WestJet statement on travel restrictions

By WestJet | | 1 min read

WestJet welcomes the Government of Canada’s announcement eliminating many travel restrictions on Tuesday, July 6, for Canadian citizens, foreign nationals and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. WestJet has developed a network plan that responds to the updated rules and will lead the safe restart of travel and tourism both domestically and internationally. Today is a positive next step towards the safe restart of travel and tourism in Canada that recognizes the importance of vaccination efforts.

As the government continues to incorporate science and data into its decision-making, WestJet looks forward to the safe inclusion of Canadian children into this policy.  We believe Canada must transition from temporary measures designed to discourage travel into a science-based framework informed by the Expert Panel’s recommendations from Canada’s Border Measures Report.

WestJet remains committed to assisting all levels of government in our common goal of vaccinating Canadians as quickly as possible and has launched a series of travel safety videos to highlight our measures to keep our guests safe. https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/prepare/safety