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Terrible experience in a great hotel

FDCTravel (Beverly Hills, California) on Jun 30, 2022

It was our first time staying in the Parlor suite on the Tower side, but not our first time staying at the Wynn or Encore. The stay at the actual hotel was great. The suite was nice but I do have to mention a pretty egregious problem with a front-desk person during check in. I won’t let this affect the overall rating because honestly this person was so bad that we can’t blame the entire hotel for hiring one bad apple. When we got to the hotel at 3:30pm, our room which was supposed to be ready for 3PM (since checkout is at 12pm and gives housekeeping 3 hours to clean hotel rooms for new guests) was not ready. This by itself is not ideal and for that type of a room borders on unacceptable. But honestly, it’s the next part that took it way over the top. The front desk person was the weirdest, and simply most awkward person I’ve met in a while. He acted like he was either deathly scared of us, extremely nervous or just overall had a complete and utter lack of EQ. He told us the room is not ready, he can’t do anything about it, he won’t know when it’ll be ready and that’s that. He delivered this message to us in the rudest and weirdest manner akin to a uninterested front-desk, part-time student at a Travelodge. There was no real effort to even fake interest in this from his end. Literally didn’t offer to take our bags (in fact when we asked to hold our bags he just pointed us to valet and told us to take our own bags there), he didn’t offer anything to comp us (keep in mind this room is near 4 figures per night and like 5 upgrades up from the standard room). When I asked for where can I pickup the casino rewards card he just literally said “by the baccarat”. That’s it. Didn’t show a map, didn’t even point in the general direction, nothing. Also said out of nowhere something in the sense of “if you’re not going to gamble it’s useless though”. Who told him that I wasn’t planning to gamble is beyond me but I guess he just decided we won’t gamble in his own head? We were honestly dumbfounded. After just standing there and him looking at us without saying anything, he finally said he will text us when the room is ready (confirmed the correct phone number on file) and with that we just had to leave and did some shopping. 4pm rolled around, no text. 5pm rolled around, no text. 6pm rolled around, no text. At 6:30pm we just waltzed back to the front desk and sorted it with a very understanding and quite embarrassed manager who told us the room has indeed been ready and comped us a bunch of stuff. This is absolutely unacceptable experience and honestly whoever that guys is should not work in a service industry at all. To this day I don’t know what his issue was and honestly, I cannot think of anything we could have said or done to make him act this way. We are very low key, never loud and keep to ourselves. 9/10 people would leave a 1 star review for this alone, but I won’t because we do quite like both the Wynn and the Encore and never had this issue before. The room is spacious with views of the strip and mountains. There is quite a large master bathroom that will put most average American households’ bathrooms to shame. The living room is also convenient and enables you to take business calls while someone else can be in the bedroom. There are 3 sinks at the suite. 2 of them are in the master and 1 in the powder room. Moving forward we will always book this suite. SERVICE We didn’t notice any quality difference in service between this suite and other rooms we stayed in before. Room service comes in 30-60 minutes depending on time of day and day of the week. They are very polite and overall great. Housekeeping shows up when you’re gone as long as you press the “Service” button on your way out. In-room dining is great as well. CONCLUSION Wynn is one of the most modern spots to stay in Las Vegas and we highly recommend it. Just look out for a short, young weirdo in glasses with no manners or EQ at the front desk.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great Experience

manzel52 (Clayton, North Carolina) on Jun 30, 2022

Once again my Wife and I chose to stay at this facility. However we chose to stay at the Encore portion of the Hotel, whereas on our previous visits we stayed at the Wynn .The service at this facility is exceptional They do more than pay attention to their guests wants and needs. As I stated before in my reviews, there is no need to leave the facility, once you enter We did go to other facilities ( South Point & Gold Coast ), the atmospheres were similar on the casino floors The main difference that we found was in the service They really do cater to your every whim at the Wynn/Encore I would expect that to be the case and I was not disappointed This is not our first rodeo, because we have been to , and stayed with casino hotels from Connecticut to Florida . North Carolina to Las Vegas The point being that there is some bad with every place encountered You cannot satisfy everyone because peoples desires and tastes are so varied and different If you can make me forget about any minor indiscretions, during my stay, and let me enjoy my time there , then I am more than satisfied. I found no , Zero , problems or situations during my stay at this facility . I'll do it again in a heartbeat

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HUGE Security Flaw

KY123456789000 on Jun 28, 2022

I was sleeping in my bed at the Encore when I heard a door open and realized there was a stranger in my room. I yelled "why are you in my room" and dialed the front desk/security. Turns out a front desk agent didn't check ID properly and let a stranger into my room because the last names matched. This individual didn't see the first names didn't match. The front desk manager informed me this has never happened in the 7 years she worked at the Wynn and basically asked me if I wanted to change rooms for my trouble nothing else. What was more disturbing is this stranger didn't see the do not disturb light next to my door (in red) where the key is swiped. And he never put a card down for the deposit as a traveler this is a red flag for me. I considered myself lucky that I'm a light sleeper. I was very distressed as no one did any follow up and I had to request compensation (which I rarely do as i stay in Vegas quite a bit) because I couldn't go back to sleep. I also didn't sleep well that evening and the night after as a drunk person tried to swipe their key and banged down my door. For causing me all this stress, the Wynn only offered me a 2 night stay comped no resort credit nor an apology from the front desk agent as that is what I was really requesting. I'm just thankful nothing terrible happened but this is a huge security issue and I hope it never happens to anyone else.

