Meet 2021 President’s Award winner, Nicole Maclean

By WestJet | | 2 min read

Nicole Maclean, Manager of People Systems, is one of 16, 2021 President’s Award winners who consistently demonstrates that upholding WestJet’s challenger brand is achieved by proactively working together to win.

Always leading with the simple question of “how can I help?”, Nicole is constantly searching for new ways she can set her team and stakeholders up for success. Over the past two years, WestJet’s People & Culture team has had to manage a myriad of organizational changes due to COVID-19, yet Nicole’s positivity and can-do attitude never wavered, producing new, technology-supported processes, that reduced manual effort and contributed to a more positive employee experience, companywide.

We sat down with Nicole to ask her a few questions about WestJet and what being a President’s Award winner means to her: 


Nicole Maclean, Manager of People Systems Nicole Maclean, Manager of People Systems

What’s your favorite WestJet destination? 

I would have to say London because I love British history. I have been to London a total of 4 times in my life and find something new to see or do each time.    

Best travel tip? 

When going travelling somewhere with a different time zone, try to get on that schedule as quick as possible. You don’t want to lose valuable time in your destination by sleeping.  

What is one thing you want to share with our guests? 

WestJet is transforming and changing every day, but what hasn’t changed is the care and sense of ownership our people have. I remember being younger and watching the commercials showing a WestJet flight attendant chasing after a guest after they had left something on the plane. I remember thinking great ad, but what I didn’t know is that was the reality – WestJetters really do care that much.  

What does winning a WestJet Group Award mean to you? 

I was honestly in shock when my team told me I had won. I had no idea I had even been nominated. I do the work to make the lives of those around me easier and better. It was really nice to be recognized for that work and to see that it is making a difference for our people and company. I think that is all most people want – to know they are making a difference and supporting our people.  


What Nicole’s leader had to say:

“What I appreciate the most about Nicole is that she doesn't dwell on what should have been, but instead looks for a path forward, always finding a solution no matter the cause or complexity of the problem,” said Sarah Beauchamp, Senior Manager, People Systems & OCM. “Nicole embodies WestJet's values through her care, ownership, can-do attitude, positive outlook, and collaborative approach to everything she does and I can’t think of a more deserving person to receive this award.