Emotional support animals

WestJet allows emotional support animals in the cabin of the aircraft, free of charge, when performing a required support service.

Please note that the policies for the acceptance of service and specialty animals of our partner airlines may be different from ours.

Emotional support animals are defined as dogs that provide support for an emotional disability and are required as an accommodation for air travel or for activities at the guest's destination. Only one emotional support dog will be permitted per guest, and may travel in a kennel, or if properly harnessed they may travel at your feet.

Booking your flight

For travel with an emotional support animal, you must fax a signed letter, dated no more than one year prior to travel, from your licensed mental health professional (for example, a psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker) to WestJet at 1-855-648-8166 a minimum of 48 hours prior to flight departure for air only bookings, and a minimum of seven days prior for WestJet Vacations package bookings. This will allow adequate time to assign seating on the aircraft, and for WestJet Vacations package bookings to arrange suitable accommodations, transfers, car rental or other services in addition to air travel. This letter must be on your attending mental health professional's letterhead, and must state:

  • You have a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -Fourth Edition (DSM IV)
  • You require the emotional support dog as an accommodation for air travel and/or for an activity at your intended destination
  • The type of license held by your mental health professional and the jurisdiction in which it was issued

Entrance requirements

Ensure your animal meets all entrance and quarantine requirements for the destination you're travelling to. This avoids a situation where your animal will be denied entry. Emotional support animals are not accepted on flights to or from Bridgetown, Barbados; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Kingston, Jamaica due to entrance and quarantine regulations.

If you are travelling to Dublin, please be aware that in addition to WestJet’s booking requirements for travel with these animals, your dog must be trained by an organization that is accepted by and affiliated to the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) and Assistance dogs must be trained by an organization affiliated with Assistance Dogs International (ADI). You must travel with an assistance dog identification card provided by the qualifying organization and you are required to contact the Animal Health Section of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) by phone well in advance of travel in order for the animal to travel.

The following locations have strict import regulations. Prior authorization for your emotional support dog must be arranged well in advance of travel. For more information please contact: