Meet the 2021 WestJet Group Awards Winners

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On Thursday, October 21, 2021 outstanding WestJet Group team members were recognized and celebrated at this year’s virtual, WestJet Group Awards.
WestJet Awards 2021

On Thursday, October 21, 2021 outstanding WestJet Group team members were recognized and celebrated at this year’s virtual, WestJet Group Awards.  The winners were nominated and chosen by their peers, colleagues and leaders who witnessed their excellence shine through every day. Amidst a challenging year, the award winners demonstrated what it means to go above and beyond for everyone in WestJet’s world.  

2021 WestJet Group Award Winners

Safety Above All Award

The winner of this award consistently demonstrates a commitment to safety above all at work and at home and inspires everyone around them to do the same. This year the award was jointly presented to three exceptional WestJetters who responded during an emergency and together saved a life.


Esther Corado, Guest Service Lead, YYZ Airport

Heather Bozsik, Customer Service Agent, YYZ Airport

Leah Huggins, Guest Service Manager, YYZ Airport

Spirit of Community Award

This award is given to a WestJet Group member who makes a meaningful impact in their community and motivates other to get involved and make a difference, wherever they can.

This year’s winner is always looking for the next opportunity to volunteer. Whether it be making donations to the food bank or buying a coffee for a coworker who needed a boost, her consistent acts of kindness did not go unnoticed amongst her peers.


Tory Khalil, Customer Service Agent, YYC Airport

High Impact Leader Award

The winner of the High Impact Leader Award is someone who builds trust, is committed to the development of their team, exhibits adaptability, stands accountable, drives change and consistently challenges the status quo.

This year’s winner is a long term WestJetter, who maintains a strong sense and intuition of always doing what is right. His ability to instill confidence in those he leads to rise to new challenges and achieve their goals, while never losing sight of important business milestones, embodies what it means to be a high impact leader.


Aaron Baldwin, Senior Manager, Station Support, YYC Airport

President’s Award

The recipients of the President’s Award live and breathe WestJet’s values, demonstrating resilience and perseverance and go above and beyond in all that they do, for everyone in WestJet’s world.


Alexandra Nicoll, Cabin Crew Member, Encore Inflight

Andrea Gomez, Training Specialist, Cargo

Brian Scott, Standards Pilot, Encore Flight Ops

Carla Ellis-Whelan, TL, Res Support Desk, Contact Centre

Christina Lee, Cabin Crew Member, Encore Inflight

Dan Neal, Risk & Privacy Specialist, IT

Derrick Polakoff, Chief Guest Solutions, OCC


Watch this short video to see the 2021 WestJet Group award recipients recognized and celebrated for their excellence.

To learn more about our 2021 WestJet Award winners, stay tuned as each recipient will be featured on WestJet’s Newsroom throughout the year. 

Hannah Fairweather, Manager, Loyalty Partnerships, Commercial

Jacky Lam, Guest Service Manager, YVR Airport

Kaelan Chambers, Social Media Strategist, Communications

Nicole Maclean, Program Manager, People Systems, People & Culture

Nicole Sellick Morrison, Cabin Crew Member, Inflight

Shannon Morin, Analyst, Maintenance Programs, Encore Tech Ops

Shaunna Rendell, Guest Service Manager, YEG Airport