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TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fantastic service and delicious food! Thank you

Brenda D on Feb 17, 2024

The restaurant at Privilege dinner was absolutely fantastic. We loved the service from Franklin and Yonata. The food was our favourite dinner of our trip. Wonderful service and delicious food. A beautiful and clean restaurant. Fabulous experience and evening and thank you to all at this amazing dinner. Fine dining at its best! Highly recommend!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Nayelle W on Feb 17, 2024

The overall experience was great! Special shout out to Wanda, Francesca & Alejandro on the entertainment team for keeping the energy high. Another special shout out to Francis & Juan Carlos for keeping my cups filled. So sad to leave but so grateful for the experience.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing Hotel

Scooby D (Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic) on Feb 16, 2024


TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Lovely holiday, wonderful staff! Ignore the bad reviews!

xlittlemissyx (Slough, United Kingdom) on Feb 15, 2024

My mum and I stayed here last June as a birthday treat for my mum. I upgraded up to the El Beso selection of the the resort as this area adults only. Upon arrival we were checked in really quickly and I was given a card for Jose in case we were in need of anything. The resort is so large they have golf-cart taxis running through the day. One was just leaving so we were escorted by cart to our room which was located on the first floor. Thankfully there was lift access for our heavy suitcases. I tried the key card 3 times, it didn’t work which wasnt a great start but then I remembered the card so called Jose. A few minutes later, someone arrived with a new key so we were able to get into the room. The room was fairly spacious and very clean with plenty of space for luggage and clothing in both wardrobes and drawers. The bathroom consist of a big double shower with frosted doors on both the shower and the toilet cubicle. There was a larger outside door which was lockable, which was perfect as this allowed some privacy. We quickly unpacked and went to go grab a drink and have a walk after a long day of travelling. We stopped at a bar which was close to the beach and had a drink. They had background music playing and it was really tranquil. Staff are really friendly. Upon arrival at the beach, we noticed the seafront was very rocky. The beach was perfect if you didn’t want to use the sea, but just a foot or so into the sea was way too rocky and in my personal opinion, not very safe due to the strong waves. Water shoes definitely are recommended, as unfortunately I did cut my foot. The beach goes on for miles and miles, so we took a really long stroll which was beautiful. Be aware that the land stretching along the beach is not owned by the hotel, so you do see some rundown areas as well as some of the locals. They are friendly enough. If you walk to the left of the beach, there is a little cove lagoon area which is beautiful. Again this area is not owned by the hotel so it’s not serviced with sunbeds or umbrellas, and it is used by the locals and their family for fishing and swimming, but it is so pleac ful and tranquil and become our home for the next 10 days. We put our towels Down and remainded there for most of the day each day. Only two days were impossible to sunbath in that location due the wind as we constantly had sand in our faces. The sun goes in and it starts to get a little bit cooler. I would say really from about 430 so we wrapped up by 5:30 and went and sat at the beach bar having drinks for an hour or so before heading back to our room to get showered and ready for dinner. I wm a creacture of habit so this was mostly our routine each day/night. We went for dinner around 7pm each night. We unfortunately only had the opportunity of eating in the main buffet restaurant. However, that being said the restaurant was more than sufficient with multiple buffet stations within a selction of different options. Being honest, I am a fussy eater and I found something suitable for me every day. There were a few times that I felt there wasn’t enough option and there could be room for improvement, but overall, I was very happy with the offering and the selection of food. It was upsetting that we did not get the opportunity to dine in another restaurant. We were told by staff to book on the app, but you can only get a reservation if you’re up at the crack of dawn and on the app. With respect, I was on vacation and did not want to get up at 6 am to secure myself a restaurant slot, so by 7:38 am when I was up, there was nothing left. We were told if we queue outside the restaurant at 6:30 that they do hold some spaces for people on the night, or they would offer an alternative slot. So we queued on the night and then we told no only booking by the app so was not possible to have a reservation. We spoke to another member of staff and they said that’s not true. So the next day again we queued outside the restaurant at 6:30 , and then we told the only space they have is at 9 pm. Each to their own, but I also did not want to eat at 9 pm, I like to eat early between seven and eight, so again we were refused, so we decided to stick with what we knew rather than feeling let down each day. Also, some restaurants not available to book on the app. All in all the communication wasn’t the clearest, but like I said we enjoyed ourselves at the main buffet restaurant. Most nights after dinner, we retired to the lobby bar, which is where we stayed until closing on most of the evenings. We were thoroughly taken care of by Alejandro, Luis and Dulc. What delighful people. Thank you once again for looking after us! You guys are AMAZING! The lobby bar office is a selection of drinks, including spirits, mixes cocktails . we did sometimes let the team experiment or prepare something they recommended for us. They always rose to the challenge and I must say they make the most amazing cocktails!! The hotel is huge so lots of different things going on and lots of options throughout the day and the evening as well. as I mentioned, they do offer a golf cart ride which you can get on and get off of various different stops around the venue. Unfortunately