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Disappointing stay.

Ayn S (San Antonio, Texas) on Jul 20, 2024

Disappointed Paid for a "swim up suite" with Funjet Vacations but was put in building 12. It had a pool with the view of a wall and gift shop. To get a drink we had to exit our room and walk to Bar 21. When we checked in we asked why we weren't in the swim up that we expected and that we paid for. 'We were told we were going to get the swim up that was attached to the main pool and bar, the response was we could not get it and that it was premium. What? This was a week after the hurricane ( category 2- strong winds)and very few people were there. Then we asked for a resort map, as it was our first time there. We were told they "ran out"- so we fumbled around and got directions from others and finally the concierge in bldg. 12. We were told repeatedly that they would do something special for our 47th anniversary which we celebrating, but nothing ever happened in the six nights we were there. We consistently told them "no" when they did their sales for membership. Even when checking out they had a sales pitch for a limited time "extras" package. The personnel that work there are super and the grounds beautiful, just wish the entire experience would have been as nice.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

So Close to Perfect, but a Few Rough Edges

facelessdrone (Las Vegas, Nevada) on Jul 18, 2024

We have stayed at Hidden Beach many times but this was our first at El Dorado Maroma. We found it to be an excellent facility, well-kept, with friendly and helpful staff, absolutely superb food (!!!), a comfortable room, the beach is beautiful and there are LOTS of activities, some of which are included and next door (jetskis, catamaran, kayaks). Others are next door and paid (scuba and ATVs) and horseback riding is paid and nearby). All these activities were excellent. So why not five stars? Three reasons. First, it's very confusing as they transition from management by Karisma to self-management by Lomas itself. Once everything was explained, it made better sense but it was very hard to understand until we got there. Second, it's confusing to navigate around the resort. We wished there were more sidewalks because often you either had to walk on the beach to get somewhere or make a long, curving detour. It's also hard to navigate because signage is poor. Few signs "point the way." We could not find the Caribbean Grill until an employee led us there. It's upstairs (!) with a small sign and you can't even see the sign that's hidden by foliage until you're practically next to it. Third, there's no sign anywhere listing what activities and entertainment is going on each day. I understand this is on the "app" but I don't like having everything on an "app" so I have to carry my phone everywhere - and I wasn't even able to even download the app due to a password issue. All I'm asking is one single signboard - "What's Going On Today." I realize these are minor issues and want to make clear - this resort is 99% great and we look forward to visiting again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Relaxed and Pampered

usinnapoli (Fredericksburg, Virginia) on Jul 03, 2024

A beautiful return visit to Maroma! All positive, all amazing. Took an upgrade to Palafitos (a must). Samantha and Janet made sure we had everything we needed (and more). Clemente made sure we were hydrated ?? and Michely took care of everything at the beach. Aaron and Carlos were fantastic at Palafitos Restaurant! We ran, we paddleboarded, we stepped off our deck and walked around in the sea. Had massages, ate, tried a few new beverages, read and were pampered. Sad to leave, but we will return!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Not a 5 star resort.

