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Worst hotel experience ever. Bell boy Jorge was rude

Lizzzambr on Jun 12, 2022

Check in took forever. We kept showing our confirmation and the guy at the desk said it wasn’t it. Then at the end he ended up taking what we had. But he was not rude I will be honest. The person who was rude was JORGE! Jorge had to assist us with check in to our rooms. He was disrespectful to my father by talking to him like he’s an idiot. We saw Jorge had issues with opening my sister’s and I room during check in. He did not make a comment about it. We saw he had issues getting the light in our room (#133) to turn on. Finally when he got it to turn on he just left. Didn’t tell us the trick to turn it on. Later during our stay I asked him for help because my sister was having issues opening the door JUST LIKE HE DID. Instead he said I had to go to the front desk to verify that was actually my room even though HE WAS THE ONE that helped with us check in to our rooms. We had a taxi waiting for us and he knew that too so we were in a rush and the receptionist was really busy. But instead he just continued to stand around and not help us. Thankfully the taxi agreed to wait for us until our dad managed to open our room after several attempts. The short male tanned chef was really rude as well. He was an older male. I had the biggest attitude ever just because he hates his job. I would ask him kindly for a serving at the buffet and he would give me an annoyed face. I asked him for pasta fettuccine and he would asked me multi times what kind of pasta even though I would tell him. It got to the point where I was avoiding the buffet if he was working because I didn’t want to deal with his snobby attitude. Also we all came back with the stomach bug. There was one day they were serving pasta that had went bad and they still continued to served it. The all the inclusive is not worth it. They stay is not worth it. Jorge was the rudest bell boy I’ve ever dealt with. It hurt me to see how he treated my father. He spoke to my father like he was an idiot and my father is the kindest soul ever. He works hard and has a big heart. It took everything in me not to go off on Jorge. I bit my tongue because my parents raised me better. But I urge everyone to think twice before booking a stay here at La Posada Real in Cabo San Jose. Jorge needs get reevaluated for this job. He should not be working here if he’s going to continue being this rude and awful. He didn’t even bother to assist us during check out when we were loading our luggage into the car. He just saw us and walked away. Keep in mind we never said one negative thing to him. It wasn’t until the end of our stay when I asked him for his name but that was it and I said thank you too. This hotel needs to be more careful with the food as well. Stop hiring rude people & serving old food!!!!!! I do have to say the lady at the desk was really nice and sweet as well as your nurse and some of your waiters (which we often did tip). However, I WILL NEVER book this hotel again.

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Stay anywhere else.

randallherbertl (Vancouver, British Columbia) on May 28, 2022

Saying this is a retro hotel is being nice. It is tired and old and it shows. Rooms are basic, with no fridge, no hot water, no wash cloths or decent bed to sleep on. The rooms are quite noisy as you hear people in the hallways and people above you all night long. (Lounge chairs by the pool are more comfortable) The wifi hardly works and management are aware of our requests to fix it, but nothing was done. The food is poor at best, hot food was never hot or even warm, and selection was pathetic. Server staff around the pool snack bar and restaurant were friendly but too few of them to serve everyone. Sure this is a cheap place to sit on the beach, but it is a 2 star property at best. Save yourself the aggravation and stay at an BNB or VRBO for less.

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Great Vacation at Posada Real

Tracey C (Coquitlam, Canada) on May 15, 2022

Was so looking forward to a relaxing vacation and we weren't disappointed! We intentionally chose a smaller resort, as we didn't know what to expect post-covid restrictions. We were lucky to get room 328 on the "hammock" side and the view was spectacular. Although older, the room was very clean and comfortable - everything we needed. The refrigerator wasn't stocked - we made a trip to Comer to get big bottles of water and beer to self-stock. No problem! There were water stations on every floor and throughout the resort to refill water bottles which was great. The grounds were beautiful - there's a few resident iguanas and tons of birds! The pool was really nice, the beach fantastic. Always loungers/umbrellas available. The service at the beach was over the top! Diego was amazing - we never went thirsty or hungry. The food from the beach was superb. The main buffet was just fine - always something good to eat. Ahi tuna on the grill, steaks...yummy. There was entertainment nightly. The bar in the main lobby was a busy place - Bernardo was the best - he worked his butt off to keep everyone happy all with a smile on his face. The location was great - a short walk to Plaza del Pescador - ice cream, restaurants and shopping. About a 35 min walk to the main plaza in San Jose. Art walk night is a must, as is Baja Brewing (try the steak Big Burrow burrito). There's a little plaza across from Baja Brewing with a cigar shop - handmade and pretty darn good! Try the chocolate scented ones. Overall, good value for the money and we would definitely stay at the Posada Real again.

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Hotel Posada Real is Family!

21Diana11 (Vancouver, Canada) on Apr 29, 2022

This was our third visit to the San Jose del Cabo region and our stay at the Posada Real. We had a wonderful ten days at the resort, and taking advantage of all the nearby beaches, walks, shopping, restaurants, art and culture. The staff are superb, and show their enjoyment and commitment to their work and customer service. We can be "high maintenance" for items such as extra face towels and such ... and this was delivered with a smile. As we enjoy experiencing the fabulous eateries in town, we mainly stayed for the great breakfasts and pool side lunches (fish tacos!). We trust and appreciate the Posada "Family" and wish them all the very best as covid transition welcomes more guests in the coming months.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Loved this Resort, but them I'm realistic..

Michelka1000 on Apr 18, 2022

First things first... to all the negative reviewers. If you want a fancy experience, pay for it at a fancy resort. I get so irritated at reading some of the reviews below. This is not a five star resort. This is likely one of the original resorts probably from the 80's and just think of it as retro. Could it use updating...sure but then prices will go up. This hotel is well loved and returned to over and over again by returning patrons. I chatted with many of them at the beach sitting under an umbrella and making friends with other guests. This is a friendly place with friendly staff. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want, with a smile and a good attitude and you can catch a maid and ask for an extra towel or soap etc... I got nothing but smile. Bring lots of dollar bills and tip a little. The staff appreciate it....a lot and they deserve it. Yes, the alcohol is well and the coke is local and a bit flat but after the third one you just wont care.... LOL be realistic when you stay here and friendly and you will have a great time. The pricing here allows you the luxury of eating some meals here an some meal out. I loved the fresh food and the fruit bar and the fresh juices... the omelets were made to order. The staff at the restaurant was also super friendly as was the bartender. Loved them all. Uber was the easiest way to go and if you rent a car... you DO have to buy Mexican insurance in Mexico, don't listen/believe to the internet BS. They absolutely will not let you walk away without it, as they third party cheep insurances don't pay out to the rental car places if you have an issue... so the scam is on the internet. Not to say that you can't bargain that price down... we would Uber into town and walk back at night.. no worries. I'm 51 and my son who I took with me for company is 25. It's a 40 minute stroll back but after dinner and some drinks, it was lovely. Just walk straight down from the main square and you will end up on the beach strip. It's downhill and cooler on the way back. :) Anyways if you can be realistic and ask for your needs with a smile, you will love it here. If you want the works, go to the 5 star hotels... literally, right next door and pay as much as your heart desires and your wallet can handle... me, I'm a Happy Posada Realist.....and can't wait to come back!

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