Meet 2021 President’s Award winner, Kaelan Chambers

By WestJet | | 4 min read

Social media extraordinaire, Kaelan Chambers, WestJet, Team Lead, Social Media is one of 16 President’s Award winners from 2021. Throughout the pandemic, Kaelan took on the challenging task of crafting messages and content that balanced the needs of WestJet’s diverse audience, leveraging social media as a medium to inspire Canadians while ensuring WestJet’s commitment to Safety Above All was reinforced, during a time when everyone in WestJet’s world needed that reassurance. 

In 2020, Kaelan packed up all her belongings and moved across Canada to Calgary to start her career at WestJet mere weeks before the pandemic’s first lockdown. With a new job, team and city, Kaelan persevered, adapting to change eloquently in the face of uncertainty.  Kaelan rose to the challenge for her fellow WestJetters and guests with determination in her heart and resolution to do everything in her power to help WestJet get through the pandemic.

We sat down with Kaelan to ask her a few questions about WestJet and what being a President’s Award winner means to her:

What’s your favorite WestJet destination?

London, England or Edinburgh, Scotland 

Kaelan Chambers, WestJet, Team Lead, Social Media Kaelan Chambers, WestJet, Team Lead, Social Media

Best travel tip?

Always bring an empty water bottle you can refill along your journey. I’m also very pro-carry on – your trip starts sooner if you’re not waiting for a bag on the other side, and you’re more likely to only bring the essentials.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

Professionally: Sharing in our guests’ excitement for their first flight back, their reunions with those they’ve missed, going somewhere new for the first time in a long time. Social media is so good for being on the frontlines of important experiences that our guests want to share. 

Personally: Visiting more new places, and celebrating with friends and family in person again.

What Kaelan’s leader had to say:

“By collaborating and strategizing with her teammates and keeping her finger on the pulse of WestJet social media and the conversations happening on our channels, Kaelan ensures we are providing our guests with the timely information and content they need,” said April Crane, WestJet, Director, Communications. “The posts she has helped conceive have reached, quite literally, millions of people and have not only reinforced our key messages like Safety Above All but have also inspired Canadians to travel again post-pandemic.”