JUDGEDREAD03 (Denton, Texas) on Jul 01, 2024

We have been to at least 13 different adults only resorts in Mexico the last 11 years ranging from 3-5 stars. We have also been to El Dorado Seaside Suites and El Dorado Casitas (Royale). I see a ton of great reviews and based on talking to people and the reviews, it seems that many people have not been outside of Maroma. I am not knocking anyone's opinions, but from our experience this resort is lacking on a lot of the 5 star amenities. There are no specialty cocktail bars, a real nightclub, minimal entertainment, and minimal restaurant choices. We were very unimpressed with lackluster restaurants that were cheaply decorated. This was a smaller resort and we knew that going in. What sold us was the beach. The beach is one of the best you can find at an adults only between Cancun and Playa that does not have a bunch of rocks or shells. The dark colors on google maps are seaweed beds. No rocks. Great beach overall. Snorkeling was pretty lackluster. Saw one starfish and some small fish. You would be better off going on a reef snorkel tour. Unfortunately it rained and/or was cloudy 90% of the week. Not the resort's fault but they really lack any indoor hangout area besides Ricks Bar, which, is a stinky carpeted excuse for a bar. That carpet smells like dirty movie theater.....They had one pool table and one ping pong table. Honestly they could use an indoor sports bar with more entertainment for rainy days. Had we known the weather was going to be garbage all week we may have upgraded to a room with a soaking tub...fyi for you all going during this bad weather. The hotelito rooms are not that big, and there is no table indoors to sit at and eat your room service so you will be eating on your bed if it is raining outside. FOOD: The food was not bad, but I cannot say it was above and beyond any other 3+ resort. Our biggest annoyance was the the time it took to get food at the restaurants in the evening. The resort was not even half capacity and the restaurants were EMPTY. We sat in the Caribbean restaurant the last night for 2.5 hours, it was insane that it took that long. There several other 45 minute waits or more at other restaurants. Room Service at least told you 45 minutes and were on time or early. *Breakfast Room Service* if you get breakfast in your room order TWO of something because all portions for breakfast are a joke! It is NOT like Denny's breakfast scrambles FYI lol! There is NO buffet due to the size of the resort, except for Mexican Party night. This may bother you, but if you want to hurry up and go eat to get back to the beach it can be annoying to sit and wait for service, especially when you have limited beach time due to weather. STAFF: Staff were really hit or miss. We met many great staff members, and 90% at least were nice when they saw you and said hi. A few bar tenders and restaurant workers though looked like they were absolutely miserable. One poor waitress looked like she was having a bad day, I tried to make a joke but it didn't help. I know they all work very hard and to put on a smile sometimes is hard working 10+ hours 6 days a week. I hope they are treating the staff here well, in our experience the staff have been overall much happier and friendlier at the other resorts. I also noticed a larger language barrier at this resort. It was fine for us since we are bilingual, but we did need to help out some guests with their orders at times. ENTERTAINMENT: Due to rain, most of the entertainment was indoors at Ricks Bar or the Mexican party was in the Caribbean restaurant....again due to rain. Because it is a small resort expect small shows. The fire show was moved indoors and became an LED show, it wasn't bad but we missed 90% of it because dinner took so long. So after 11 when the beach bar closes there is only Ricks Bar. If its raining and blowing the beach bar will be closed. Ricks Bar...gosh, its just sad. The carpet, which I get is for acoustics is just nasty and stinky! There is a small bar "bar" on one side, and the other side is a concert venue/wedding venue that has some couches in the back with one pool table and one ping pong table. It will depend on the crowd, but don't expect many people to be out past 11. RICKS closes at 1. By no means is there any club VIBE or party after 11. You have to make your own party. Best party resort we have been to is Breathless Riviera...there is a lot more entertainment and party going on compared to Maroma. STAFF SHOUTOUTS: Of course there is always exceptional people that deserve shoutouts. LA RANA aka Rene - Bartender. He was friendly and a blast to visit with. He went out of his way to make you feel welcome. Makes great cocktails also! Betsabe - Bartender - She was also very friendly and welcome. She made a point to come out and say hi to us when we were able to be outside (RAIN). We had great conversations and enjoyed her drinks. Sofia - Bartender - Always smiling and very attentive. She was a busy bee running around taking care of everyone on the beach. She will hook you up on drinks also! DJ DANI - Big shoutout to DJ Dani for putting up with all my karaoke requests! haha! Honestly DJ Dani was the only savior of the nightlife. He will take any request for music or even let you karaoke at any time after whatever entertainment ends. Having been to different El Dorados, we would pick those over Maroma. The beach at Royal or the Casitas is probably the worst of the three. They have these ugly concrete barriers that block the view and lots of rocks. There is maybe two places to get into the water there. I think Seaside was better overall of the three. For a party vibe day and night....with MUCH bigger & nicer rooms, and beautiful restaurants go to Breathless Riviera. There are a lot of choices, and sometimes you need to just try different places. We still had a good time here, but would not come back. One last thing, when checking out they try to sell you up on stuff and try to get you back. I get it, they want you to come back...no offense. Just not interested. We have heard from many people how any and all types of timeshares cost them tons of money with little return. Even if they don't call it a timeshare, it IS a timeshare. Stay away. Just go to Priceline or Travelocity and compare prices....you will save more that way than paying for expensive long term timeshares with no flexibility.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Debra M on Jun 29, 2024

Best vacation squeezed into 5 days! Marco made us the best coffee every morning! Manuel Salome and Eli kept us well taken care of on the beach with towels, beverages, and goodies! The food is incredible! The wait staff is unlike anything we ever experienced. Ezekiel, Andre, Jesus, Angel, Roberto, Elius and Donna from limo lemon, Ferdinana, Karen, Sara, Diego.. they were a blessing. Ellie our concierge was very helpful! We will be back soon!

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