Learn how WestJet is putting your Safety Above All

Our commitment to caring for our guests and WestJetters is stronger than ever.

From before you depart to after you arrive and at every point in between, we have your well-being at heart and will always put your Safety Above All.

Flexible change or cancellation

Fly with flexibility. If your travel plans change, there’s no fee to change or cancel flights booked before September 30, 2021.

Change/cancel flights online

Flexible change/cancel policy

WestJet Vacations travel protection plan

COVID Refunds

Travel Ready

Travel looks a bit different, but we’re here to help you prepare. From packing tips to what to expect when you land and everything in between. When you’re ready to travel with us, we’re here to make sure you’re travel ready.

When you’re ready to travel, we’ll be here to ensure you feel safe, comfortable and prepared for your journey with us.

Helpful tips:

  • Check your passport or Government-issued ID to make sure it’s not expired
  • Download the WestJet app Apple | Google Play
  • Check your pre-departure emails
  • Plan to arrive at the airport early as gates and/or food & beverage options may have moved
  • Pack a mask (or two) as it will be required at the airport, inflight and in-destination
  • Pack hand sanitizer

Some destinations require registration, completion of a COVID-19 test before you travel, or quarantine after you arrive.

Learn about COVID-19 testing

Be sure to check entry requirements for each flight on your trip. These requirements may change while you are in destination, so we recommend also checking them before you return home.

See all entry requirements

All incoming travellers to Canada must complete ArriveCAN.

Enjoy additional peace of mind when you travel with our complimentary COVID-19 travel insurance coverage* provided by TuGo. It is automatically included in your trip when you book flights to and from the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Mexico and the Caribbean. This insurance includes coverage for emergency medical and quarantine related expenses if you test positive and are diagnosed with COVID-19 while on your trip.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Arrive at the airport earlier than usual

We are currently experiencing an increase in processing times due to additional COVID-related requirements. Start your trip earlier to ensure you make it through airport security on time. For all WestJet departures, we suggest you arrive at the airport 120 minutes before departure if you are traveling within Canada and 150 minutes for international travel. 

While there may be some changes at the airport, one thing hasn’t changed, our WestJetters will be there to assist you.

  • If someone is dropping you off or picking you up, they must stay outside.
  • Masks are required at all times. Face mask policy
  • Some airports have our new touchless bag tagging stations.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures and physical distancing are in place.
  • Use the WestJet app for added convenience and to reduce touchpoints on your journey. Check-in, get your electronic boarding pass and enjoy Connect – our inflight entertainment system.
  • Complete the health questionnaire. Boarding policy

Window or aisle? Movie or Podcast? You can travel with peace of mind knowing our aircraft are cleaned extensively and frequently and are equipped with HEPA filters, so you can breathe a little easier as you fly with us.

Learn more about cleaning and air quality

We're excited to partner with Calm to prioritize your mental wellbeing while inflight.  Explore a collection of meditations, relaxation exercises and Sleep Stories, now available on WestJet Connect.

Learn more about Calm

Our inflight menus can now be viewed on the WestJet app. Depending on your flight, the snack or meal options might be different.

Our mission to keep you safe begins long before take-off. We continuously work with our vacation partners to ensure they meet the highest safety and cleaning standards.

Before you leave

Visit your hotel’s website to learn about their health and safety protocols, operational guidelines, and facility availability.


  • Complete a quick health screening before boarding the transfer vehicle.
  • Masks are required in all shared transportation.
  • Shuttles are cleaned and disinfected after each trip.
  • Shuttle capacity is limited to support physical distancing.

At your hotel or resort

  • Some of our hotel partners offer in-destination COVID-19 testing.
  • Be sure to arrange your test early in your trip.

Learn more about how WestJet Vacations cares for your safety.

Where we’re flying now


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We’ve started to contact eligible guests with options to request a refund to original form of payment if their flight was cancelled by WestJet due to COVID-19.

Rewards program news

As travel is affected by COVID-19, we’ve made some changes so when you return to flying, your WestJet Rewards will be waiting for you.

Partner airlines

Our global partners are working diligently to provide guests with the most up-to-date information.

Affected WestJet flights

Get up to date information on COVID-19 impacted flights in our network.

Frequently asked questions

On June 9, we released our Safety Above All program and have been educating governments and guests on the investments and enhancements our airline has been making to ensure the safest travel journey.   

As a global airline in a global sector, we are committed to ensuring our protocols are consistent with the best practices and advice available to us from around the world.  This is why we are adopting the IATA’s guidance for global aviation health and safety and implementing its recommendations with respect to seat distancing effective July 1, 2020.

IATA’s guidance supports the removal of seat distancing as the following protections are provided in the cabin:

  • The installation of HEPA filters to help clean recirculated air (all WestJet aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters and fresh air is introduced every 2-3 minutes)
  • The physical barrier of seat backs
  • The direction of airflow from ceiling to floor reduces the forward and backward movement of air


Statement on seat distancing

See what we’re doing to keep you safe

We understand that not everyone has the same comfort levels when it comes to travel. In recognition of this, we have reassessed our policy to incorporate the following changes to give comfort to those who are concerned: 

  1. See what seats are selected: At the 24-hour mark prior to departure, you can go to Manage trips and use your reservation code to see what seats are selected and select or change your seat. *Note that flight loads are dynamic and not guaranteed until ten minutes prior to departure;
  2. Cancel or rebook with no penalty: Should you not be comfortable flying on that flight, trips can be rebooked within a three-day time period at no cost or the fare will be refunded to voucher for the full value of the flight;
  3. Flexibility on board: Once on board the aircraft we are making every effort to avoid seating our guests next to each other should the aircraft flight load allow for it. 

As a reminder, we have extended our vouchers so that they can be used for up to 24 months. 

We’ve relaxed our cancellation policy for all fare types, including Basic, so you can change or cancel your flight one time, without a fee. 

COVID change/cancel policy

Change/cancel flights online

If you booked through a Travel Agent (online or directly), Corporate Travel arranger, or another airline, you will need contact them directly to change or cancel your flight or vacation. 

Flights cancelled by WestJet due to COVID-19 and refunded to Travel Bank may now be eligible for a refund to original form of payment.

COVID-19 refunds

Travel bank FAQs

Our policies for pet travel have not changed with COVID. Check out whether your furry friend can travel with you in the cabin, as checked animals or on their own as cargo in our travelling options for pets.

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