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TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Overall, a lovely stay and fun experience

rpow101 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) on Sep 17, 2023

My new husband and I have been enjoying a road trip of the west coast of the US, visiting Wynn last week and enjoying our first visit to Las Vegas; Main pros: 1. A super easy stay - good location and lots of amenities in the resort. Slightly ashamed to say we didn’t have to leave the resort for 4 days as we had everything we needed - great pool, lots of restaurants and shops! 2. The room and bed were well designed and comfortable. It was spacious and well equipped. The room felt luxurious and good quality. 3. Free parking on site was very helpful. Cons: 1. The hotel had signs in the room stating it’s commitment to sustainability, yet there was no water machine which forced us to use (and buy) a lot of single use plastic water bottles. As there is an ice machine on each floor it feels like it should be easy to add in some sort of filtered water mechanism. (This seems like it should be a given in a five star resort) 2. Which links to the first point, we had to pay for water bottles in the room and the cost was EXORBITANT ($12 per litre bottle of water). 3. The service was good, but it didn’t feel like a special experience. We have stayed in many five star resorts and it usually feels a little more personable.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Beware of cleaning staff

Jocelyne O on Sep 16, 2023

Do not leave valuable shoes in room. Two pair of Micheal Kors shoes were stolen and I only noticed once I left. I stayed in room 1920 in from Aug. 19 to 24, 2023. I found it weird that my shoes were neatly put in a row but never noticed because I had to many.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Very underwhelming. Coming from a longtime Wynn fan.

EH619 (Seattle, Washington) on Sep 15, 2023

I happened to live in Las Vegas when the Wynn opened. It quickly became my favorite LV property for the beautiful scenery and excellent service. I spent a lot of time there as it was our go to for dinners, special occasions, shows, holidays, clubs/nightlife etc. Over the years I always look forward to getting back to Wynn whenever we are in Vegas (frequently for conferences) and though we typically stay at the Cosmo I always look forward to popping into the Wynn while in town and was excited when my fiancé surprised my with a room at Wynn on a recent stay. We arrived without any greeting or acknowledgment outside, no doors opened or offers to assist us in wrestling our luggage. I get the bellman are busy but this did not mirror the historical level of service of the bell staff. Booked via Amex FHR (as we have done in the past. We were initially helped by Tena who was great. We were assigned a room and told we were given an upgrade. The room however did not appear to be an upgrade. I’ve been upgraded several times in the past at Wynn and the room we were put in, 5425, was the least upgraded looking room I have seen at Wynn the times I’ve stayed there. We arrived around dinner time and it was only a quick trip so we planned to quickly grab a good dinner. When I went into the bathroom to freshen up, I was surprised to see two dirty cups, one on each sink, and a used toothbrush still in one of the cups, smudgy/greasy looking finger prints on all of the silver metal indicating those surfaces had also not been wiped down (hygiene issue). There were a few pubic hairs on the edge of the bathtub (hygiene issue) and some stubble beard type trimmings behind the sink, topped off with a light layer of dust over everything. It appeared the room had not been properly cleaned, had visible signs it had not been sanitized, and it certainly did not have any semblance of the Wynn luxury feel to it. We had two reservations that Tena told us to come back to the front desk to merge. When we did as instructed, we were then helped by Dionara who seemed agitated and bothered and even somewhat hostile telling us we needed to go to a different department (but not offering information on who or how to contact them). It was as I’d we were bothering her and she wanted us to know it- very off putting. We went to dinner and considered the Italian restaurant but saw it had poor reviews, so attempted Sinatra, but there was a wait so we decided on Red 8. Our server at Red 8 was nice, checked on us etc. The service was not the issue. The food was the issue. We ordered 2 appetizers soup & calamari. The soup was fine but the calamari was cold/room temp and clearly had not just been made. We were starving so we decided to eat it anyway but as I took a scoop, I found a hair in the calamari. The server was gracious and took it away and brought a fresh calamari. However, that calamari too was cold and clearly had not just been made (it’s not supposed to be cold). We ordered a few entrees/sides and were completely underwhelmed by the flavorless, bland, luke warm dishes. The entire meal was a let down. Not only because we were starving but because the food and service have fallen so far from what I have come to expect from the Wynn. We went back to the room and opened the curtains to look out, to find greasy finger prints all over the window. I had been planning to bring my mom & daughter to the Wynn next month for their very special birthdays to see the new show and enjoy the spa. I was excited to share a hotel that I have historically loved and held above other LV properties and was so disappointed to have the experience we had. Coming from someone who has always sung the Wynns praises when it comes to service and rooms/room cleanliness I was extremely underwhelmed and disheartened after this poor experience pretty much across the board. Anytime I am at the Wynn I have been sad to go and wish I could extend the stay, this time however, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Disgustingly Poor Customer Service