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It's nice, but can be very deceiving.

gcb28 (Los Angeles, California) on Jun 26, 2022

We stayed here a few months ago having been to Wynn/Encore in the past. We stayed at the Wynn part both times. I agree with one reviewer that this place is just not the same anymore. You can't deny it is a nicely kept hotel, but so are many others on the strip, so you do have your choices. A few issues to point out... Our most recent stay, we chose Wynn Tower. This is supposed to be a step up from the usual: Private check-in area, etc. Upon booking our stay, I asked for a room away from the elevator. Upon checking in, I was given the closest room to the elevator. Our second room was not ready (booked two), so I was told by the front desk agent he will notify the moment it's ready. We waited almost 2 hours, so I decided to check. Another agent took care of me and said "Oh, it's been ready awhile ago." He never informed me of the room being ready. Wynn Buffet. There buffet is good, but not great. The disappointment was more on the seafood sections. It was kind of sparse. You can't go wrong with shrimp items in Vegas, but the crab legs were minimal. They had a salmon dish, but that too wasn't always replenished. Valet/Bellperson. Wynn Tower has a separate valet, too. As we drove up, not one single person helped us, so we unloaded our own trunk, placing our baggage to the side as we waited to see who was available. There was this tall employee who did make eye contact with us who was part of Bell service, but he walked away and waited by the entrance. That was odd... Later, we were helped by this valet who seemed to be the only one doing what he could to make this happen (I'll try and remember his name). Very helpful. He hustled. Interestingly enough, the bell person who he called to assist us is the same bell person who made eye contact with us and walked away. Lobby Bar areas. There is this one bar (Asian themed) I believe on the Encore side. Nice place. My wife and I had a drink in this half full establishment. It was pretty late. This was sofa section opened up. I asked the manager if we can move there, but he said he wants to first clean up a mess, then he'll let us know when. We ordered two drinks, still nothing. We saw that he walked away towards the other side of the place and completely forgot about us. This seems to be the running theme with this hotel, as you will see. So, our trip is complete and we return home. I receive one of those Wynn surveys and decide to fill it out. This was a survey showing the GM with standard hotel wording. Shortly after the survey, I received an email from I believe the Assistant Front Desk vip Towers Manager. She stated something along the lines of this is not how they do things and apologized about being forgotten. She ended it with, and I'm paraphrasing, "I will be your point of contact if you should return to the hotel." I replied to her email letting her know we do plan to return to Vegas for an event in September. That was 3 months ago. She never did get back to me. Going back a bit, about the same time she sent an email, I received a voicemail from the manager of Wynn buffet. They probably have a few managers, so again, don't have her name here, but it's best to keep this off. The manager apologized and said she would like to further discuss our dining experience. I decided to return the call. I left a message on her voicemail... like the above, I never did hear back. Room. Nowadays, most rooms come with cocktail glasses. We had two. One was badly chipped on the rim. I didn't notice till I lifted the glass towards my mouth. I let front desk know. Housekeeping. Towers guest is supposed to have twice daily service. We only had one. As you can see with Wynn/Encore, this is a very nice hotel. It's clean. Fresh feeling. Elegant. But to be honestly speaking here: This is where I believe the hotel falls short. Their service is nothing extraordinary. And to pay the additional to stay in "Towers", this is so not worth it, especially with the service we had which wasn't much at all. They are highly rated, but as a guest of the hotel, I can without a doubt tell you that you will find this and possibly more at a few of the other resorts on the Strip. Buffet is good, but this is Las Vegas. There is no shortage. I'd highly suggest checking out Cosmopolitan and the new, reopened buffet at Palms Resort. Amazing. And their staff goes above and beyond. As a guest, you receive a standard email survey from the GM, but my guess is she most likely has no idea what goes on afterwards because I am not sure if she would allow this to be the norm. The Wynn Encore follow-through is lacking. They tend to lean on the side of being forgetful. Whether they are too busy, maybe something else, this is not what you would expect from such a hotel. You have to weigh the pros and cons. The risk vs. rewards. What you will spend at Wynn/Encore, in my humble opinion, has more cons to the pros. This is why I reiterate to not only keep your hotel at just one in Vegas, but check out a few others in the same category. We have one life on this earth. We work hard for our money. Life can be a gamble, so if you're going to gamble in Vegas, make it worth your while with choices that'll at least offer you a return. I would highly suggest to look into the Cosmopolitan or the Bellagio. Tip: If you do choose the Cosmopolitan, look into the rooms that face the Bellagio fountain. You will not be disappointed. Good luck!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great Experience

espejo25 (Concord, California) on Jun 26, 2022

Husband and I stayed for a birthday anniversary trip for two nights and had a great experience. Beautiful rooms, Good casinos, nightclub XS is amazing, Mizumi restaurant is incredible. Good security, slots paid decent, and the hotel never smelled Smokey. We loved the flowers throughout the hotel. Definitely will be our go to hotel for future trips!

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