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TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Wow! So elegant! Loved my stay at the Wynn

N8210YYannat on Feb 03, 2023

I stayed at the Wynn for the weekend. So beautiful. So refreshing in Vegas to be in such a clean, beautiful, well maintained resort. And the service was great! Everyone was so kind and friendly. I loved it!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The "Wynn" is gold !

KC_Ultraveler (NM) on Jan 30, 2023

Staying at the Wynn is just a cut above all the others. The best restaurants, (although Venetian does have some good ones as well) . You just get a better experience here from the service to the clientele that stay here, it just makes for a great stay while in Vegas

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WYNN'S Remodeled Tower Suites.....A BIG NO!

travellller05 on Jan 28, 2023

Wynn's Tower Suites were the best and so comfortable before renovation. The rooms seem smaller even though I have been told they didn't change the size. I guess whoever redesigned these rooms has an obsession with glass and mirrors and doesn't know how to design small spaces to make them seem larger.. Room has a very cold, uninviting feeling. This will be my first and last time to stay in Wynn's renovated Tower Suites, it's sad because I love the location. There is no space in the bathroom for your vanity bag, there is NO VANITY between the sinks. There are glass shelves in between the sinks with towels and amenities, if you are short you can't reach the towels and amenities on the top shelf, I'm 5'1". The sinks are taller and inset so it makes it hard to brush your teeth. Outlets, don't even get me started, there used to be desks in the room with outlets, now there is a oval table sticking out from the wall to the middle of the walk space with two outlets behind it. Another outlet in the hall between the closet door and bathroom door, very inconvenient, and using it could cause someone to trip. There are two outlets above the sink but no place to put the item you are plugging in except in the sink???? The room atmosphere is very cold and uninviting, and the decor is horrible, minimal. I tried to switch to a room that hadn't't been renovated but was told they renovated every room in the Tower Suite. Talking to housekeeping, room service and the VIP desk, I was told everyone is complaining about the Tower Suite Rooms. There are 5 glass shelves in the bathroom between the sinks, not much room in between each shelf. Plus there is a lot of glass and mirrors in the room, an accident waiting to happen. Wait until a drunk person falls against the shelves in the bedroom or bathroom, Also the AC keeps turning off, I set it on 65 and before I know it the AC has turned off and the temperature is back up to 74 degrees. The only good thing about this Tower Suite is Alexa, you can turn you lights on and off from bed. I have talked to several people staying in these rooms and we all say, these rooms must have been redesigned by a tall single man who knows nothing about what women need when staying in a hotel.! They aren't comfortable or handy for a woman! I travel to Vegas twice a month so I know most nicer different hotels on the strip and what is and isn't comfortable. WYNN'S scores a 1, for Alexa! Also, room service used to be fast, now your are on hold for 5 to 10 minutes to place your order. Wynn's has cut back on amenities in the room too.

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Beautiful suite, but that's all we liked.

VeryButton (George Town, Grand Cayman) on Jan 27, 2023

We had a three bedroom suite. The suite itself was beautiful, but there were some snags. Firstly, the bath leaked (it was about a third full and I had to use all our towels to soak it up) so I slipped and really hurt myself. They charge you for every little thing. Like $25 to bring some wine glasses up to your room and the toiletries in the bathrooms. Odd, when you're paying so much for a three bedroom suite. During winter, only one pool is open and there are no changing areas around the pool, so you have to walk back to your room still wearing your swimming costume. I was disappointed and would stay somewhere else next time.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Beautiful suites, good restaurants, quieter atmosphere

Britton G (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on Jan 25, 2023

We moved to this hotel after staying at the Hilton Elara. My MIL is a frequent guest here who gets free rooms & to be closer to family, we stayed here too with our toddler and newborn. We got a suite room, and I swear this room was as big as our first apartment. The entry was large and had a coffee area. Our living room was around the corner so if there was hallway noise, we never heard it. The bedroom was large and comfy, and the bathroom was incredibly large -- the type of master bath everyone hopes to have in their home. The furniture throughout was beautiful and comfortable, and everything was well taken care of and unstained. The atmosphere is nice. Because it's off the strip, the lobby and casinos are not overly busy like the other hotels. The restaurants offer a variety of great foods, including my personal favorite, Urth Caffe. Valet staff were efficient and nice. Our three issues with the Wynn were: 1) the overwhelming fragrance they spray in the area of the koi ponds. It's too heavy and I found it sickening. I could taste it. 2) The outdoor hot tubs were closed, as were all but 1 pool, and that pool closed early. 3)My SIL was breastfeeding openly but discreetly under her jacket with the stroller parked in front of her to offer her privacy, to the side of the lobby. Apparently 2 older men were offended/disgusted and reported her to the check-in staff. The staff then told her she had to use an official cover or leave, and apparently it was said in a manner to shame and make her uncomfortable. First, its unbelievable the staff catered to these ignorant men, as they should have told them to not look in her direction. Second, and most importantly, it's state law that asking her to leave was illegal. She can legally openly breastfeed anywhere she wants.

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