Meet 2021 President’s Award winner, Andrea Gomez

By WestJet | | 4 min read

Andrea Gomez, Advisor, Product Delivery with WestJet Cargo is one of 16 President’s Award winners from 2021. Weaving care into everything she does and elevating her team at every possible opportunity, Andrea is a pillar of support for all those she trains and is highly regarded amongst her team as a north star whose caring spirit and passion is evident through everything she does.  

With a willingness to support any agent or team member, even if it means moving beyond her scope of work, Andrea has become accustomed to wearing many hats beyond her title including, IT support, project manager, training designer, rewards and recognition promoter, morale booster and event organizer. Balancing her own self-development, while challenging her team to do the same, Andrea demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the success of her team, herself and the future of WestJet Cargo.  

We sat down with Andrea to ask her a few questions about WestJet and what being a President’s Award winner means to her:

Describe WestJet in three words. 

Home sweet home.   

I enjoy every day working at WestJet.  My leaders and colleagues are like my second family.

Andrea Gomez, Advisor, Product Delivery with WestJet Cargo Andrea Gomez, Advisor, Product Delivery with WestJet Cargo

What is one thing you want to share with our guests? 

It is our commitment every day to make every important aspect of your flight and the transportation of your shipments a unique experience.  We are constantly thinking about what we have done and how we could be better for our guests.

Where do you see WestJet in the future? 

WestJet is growing so fast.  We are adding freighters to our fleet, we are and expanding services around the world! WestJetters are leading this company to another level and everyone will see this around the globe.

What does winning a WestJet Group Award mean to you? 

I have no words to express my feelings, it has been an amazing experience.  WestJet knows the way to recognize their employees in a way that no other company does.  I feel happy, proud, grateful, blessed and it has been fantastic that my leaders, my colleagues, and my family shared in this moment with me.

What Andrea’s leader had to say

“Andrea has continually supported all areas of the cargo team, internally and externally since the day she joined two years ago. Each and every day, Andrea performs in a selfless manner to contribute to our business and our team. Our success is thanks to her drive for improvement, both in our operation and in herself,” Allene Stanwood, WestJet Cargo, Team Lead.