WestJet advises public of increase in fraudulent WestJet Facebook pages

By WestJet | | 2 min read

WestJet is advising the public of an increasing number of reported cases related to fraudulent social media accounts, primarily on Facebook, impersonating WestJet and WestJet’s digital travel assistant, Juliet.

To assist the public in determining the credibility of any social media account claiming affiliation to WestJet, the airline is providing a list of methods WestJet will and will not use to communicate with guests, to ensure vigilance against potential scams and fraud.

How Guests can connect with WestJet

  • Facebook Messenger from our verified Facebook Page (with a blue checkmark beside ‘WestJet’)
  • Twitter direct messages
  • Instagram direct messages
  • Email
  • Contact Centre by phone

What you need to connect with WestJet

  • Depending on your inquiry, we’ll ask for qualifying information about your booking or account that you or someone you’ve entrusted with that information has including your reservation/PNR code, first and last name, contact information

What WestJet will not ask you to do

  • Download a third-party app such as any desk remote app. We have an official WestJet app that you can use to track your flights as well as your account information. You don’t need to use the app to connect with us.
  • Register on a cryptocurrency website.
  • Purchase gift cards for other companies and/or products
  • Provide your full credit card number (online).
  • Provide your password information (we never need to know your password)
  • Provide any PayPal information (we have no reason to need any PayPal information)

How to identify a fake Facebook account

  1. Check for the blue verified flag on our real WestJet Facebook page, which confirms the authenticity of a page.
  2. Check the “About” section to assess how many followers the page has. WestJet’s official Facebook page will have over 1,000,000+ followers.
  3. Verify page transparency data (accessible on left side of the page) by checking when the page was created. WestJet’s official Facebook page was created in 2009.
  4. Posts on a fake page are pictures of WestJet’s actual posts that include comments, likes or shares in the image.