Indigenous Tourism in Canada

Visitors from around the world come to hear the authentic story of the land and connect with the diverse peoples that were here first. Indigenous tourism provides communities with jobs, training and a source of pride in culture. 

In 2019, WestJet partnered with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) to support Indigenous culture, history and the health of the overall industry.

WestJet and ITAC are proud to showcase the Indigenous entrepreneurs who are recipients of the 2020 and 2021 grants.

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Person kayaking

Talaysay Tours


Natural history tours sharing Indigenous heritage, rich storytelling, and ways of living. Situated in the old-growth forests of northwest B.C.

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Plated salmon

Moccasin Trails


Immersive, authentic experiences for all five senses. Take part in a traditional journey of knowledge, oral history and Indigenous culture.

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Man picking grapes in a Vineyard

Indigenous World Winery


Taste fruit from the land that has supported the Syilx people for +10,000 years. Responsibly produced wine from the Okanagan Valley.

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Moccasins shoes

Moonstone Creation


Well-known, family-run studio promoting pride in Indigenous culture. Authentic, traditional pieces representing artists from across Canada.

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Night view of tents

North Star Adventures


View the aurora borealis with guides sharing 50,000 years of ancestral knowledge of the land, culture and peoples of the north.

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Tranquil sunset over lake

Aurora Village


Enjoy the natural spectacle of the Northern Lights in comfort from traditional teepees. The cultural experience is complete with bison stew and bannock.

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Flat bread with veggies

Feast Cafe Bistro


Award-winning, modern takes on traditional Indigenous dishes. Supporting the community by hiring and training those with barriers to employment.

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People canoeing

Indigenous Experiences


Located on sacred land between Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec, at an ancient trading stop on the Ottawa, visitors will enjoy a taste of many First Nations cultures from across Canada.

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Chef preparing a meal

Miqmak Catering Indigenous Kitchen

Roxboro, QC

The restaurant brings back the natural way of cooking passed down from the owner’s Ancestors. The menu includes wild rice, cedar-braised chicken or Algonquin Three Sisters’ Casserole.

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Acknowledgments across our network

Land acknowledgements serve as a starting point to help us move forward in a spirit of reconciliation with our First Nations, Inuit, and Métis neighbours to broaden our understanding and become better neighbours, ourselves.

Why acknowledge?

Our partners at the Calgary Foundation have shared this video that explains the importance of land acknowledgement.

As an airline, we are privileged to connect with people from across Canada. The relationships we build in the communities we serve are what allows us to keep flying.

We travel in and through the traditional territories of many of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and are beneficiaries of the land that they have acted as steward over for generations. Each of these unique communities, often drawing their personality and culture from the character of the land, brightens our country.