Skigirl0 on Sep 12, 2023

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Wynn over labour day weekend. The hotel and room itself was well equipped with great views and the main entrance/lobby is truly beautiful to walk through. We would rate 5 starts if not for the terrible and complete lack of customer service… On the second night of our stay, I unfortunately stubbed my toe on one of the chairs in the room which had a nail sticking out of it (a clear safety issue and not something you’d expect at a five star resort). This caused me to get a deep cut on my toe that bled profusely for almost an hour. We had called down shortly after the incident occurred for some bandaids and first aid staff to check on things. After a while, someone finally showed up with just bandaids. When asked about a first aid kit or trained staff member, she indicated she was only told to bring bandaids and if we wanted someone she could get someone to come up. Again after some time, someone did show up with a simple first aid kit and provided some gauze and cleaning wipes. Shortly after an incident investigator came to file a report of the issue & take some pictures of everything, then left. She followed up the next day via email with the incident report number and mentioned someone from Guest Claims would be in touch. At this point, no one had offered any apologies or empathy for the situation, offered anything in terms of help or complimentary things for our troubles. Everyone just seemed to brush it off as nothing, no responsibility was taken by the hotel or admission that this isn’t something that should have happened. We continued our stay only having one quick phone interaction with a guest claims advisor and a cleaning staff member offering her sympathy for the injury as well as a random entrance from a worker who was “here to take away the chair”. Upon checkout, we had asked what was the process for a situation like this and if anything would be comp’d from our stay? They said nothing could be done by the front desk staff and that it would be handled by the guest claims department. They assured us that they are more than accommodating for situations like this….. Not the case. Guest claims staff were useless, offered no real apology either, no solution and just “sorry for your disappointment, is there anything further you would like to discuss?” was the extent of our conversations. We were told they will not be offering anything in terms of compensation for the injury when we spoke with the advisor and her manager. No accountability was taken by the hotel, we understand ourselves that a stubbed toe is one thing but you wouldn’t expect defective furniture with a nail sticking out of it to be in the hotel room. If there was, you would expect the decent thing of any establishment would be to at least take care of the person. We were advised by our medical friends to get a tetanus shot at the local CVS or Walgreens ($75usd) in case of infection. This was not reimbursed by the hotel either. All in all, the way the situation was handled by the hotel staff was extremely disappointing and quite frankly, disgusting. There was a complete lack of empathy and human decency on the part of the hotel, for an injury that should never have happened. Also thank you Jason the Guest Claims manager, for calling my boyfriend a liar when we explained there was no apology or empathy offered to myself for the injury and inconvenience throughout our stay… you truly are a staple of customer service and should be exemplified for your services.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Terrible Customer Service

beachbear8 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) on Sep 11, 2023

Customer service is hands down some of the worst I have ever had. Let me start with saying lovely property, nice clean rooms, and great food. But the registration staff were awful. It was a birthday celebration and they got it started off bad. Lady who checked us in made no eye contact, rude tone, and just condescending for absolutely no reason. Then the bell staff was dismissive and had a rude tone. No acknowledgement of the birthday. We spoke with management and they apologized with complimentary champagne and strawberries, which is usually a given at most places for a celebration. At this price, I say do not stay here. My money will spend anywhere and will never be spent on a stay here again.

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