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Wonderful Stay, very enjoyable.

Warren C (Kamloops, Canada) on Mar 18, 2024

My wife and I spent nine nights at the resort. She booked everything and having visited many Mexican sunspots, the Ixtapa/Zihuantanejo area simply could not be beat. The resort was somewhat quiet at under 50 percent occupancy. The buffets were as expected, the specialty restaurants were good but avoid the steak served at the steakhouse as thin and overcooked. The staff were very kind, a little bit of a language barrier but perhaps we could have learned more spanish. We tipped every meal as suggested, not much, 20-50 pesos but we were well taken care of at every sitting. Met some great fellow Canadians and it was lovely to meet some vacationing nationals with their families. Very safe environment, no issues with leaving things around the pool area and the nightly room cleaning was impressive. Borderline excellent but every accommodation must strive to be better. This resort is located ten kilometers from Ixtapa, not overly handly if you're looking to dine out, away from the resort as it's a 200 Peso taxi ride in either direction. I wouldn't recommend for nightlife or young adults looking to party/socialize, that's not the market they're targeting.

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Frightening experience at Resort

Shawn K on Jan 30, 2024

The stay was good but when we tried to leave to go to our next resort the person that was trying to pick us up who is a friend that runs a tour company was not allowed in . After trying to get some help with the Manager who is in charge we were told we would have to take ourselves and luggage down the long entrance road to outside the resort, our travel friend who own at this resort are elderly and one is handicapped. I had to help him get to the gate When we got to the gate and left the entrance, we were trying to leave in the van, but could not as the local taxis had surrounded it and blocked us. One of the taxi drivers was confronting me telling us that this was not allowed our friend who is the driver was trying to talk to them then the tourist police arrived the municipal police arrived And the taxis were trying to intimidate us and make us pay money. Clearly somebody in Mexico is controlling them we could not get anywhere and where in the van for over an hour hotel staff just looked on from the other side of the gate and ignored us when there was clearly a problem going on with their guests , I am quite sure that they were the reason the taxis had showed up. It was not until many heavily, armed federal police arrived with lots of discussion that we were released by the taxi s. Clearly, we were put in danger and intimidated by this. During this time, one of the members was having a medical distress, and the driver told this to them, but there was no response. During this time, we were trying to reach the Canadian consulate and the American consulate in Acapulco with no response and no help. We finally contacted some of our family members to let them know the situation we were in and if we did not call them within an hour to contact the authorities This reflects very poorly on this hotel as I believe they neither helped and possibly precipitated this event If this review is removed, I believe it will clearly show their complicity I do not believe this hotel provides a safe place for their guests Visitors from Canada and USA

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5


Kate O (Santa Rosa, California) on Dec 24, 2023

Love this hotel but however they let you in until 1:30 and if you go there early they make you wait outside. Workers are very friendly, some of the pools are more warmer than others but mostly are good temperature. If you want to get the seats where the pools and beach are you should go very early because some people even go there and start picking the seats they want at night. They open the pools are 7am but when one of my family members went at 6:30 there were nearly any near the pool and beach. The beach water is warm and there is a lifeguard near the lifeguard there are different strings that separate the ocean the far 2 where the rocks are you cant go to deep. But the other ones you can go as deep as you want. They have 5 restaurants we for breakfast went to Colores where they have pancakes, Fruit, Chilaquiles, eggs, Yogurt, Bread and much more. Then for lunch we went to the bar de los snacks where they served hamburgers, French fries, Hotdogs, Nachos and much more. If you are those people like us that wear swimsuits in the morning because after breakfast you want to go to the beach or pool you NEED to wear clothes over your swimsuits because they don’t let you in the restaurant wet or with swimsuits they let you wear sandals thought.We got room 1924 which is one of the very top ones although we didn’t get balcony we got a nice view of the beach. Since we went in December we got to be in posadas which they do with another hotel called Hotel Azul Grand. They gave you candy,ponches,Atole and they even had 2 piñatas for kids to break. They have karaoke at 8:30pm to 10:00pm.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great family hotel

JandNMc (Hong Kong, China) on Oct 31, 2023

I was not expecting much but had a surprisingly decent stay at this all inclusive hotel. Stayed for 2 nights when going to Lazaro Cardenas on business. Service and enjoyed the food and service. Very lively place if you are after a family vacation. Really good facilities.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

They charge for everything

Raul R on Sep 16, 2023

They charge for a for an early check in (they didnt even watch your luggage if you dont pay for it). The early check in does not include the room. And also they charge a late check out that doesnt include the room. They had a limited options of restaurants. The Beach is really dirty and ugly.

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