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Would not recommend

Chris B on Feb 23, 2024

I have been going to Mexico for over 30 years. I have stayed at old resorts, new resorts, good resorts and bad. Oceano Palace has to be the worst resort I have stayed at. When we checked in, they upgraded us to the Pacific Tower. Nice room, beautiful views. Beds were extremely uncomfortable, hard. Water was shut off daily every morning, hot water was scarce. Food was horrendous. Recycled. The leftover fries and burgers from the snack bar was served on the breakfast buffet. Food was the same daily and cold. Wait staff was great. Happy and accommodating. Drinks at the bar were questionable. What ever concoction that was in the blender was what your drink was mixed with. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri and it was full of coconut. What was left in the blender at days end was poured into a plastic milk jug and used the next day. I would not recommend this hotel.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Spraying for bugs while in room

Joseph E on Feb 22, 2024

They wanted to spray for bugs, they just came in through the door, no knock and say we Fumication, we said NO. General manager says it not Poison, but it kills cockroaches and ants. So what is it then? Wont get answer and she told me go back to my country. So dont go here. This manager and hotel ruined it for me to want to go back to Mazatland.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Don’t go here!

Patricia McKean M on Feb 19, 2024

This hotel was not as advertised out of 7 restaurants on 1 available the rest all closed for maintenance. No swim up bar, so dirty, rooms smelled of sewage so bad. We needed up paying $1000 for 4 days to switch hotels so we could enjoy our vacation!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Bad look elsewhere

Rhonda C on Jan 11, 2024

We booked the hotel for 21 days, during. Christmas which was a big mistake as it catered to all the Mexicans on vacation. The room smells so bad you have to make sure all the drains are covered or you will smell. Poop all night. No fridges in the rooms. The pool area is so old. They never clean up around it until the end of the day. One day we seen someone dropped a jam package in the morning by the pool and all these wasps came by and no one cleaned it until evening. Then we had breakfast in the restaurant and so many wasps you couldn’t enjoy your meal. We had to tell the waiter to move the dirty dishes. As soon as you walk up the stairs from the beach you smell poop. It is so disgusting. Some days you only see one waiter running around serving people other day no one. No one speaks English and after 18 days they only say 2 devices on WIFI. Never stay here again the view is the only nice thing. Sometimes if you are lucky they will leave you water in your room but takes them all day to clean the room and then threw out a brand new bottle of medicine.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

The Oceano Palace Beach Experience

Heidi L (North Manchester, Indiana) on Jul 13, 2023

I've sat on this for a few days because it's hard to sum up everything that happened at the Oceano Palace. It was a tough trip but I do want to give kudos to the staff who did their best to make us feel welcome and taken care of. - After a very long travel day, check-in took close to an hour and we were given zero instruction on how things operated -- bracelet policy, towel lending, restaurant schedules, etc. We were just handed a key and sent on our way - Night one half of our room flooded because our air conditioner was leaking. It took 4 days for them to fix it so we just kept piles of towels under the dripping in hopes of containing the mess - My family is from the U.S. and most of us do not speak fluent Spanish-- no big deal! We understand we're in Mexico and were ready to dive right in! -- a couple employees were very kind and patient with us but many were incredibly rude. The two bartenders than run the indoor-outdoor bar by the pool most of the day made fun of the "Gringas" every time we came to get a drink. It was demoralizing and I eventually just started sending my husband because I was tired of being treated that way. -The restaurant staff was very kind. Unfortunately, the buffet food made 9 out of the 11 people in our group very very ill. We paid for an all inclusive package but were only able to enjoy the food the first half of the week. The last few days we ordered fast food through Uber Eats. I did not think I would be eating KFC and McDonalds and a beautiful Mexican resort. - Ice and water were difficult to come by. We didn't drink the tap water and didn't trust anything but bottled water by the end of the trip. Each time we asked for more water I felt like we were being a nuisance. -The pool -- the pool and beach area are beautiful and they DO get crowded but that is to be expected. Our first few days there, right at the entrance off the property to the beach, there was a broken pipe leaking black liquid that ran a river right to the ocean. It smelled like sewage and seemed extremely dangerous as we had to step around it each time we went on and off the beach. - Activities, I'm saving the best part of the trip for last-- Leo and the group of employees leading resort activities work their butts off. They always have a smile and are welcoming to everyone at the resort-- even the sole American family (that's us!). On July 4th, the activities crew wished us a Happy Independence Day (and we're not particularly patriotic...) and told us that todays activities were dedicated to the holiday. It was an extremely kin gesture with a sole purpose of making us feel welcome. The entire resort should take their lead because if they did, this experience would have been amazing. I would not recommend anyone stay at the Oceano Palace mostly because as I'm writing this I'm still very ill from what I consumed on the property. I was so excited to go to a location that wasn't full of U.S. tourists but I did expect a bit more kindness. I know the U.S. has been less than accommodating to our friends south of our borders and I will always be mindful of that. This experience gave me great perspective on feelings of belonging and being discriminated against because of where you come from. We all have a lot of work to do to put kindness first <3

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