Updates to WestJet’s baggage and pre-reserved seat fees

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Effective November 7, 2023, WestJet is making some changes to its checked baggage and seat selection fees

Updated: As of April 10, 2024, WestJet's Preferred Seats have become Extended Comfort seats. 

On November 7, 2023, changes to WestJet’s existing bag and seat selection fees will come into effect. When preparing for a smooth travel experience, guests are encouraged to prepay and save for their checked baggage and pre-select their seats at the time of booking or through the Manage Trips section in the WestJet app or on In addition, guests can continue to add baggage during check-in or do so at the airport for an additional $10 fee when assisted by an agent.

Changes to checked bag fees when checking-in with an airport agent

Effective November 7, 2023, first, second and excess bags paid via an airport agent, will be an additional $10. This $10 only applies to tickets purchased on or after November 7, 2023. Any guests with tickets purchased on November 6, 2023, or prior can self-identify with an agent to avoid the additional $10. This additional amount will not apply to guests with bookings that are inhibited from self-serve check-in.

Changes to seat selection at check-in

Beginning on November 7, 2023, guests with Econo or EconoFlex fares will now pay a fee for seat selection during check-in if they choose a Preferred or Emergency Exit row seat. Preferred seats provide additional legroom and are located at the front of the economy cabin, allowing for a quicker exit upon arrival at your destination. Exit row seats provide additional legroom and provide guests with the opportunity to board earlier. 

There will be no change to Standard seats, which are still available to Econo and EconoFlex guests for no charge at check-in. There will also be no updates to Basic fares. Guests who purchase a Basic fare will be assigned a seat at check-in and if they choose to change their seat, a fee will be applied. Please note that check-in begins 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure, at which time the additional seat-selection fees come into effect.

Impacts to top tier WestJet Reward members 

Starting November 7, 2023, those with Gold and Silver status will be required to redeem their advance seat selection vouchers prior to check-in if they wish to reserve a Preferred or Exit Row seat for no fee. Platinum members will continue to be able to select Preferred and Exit Row seats for no charge at check-in and prior to check-in, however, their guest seat selection vouchers will need to be redeemed prior to check-in to secure a Preferred or Exit Row seat for no fee.  

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