A WestJet Statement on Safety

By WestJet | | 2 min read
Airline continues to champion safety above all for its guests and crews while advocating for the safe removal of outdated pandemic measures.
A WestJet Statement on Safety

For more than 26 years, the safety and well-being of everyone in WestJet’s world has been our top priority. Many aspects of air travel have changed over the last two and half years; our unwavering commitment to safety has not.

We are emerging into a post-pandemic travel reality, and we recognize that many of our guests have experienced travel-related challenges and we understand how frustrating it can be when travel does not go as planned. Yet, as the overwhelming majority of our guests continue to do an exceptional job navigating travel, it only takes one instance of disruptive behaviour onboard our aircraft to create stress and uncertainty for all guests and crew.

Zero tolerance where safety is concerned

Our airport employees and cabin crew members show up every day to ensure the safey of our guests and operations. Our frontline WestJetters have been at the forefront of the pandemic and continue to navigate an extremely complex operating environment, which has required them to enforce a myriad of restrictions, including the still in place mask mandate. While disprutive incidents are rare, unfortunately, mask compliance continues to be a common motivator of unruly behaviour onboard our aircraft.

In alignment with our promise to prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone in WestJet’s world, we continue to advocate for the removal of legacy pandemic measures that are no longer backed by science and require our crew members to uphold measures that have been lifted in every other sector within our country.

WestJet has always maintained a commitment to being a friendly, guest-oriented airline but we do not tolerate abuse in any form. Our inflight crews and pilots are trained to manage and de-escalate a multitude of situations, and we will continue to take a zero tolerance approach to disruptive or unruly behaviour that could impact the safety and security of our guests, crew members and operations. Thank you to our guests who continue to work with us in navigating our recovery and our WestJetters who continue to put safety above all.

As travel policies and restrictions continue to evolve, guests are encouraged to visit WestJet’s Travel Ready hub to prepare for their journey and ensure they are aware of all travel requirements ahead of their scheduled departure.