they were never on time, so you never knew when the next one was coming. Every time we would wait for a little while, then start walking and all of a sudden the cart would show up. Again, this is not a negative but just something to mention. We were on holiday. We were relaxing and we were happy to walk. The lazy river is great fun! Sometimes there are dinghies there other times they’re in use, so I personally bought my own, but I did see lots of other people pick them up and use them for the day or throughout the time they were there. There is a Facebook group which a lot of people have signed up for so when people are leaving a lot of people post about items to pass on to others, which I thought was a really lovely thing to do. so there was lots of re-using items including floats, creams hats, glasses, shoes, etc. I was very unfortunate to have cut my other foot on my flip-flops. They were new and I didn’t think too much about it until my foot has completely blistered. There was a lovely woman on this Facebook group who gave me her flip-flops, as she was leaving and no longer required them. Thank you once again, you literally saved my holiday!! In the Dominican there is a huge begging culture which made me feel quite uncomfortable, so we did not do too many trips And the ones we did do made me not want to do anything else. I thought some of the vendors were quite pushy, and unfortunately the tall guide wouldn’t do anything to help you would kind of just left febd for yourself. This is obviously nothing to do with the Hotel, but it is something you should be aware of when planning a holiday. Most of the days were bright and sunny. There was just one day where it rained throughout most of the day. It was only a light rain but did mean you didn’t get wet. UFortunately, during this day, there wasn’t a lot of alternatives for people to do which I think is something to be highlighted. There is a nightclub on site. we did not visit, but those that did look like they had a great time. Music from the club was a good Mixture. It was loud enough so you knew it was a club but also for those having an early night nearby you weren’t distracted. In the adults only, we were advised that the pools shut by 6 pm . However on a few occasions, there were still people outside in the hot tub until 1/2 am. Not to be a party pooper because honestly I’m all down for having a good time, but it was really quite noisy right outside our bedroom window. I think if the Hotel is going to have policies in place they really should reinforce them otherwise just don’t have it in place and then it’s not an expectation from people. Pool party is on a Thursday night . We only found out about it might be an hour before it started so rush to get ready so we could come down and join. After 30 minutes of waiting, there is very limited people around, then we got to 45 minutes and suddenly some of the staff just appeared with a phone machine in the music box. The party was slow to start, and after already being there for an hour, we both gave up and left.I personally didn’t feel that it was very inviting and do not think the staff did enough to engage with the people there. The crowd was an older crowd so think maybe the staff should’ve done more to get everybody involved. The pool party following week was the complete opposite, but we had already decided not to attend after the first weeks experience. From what we saw, and from those we spoke to, they had a great time. So potentially the first week was just a blip. There is a bowling alley on site. I’ve read lots of reviews where everyone said how great and how friendly and welcoming the team were there, but I’m afraid to say we did not have the same experience. We walked in, and it was very cold. We waited and waited and waited at he bar for some help and when I finally said ‘excuse me please’ the host literally rolled his eyes at me like I was causing a nuisance. I asked to book a lane and his response ’we dont book first come first served’, I said okay how long to be told there was people waiting for all the lanes, and more after them so we gave up, I wasnt going to wait there for 2 hours. I feel the instructions are not very clear of what you need to do how to book and do not feel the staff are very helpful in this aspect. I also did not feel comfortable going back. There is a shop on site with a large selection of clothes, shoes, souvenirs and day-to-day bits. There is also a selection of sweets, crisps, chocolate etc but be aware everything is very expensive so I would recommend for you to bring everything with you where possible or buy it at the airport before your arrival. We went up the lighthouse, which offers the most magnificent views. Absolutely stunning!! It isn’t very clear that it is open and available to all so potentially some better signage. The hotel is kept very clean. You see maids around all of the time, making sure the public areas, the bathrooms are all taken care of. The hotel is huge, but it’s very well laid out and honestly it was absolutely beautiful and well decorated. Very glamorous! The pictures honestly do not do it justice. We both had the most relaxing two weeks ever, taken great care of, especially by Alejandro and the lobby bar team. I could not have asked for a better vacation and would return in a heartbeat Id you want an active holiday with lots to do I would say probably this is not the place for you, but if you want a relaxing all inclusive with everything available to you on your doorstep, then this is the perfect one!! We literally had the best time, and I really hope to be able to return one day soon .

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Beautiful place bad bad service

Jay M (Belle River, Canada) on Feb 13, 2024

This resort had a mix reviews. We took the chance to book it. First night started off on the wrong foot. Went to Route 66 and the staff were totally ignored us. Had the server be rude to my wife and didn’t let her finish her order Couldn’t get drinks had to go get my own and make a show of it. The reservation process for the main restaurants is a joke and when ask about any possible cancellation the front staff are ignorant and rude This is my 9th trip to the dr and I actually want to leave the resort for another property or even a condo rental. Won’t be back

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