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  • Cleanliness 2.5
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 2.5
  • Service 2.5
  • Value 2.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great spot to sleep while enjoying the beaches. Also a little haunted. It was interesting.

Jenn N on Nov 14, 2023

Loved it, scary and spooky yet full of history. Guest rooms are clean, right on the water. Staff was amazing. We can't wait to come back!! Loved all the photos and old history inside. Don't change a thing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Do not stay here, your life could be in danger.

luannes497 on Jan 23, 2023

My sister and I are lucky to survive one night at this horror hotel. Not only was everything horrible in the room, but in the middle of the night, after already deciding to leave in the morning, I awoke and smelled gas. There was a gas range in the room. We turned the fan and A.C. back on after a break because it was freezing and we couldn’t get the thermostat to work. That seemed to ventilate the room. But who wants to stay in a death trap. Didn’t get any sleep and got out as soon as the sun came up, feeling too unsafe to navigate the hotel in the middle of the night. But that’s another story! I definitely want a refund from air bnb. An apology would be nice too. It is truly shameful that this pit is even open to the unsuspecting public.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

The horrors are truly astounding

Travelree2210 on Jan 13, 2023

I recently revisited this atrocity with my friends as part of my yearly trip to the Hollywood area. Like my review from years past states, this place is a nightmare. I had a buddy who lived here for 2 semesters of school. He played football and all his teammates were bunked up in the “resort”. Now for a bunch of young adults partying all the time..it was pretty great! But, I imagine for the renters and vacationers it was anything but. The aroma of the property is best described as marijuana mixed with years and years of neglect and urination. The types of people one may encounter during their I’ll-advised stay at this chalet include disgruntled employees, swindled vacationers, drug dealers, drunk young people, and cracked out elderly folks. The carpets are stained. The walls are cracked. The metals are rusted. The elevators never work. The stairs are a slippery narrow nightmare. The security doesn’t give a damn who comes in or out and when. 70% of the building is an unused concourse of winding hallways and escalators that do not escalate. It’s really all quite astounding how truly terrible this place is. And yet, it has so much charm and character. It’s clearly a century’s old building that went though many different forms. From a hospital, to a morgue, to an upscale hotel, to a crackden that shamelessly advertises “RESORT” right on the front in bold letters. Thank you Historic Hollywood Beach Resort, for the countless memories, laughs, scares, and even the $20 I found near grump Gary’s that one time. Do not pay money to be here.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

BEWARE!! Do your research!

Disenchanted88 on Oct 10, 2022

Rented an AirBNB In this building. Room description was accurate (except it didn’t mention cockroaches) but resort description was grossly inaccurate. Resort must have been beautiful in its day but it is now a rundown, unsafe building and has literally been declared so by the city (see pic). Reception desk has been closed and there is now one lone security person in a caged in office running the show. Elevators are broken and guests have to use emergency stairwells to access their floor. Second floor sitting area is interesting and looks like a scene from a haunt movie, as does the entire rest of the building. Fire alarms went off 6 times the first (and only) day we stayed there. Because the building is now a vast abandoned shopping center (two floors of closed store fronts) but exterior doors are largely left unlocked and open to the public throughout, it has become a popular place for the homeless population to gather, both inside and outside of the building. I was confronted by a group of men when trying to move from the (rundown) outdoor pool back into the building (see second pic of the door area from the pool to the building). If you enjoy Ghost Hunters and want that type of experience, this is your place (but warning: be careful. Lots of vagrants throughout the building). Truly an intriguing building but not one where I want to stay on vacation. Just beware. Do your research. Be sure you know what you are getting into. We did not and moved after one night.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Rundown dump

H9320XSkaylad on Mar 24, 2022

Don't be fooled by the old pictures shown on Expedia and other booking sites. The reality was a giant slap in the face and we were not the only ones feeling that way. The entire resort is completely rundown, dirty and unsafe. The carpets are stained (vomit and the likes), the hallways reek of piss smell, pot and antiseptics combined. Old dirty clothes were strewn in the hallway for days. The bathtub was old and peeling and clogging the drain. The door doesn't lock properly so we had to carry our valuables every day and sleep with an eye open every night.The bedsheets and the towels were stained and icing on the cake, the cleaning crew left an old condom and wrapper under the bed. The neighbors who seem to live there, were fighting every night and smoking pot which seeped into our room then waking us up to their loud music early morning. Don't book this place. You're guaranteed to regret it!

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