eligible fares include PremiumFlex and Premium.

Complimentary upgrades at the gate terms and conditions for: PlatinumGold, and Silver