Meet 2021 President’s Award winner, Christina Lee

By WestJet | | 4 min read

Three-year WestJetter, Christina Lee, Cabin Crew Member (CCM), WestJet Encore, is one of 16, President’s Award winners from 2021. Known amongst her leaders and peers for her effortless ability to make everyone she encounters, both guests and peers, feel genuinely special, through her bright personality and authentic compassion.  

Christina leads by example through her ability to live WestJet’s values every day, demonstrating what it means to go above and beyond for everyone in WestJet’s world. As if her peer nominations for the President’s Award weren’t enough, Christina’s nominations was partnered with countless glowing letters of appreciation from guests she’s met onboard. 

We sat down with Christina to ask her a few questions about WestJet and what being a President’s Award winner means to her:

 Christina Lee, Cabin Crew Member (CCM), WestJet Encore Christina Lee, Cabin Crew Member (CCM), WestJet Encore

Describe WestJet in three words... 

Caring from (the) heart and going above and beyond.

Best travel trip? 

Dress in layers, bring an outfit in your carry-on bag, wear comfortable shoes and always be prepared with snacks on hand and a water bottle.

What has the last year been like for you?          

Travelling was at a standstill and being part of it was both challenging and rewarding.  We were able to continue connecting loved ones for whatever reasons they needed to travel and bring them a small piece of comfort and joy during a difficult time.

What does winning a WestJet Group Award mean to you? 

I'm honoured and humbled to be recognized and to receive this prestigious award as it provides welcome confirmation and acknowledgement that my values align with the company I love. I always remind myself to treat others with dignity and kindness ... the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated.  

What Christina’s leader had to say:

“Christina never fails to take a moment with each guest onboard her aircraft and won't hesitate to do those magical little things that make peoples’ day a little better and the flight smoother,” said Lisa Davis, WestJet Encore, Vice-President & General Manager. "Being onboard an aircraft with Christina means feeling at home and we are lucky to have her on the WestJet Encore team.”