Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana Hammock, by Karisma reviews

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Jojopsthy on Feb 17, 2024

You can not walk/swim directly into the sea from the hotel beach due to sharp coral/rocks. You are able to walk 5/10 minutes to the left to see the dream beach but you will be kicked off that part of the beach as belong to other resorts. Booked through TUI and very dissatisfied as this was not mentioned on the website.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Really great place to stay ! food, pool, beach and service !! especially miguel tenis / tenis pro

giovannamO1925JL on Feb 17, 2024

Best place !! Miguel Tenis / Tenis Pro is the best one at the resort, so fun playing tenis and pickleball with him and it's also a great way to add some cardio in out daily routine !! made our days here more fun !! Also the food, pool and beach is great !!

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More negative than positive.

WILL-KY (KENTUCKY) on Feb 17, 2024

Only positive was the weather was great. There were some employees that were nice and helpful but were outnumbered by those that just didn’t seem to care and provided poor, if any, service. We had one of the top suites, Son of A Sailor, which was a nice suite, but service was poor there too. You have to get up at 6 or 7am to get chairs and towels, they run out of towels often. Nice pool though. I gave up trying to get drinks at the pool bar after trying 3 times and never getting served. The first time there were 3 bartenders and I was the only one on the pool side and they just chatted and played on their phones. Plus the liquor choice at that bar is very limited. Unless you want Smirnoff or Sky vodka. Just started buying bottles and mixers in the store and brought my own bar to pool. Was with a group of other couples, most were drinking beer and they seemed to like it. Pool service was decent for them, the lady would come around every 30-45 minutes and she would always get $10 bucks or so from the group, but see too was over her job by the end of the week. Food in general was not good. Breakfast was horrible, very random things nobody was touching, omelette stations were nice but would take 20 minutes to get order to cook. 5 of the 6 mornings they ran out of bacon, and this was not random because every time I would here others around me complaining that they never had bacon and when they bring it out it is immediately gone because people are waiting. Last morning tried room service. Took about an hour, was completely cold and when he didn’t have a pot of coffee he looked at his receipt and said, oh no, you did order coffee. I asked if he could grad some he seemed unsure, I gave him $5, said he would be right back and ghosted us…in fairness we were only in room for another hour as we were leaving. That reminds me of advice, gave my butler $20 to walk me to my room and show me around in first day and his service was not good at all the rest of the week, although I only communicated with him 2 or 3 other times. Asked for ice one night, all exchanges were in text format, never heard anything so I got dressed and went to the ice maker down the corridor. Texted him not to worry I retrieved myself and response was, yeah there is an ice maker on every floor. I am sorry, if you want to,promote that you have a butler for the suite, they minimally should be able to get ice. Texted him about the floating taco bar, there was advertisement on the tv that it was an extra cost unless you were in the villas or certain suites. He said that was wrong and they were not comped for anyone. Well, fine, I can pay for my own $150 floating taco bar, but change the advertisement in your hotel channel. I took a picture of it in case they wanted to dispute my review. Bars for the most part did not have limes all week. Rum runner, which had probably the best food had NO Vodka the final lunch, but of course you can go in their shop and buy some. Several of the couples had at least 1 party have intestinal issues, which isn’t so unusual but seemed a high percentage. They had a superbowl party on the beach that was $300 a couple, they were hard selling it and it was a a complete flop, we had a party in our room for the other couples and you could see the Jumbotron on the beach go blank every couple of minutes, the party was completely shut down by the 4th quarter. We had reservations at landshark for dinner that night at 7 and we get there at 645 and and someone comes in and gets in argument with the bartender. Seems as though they didn’t sell enough tix to their party so they shut down the restaurant and threw everyone out. So we go across to the Italian place and there is a long line created by the closure, but fortunately since we had a large party they got us in pretty quickly. The extra charge steaks is not worth it, I ordered 3 of the tomahawks for the table as an extra entree and they were just ok….the steak on the menu was better. One of the parties wanting to pay for the Wagyu Filet and they said they didn’t have any. Didn’t get room service 2nd day, but was fine rest of week although for a suite with 2 bathrooms they would leave 1 washcloth and zero hand towels. Bar glassware was not replaced until requested and although we had only used the rocks glasses they left 0 rocks glasses and 4 more small wine glasses. Checkin and out was not smooth. Took about 30 minutes to check in then we were told to have a seat and our butler would escort us to the room. 20 minutes later I see a guy come out, starts talking to the front desk, moves around talks to a few more workers, I ask front desk how much longer it was for the butler and they said this is him(the guy talking and moving at a snails pace,) he proceeds to let us sit for 10 more mixtures before he greets us. Checkout, first they they do is give you a survey to fill out, they want both parties to fill out, I lied and marked good because I still hadn’t been checked out and they had our possessions waiting for the car. Not sure I would even return to punta Cana, certainly not this resort. I know a lot of complaints, but this was our experience. Again nice property, a few excellent employees and weather was great. Oh, and the one complaint I had seen on reviews, the points for the mini bar, was not an issue at all. We ordered 2-3 bottles of liquor, mixers chips and still had points to burn on the last day. It may depend on room category but this was not an issue for us.

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Best pool butlers

stevefN7133AQ on Feb 15, 2024

Best pool butlers thank you Juan and Eddy and the rest of your crew. Got drinks fast and with accuracy. We stayed for a week and enjoyed a birthday and many drinks. Had a blast come to this resort for a good time. See Juan he has your back and will give you what you ask for.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best day at the pool ever!

mollyhaskins (Walker, Minnesota) on Feb 15, 2024

So much fun! Narmi our pool butler was amazing! He took such great care of us and we loved him! If you see him ask him about his Super Bowl cork catch! Look for him you won’t regret it! Thank you Narmi for making the day so much fun, we will definitely be coming back again!

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