WestJet accounts

  1. Signing up for a WestJet account

  2. What is a WestJet account?

    A WestJet account provides you with the ability to manage your bookings online, subscribe to email communications and earn WestJet dollars through WestJet Rewards. An account is also required in order to be issued or use a WestJet flight or Travel Bank credit. A WestJet account is either created by you, or by our contact centre on your behalf.

    How do I sign up?

    Select the Sign up/Sign In link from the top menu and follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself and to choose a password. Upon the successful creation of your account you will be assigned a 9-digit WestJet ID.

    Is my information secure?

    The security and privacy of your information is a top priority. We are proud to have a secure system that safeguards all the information stored in your account. WestJet will not use any of the information stored in your account for any business reason other than to assist you with your online bookings and for related account benefits, such as your participation in WestJet Rewards.

  3. WestJet ID and password

  4. How do I change my password?

    Sign in to your account and select the Personal info tab from the main menu. Then select the Change password link from the sub-menu. You will be asked to enter your old password, new password and then retype your new password. Once you have filled these fields, click on the 'CHANGE PASSWORD' button. If entered correctly, you'll have successfully changed your password and will receive a confirmation email.

    I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

    Select the Sign up/Sign in link from the top menu. When you reach the sign-in page, click on the Forgot ID or Password link. Enter your email address in the field and click RESET PASSWORD. You will receive an email requesting that you change your password. Click on the link in the email and complete the change password process.

    Why can't I sign into my account using my email address?

    This option is only available if your email address is linked to a single account. If your email address has been used for more than one account (eg. family members sharing a single email address or you have more than one WestJet ID), you'll need to sign in using your 9-digit WestJet ID. To enable email address sign in functionality, sign in to your account with your WestJet ID and change the email address to one that is unique for your account.

    I have more than one WestJet ID. What should I do?

    If you have more than one WestJet ID, please contact us by email with all of your WestJet IDs. We will assist by consolidating your information into one account for you. You may not receive an immediate response to this email - don't worry, we'll respond as soon as we can.

  5. Using my WestJet ID to make a booking

  6. How do I make a booking using my WestJet ID?

    You will be asked to sign in with a WestJet ID or email address on the Guest information page when making your reservation. If you decide not to sign in you will still be able to complete your booking, but it will not be connected to your WestJet account; therefore you will not be able to view this itinerary when signed into your account, nor make changes to the booking online.

    How do I make a booking using my WestJet dollars?

    On the Book a flight search tool on the home page of westjet.com, click on the "Book a flight using WestJet dollars" link. You will be taken to the WestJet Rewards online redemption site where you will be prompted to sign in with your WestJet ID and password. Alternatively you can visit the site directly here.

  7. Managing reservations

  8. What is Manage bookings?

    Manage bookings is a feature of your WestJet account that allows you to view, change and refund the bookings made with your WestJet ID.

    Why can't I see all my bookings?

    You will only see bookings created using your WestJet ID, and only those bookings created through westjet.com. You will not be able to see bookings made through a travel agent or by someone else on your behalf.

    Can other guests on my itinerary see the bookings I've made for them?

    Your WestJet ID is limited to your individual use, and we suggest that you do not share your login information with anyone else. If you wish to send itineraries to other travel companions, you will receive an email with guest and itinerary information that you can forward.

    Can I view changes that a WestJet agent has made on my behalf?

    If the booking was originally made using a WestJet ID, changes made by a WestJet agent will be visible in the Manage bookings section.

  9. Changing or cancelling bookings

    How can I change or cancel my booking online?

    Change and cancel is available for bookings made online with a WestJet ID on or after March 2, 2013.
    To change a booking made on our website, follow these easy steps:

    1. Sign in to your WestJet account with your WestJet ID or email address and password
    2. Choose the Manage bookings tab from the main menu
    3. Click on the MANAGE BOOKINGS button and select the booking you wish to change

    Please call us at 1-888-937-8538 to:

    • change or cancel a reservation made on westjet.com prior to March 2, 2013
    • change or cancel a reservation made on westjet.com without a WestJet ID
    • change a reservation made online within the last 24 hours
    • change or cancel a reservation made over the phone
    • use a travel credit
  10. Please note: if your flight was booked through a Travel Agent, you will need to contact your Travel Agent to make a change to your itinerary.

    What are WestJet's regular fare change policies?

    Please visit our fares page for our most up-to-date information on fare changes.

  11. Changing or cancelling bookings from a mobile device

    The easiest way to manage your booking is to sign in to your WestJet account using your email or 9-digit WestJet ID. By signing in you can view your history, change or cancel your booking, and select or change your seats. You can also call us at 1-888-937-8538 to change or cancel your booking. Our mobile-optimized site does not currently support changes or cancellations to existing bookings.

  12. Travel Bank credits

  13. How are WestJet credits stored?

    WestJet credits are stored in a tool called a Travel Bank. Any credit received from WestJet will be stored in a Travel Bank account associated with your WestJet account, and can be redeemed on westjet.com or by calling us at 1-888-937-8538. To see all the details of our Travel Bank tool, visit WestJet travel credits.

    Can I see my Travel Bank credits?

    Yes, your travel credit balance can be viewed online through your WestJet account. To access, select the Sign up/Sign in link from the top menu and sign in with your WestJet ID or email address and password.

    How do I use my Travel Bank credit for an online booking?

    To use your WestJet Travel Bank credit to pay for your online booking, you will need to sign in to your WestJet account to make your initial booking and use Travel Bank as your form of payment.

    How do I know my credit balance?

    When you sign into your WestJet account, your Travel Bank credit balance will be displayed. If your balance isn't shown, you may still be shown a status notification of active, suspended or closed.

    Can I use my Travel Bank credit to pay for travel for another guest?

    At this time, you can only use your Travel Bank credit for your travel when booking online or through our Sales Super Centre. If you wish to make a booking for another guest or travel companion using your Travel Bank credit, you will need to contact us at 1-888-937-8538. For more details on how to use Travel Bank, please visit WestJet travel credits.