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The Oceano Palace Beach Experience

Heidi L (North Manchester, Indiana) on Jul 13, 2023

I've sat on this for a few days because it's hard to sum up everything that happened at the Oceano Palace. It was a tough trip but I do want to give kudos to the staff who did their best to make us feel welcome and taken care of. - After a very long travel day, check-in took close to an hour and we were given zero instruction on how things operated -- bracelet policy, towel lending, restaurant schedules, etc. We were just handed a key and sent on our way - Night one half of our room flooded because our air conditioner was leaking. It took 4 days for them to fix it so we just kept piles of towels under the dripping in hopes of containing the mess - My family is from the U.S. and most of us do not speak fluent Spanish-- no big deal! We understand we're in Mexico and were ready to dive right in! -- a couple employees were very kind and patient with us but many were incredibly rude. The two bartenders than run the indoor-outdoor bar by the pool most of the day made fun of the "Gringas" every time we came to get a drink. It was demoralizing and I eventually just started sending my husband because I was tired of being treated that way. -The restaurant staff was very kind. Unfortunately, the buffet food made 9 out of the 11 people in our group very very ill. We paid for an all inclusive package but were only able to enjoy the food the first half of the week. The last few days we ordered fast food through Uber Eats. I did not think I would be eating KFC and McDonalds and a beautiful Mexican resort. - Ice and water were difficult to come by. We didn't drink the tap water and didn't trust anything but bottled water by the end of the trip. Each time we asked for more water I felt like we were being a nuisance. -The pool -- the pool and beach area are beautiful and they DO get crowded but that is to be expected. Our first few days there, right at the entrance off the property to the beach, there was a broken pipe leaking black liquid that ran a river right to the ocean. It smelled like sewage and seemed extremely dangerous as we had to step around it each time we went on and off the beach. - Activities, I'm saving the best part of the trip for last-- Leo and the group of employees leading resort activities work their butts off. They always have a smile and are welcoming to everyone at the resort-- even the sole American family (that's us!). On July 4th, the activities crew wished us a Happy Independence Day (and we're not particularly patriotic...) and told us that todays activities were dedicated to the holiday. It was an extremely kin gesture with a sole purpose of making us feel welcome. The entire resort should take their lead because if they did, this experience would have been amazing. I would not recommend anyone stay at the Oceano Palace mostly because as I'm writing this I'm still very ill from what I consumed on the property. I was so excited to go to a location that wasn't full of U.S. tourists but I did expect a bit more kindness. I know the U.S. has been less than accommodating to our friends south of our borders and I will always be mindful of that. This experience gave me great perspective on feelings of belonging and being discriminated against because of where you come from. We all have a lot of work to do to put kindness first <3

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DayTrip50776111794 on Jul 10, 2023

The hotel is really family friendly and it’s all about having a good time with family and friends. They have different food selections and they have a beach access for everyone. First time here and it did not disappoint.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice location and beach but hotel's ammenities are very crowded.

Ricasa C on May 08, 2023

My experience at Oceano Palace on all inclusive plan was not as great as we expected: Pros: - The beach is wide and clean, has enough palapas to rest and the tide didn't wet our feet. - Location is very good, close enough to other major hotels and a variety of ammenities - Hotel management is good, they are strict with the control, we arrived early and they were very kind of giving us a room long before the check-in time Cons: - Noisy: if you don't get ocean view, you will be tormented at night by 3 or 4 loud bars in the front finishing at 4:00 AM, if you get an ocean view room you will be tormented in the day by all these brass mexican bands playing all at the same time in the beach, like a freaking circus going on... - Cheap on the food: Sorry but the buffets are boring and cheap with only 1 or max 2 outstanding dishes over 60 offered if seafood is your thing you are screwed, no Shrimps when visiting the Shrimp capital of world which is Mazatlan. speciality restaurants only serve one plate per person, we normally ended at the buffet - Small lobby, crowded pool, no chairs to sit in: Oceano Palace is the center of a 3 or 4 hotel complex, so the bigger restaurants, the bigger pool is there and all the guests for the surroundings hotels want to be part of the action so you get a very crowded place where the satellite hotels are quiet and boring...

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not As Advertised. Think again.

holymackeral5475 on Feb 21, 2023

Actually part of the 'Palace' resort complex, see also Star Palace and Pacific Palace. Really disappointing. Paid significant rates for 2 week all inclusive stay based on web site and travel catalogue descriptions. There WERE 3 restaurants for the 3 shared 'Palace' properties. However only one of them was open on any given day. The food was predictable and of little variety unless you LOVE exclusively semi-authentic Mexican cuisine. The bartender was generous. Pool looked so pretty in photos but was so crowded morning to night (mostly with children under 12) we never were able to get near it. No general lounging area inside or out. The noise in the buffet restaurant with 300 or more people in it was impossible to bear. Add in karaoke, loud big screen movie outside, and 5 or 6 brass bands competing in front. If you don't know what a 'banda ' is look it up. Did I mention the pigeons free to come and go in the restaurant including on to your table as you ate ? Please note I DO like banda music and pigeons but not to excess. Most staff were pleasant but few spoke English. General Info - Avoid their long weekends and the week before/during Carnival. Mexicans deserve to enjoy their vacations too.

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Brenda N on Feb 10, 2023

We had the most amazing bell boys Fernando , Miguel and mo captain Mario couldn’t have asked for more my mom is 84 and was treated like a queen and my sister and I loved the experience Miguel is my moms little cutie

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