WestJet revitalizes commitment to city of Kelowna with executive visit to region

By WestJet | | 1 min read

Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group, Chief Executive Officer today joined Kelowna Airport Director, Sam Samaddar and Kelowna Mayor, Tom Dyas to meet with valued partners and leaders across Kelowna’s business, travel and tourism sectors to discuss the importance of WestJet’s investments in the region and the airline’s renewed focus on Kelowna as the airline’s ambitious growth strategy takes flight.

“WestJet is incredibly proud of our longstanding history of investment in Kelowna, which have spanned across our 27-years of serving Canadians,” said Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group, Chief Executive Officer. “Ensuring that we take the time to connect with our airport and community partners is a vital aspect of our new strategy as we work to collectively ensure that the residents of Kelowna, and surrounding areas, continue to benefit from affordable air travel and enhanced connectivity to popular destinations across WestJet’s growing network.” 

WestJet revitalizes commitment to city of Kelowna with executive visit to region

From left to right: Tom Dyas, Kelowna Mayor, Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer, Maxine DeHart, Kelowna City Councillor, Sam Samaddar, Kelowna International Airport Director 

This summer, through the resumption of service to popular domestic destinations and enhanced frequencies on existing routes, WestJet’s total seat capacity to Kelowna International Airport will increase by 13 per cent when compared to 2022 and further strengthen the region’s visitor and business economies. Through today’s visit to the region, WestJet remains committed to continuing to work alongside key partners to further build upon its 27-year legacy of serving the community.

“WestJet has been part of the Kelowna community for 27 years,” says Sam Samaddar, Kelowna International Airport Director. “WestJet’s commitment to Kelowna has allowed us to grow exponentially to become the 10th busiest Airport in the country.”

WestJet’s Summer Schedule from Kelowna:


Peak Season Frequency

Days of week

Kelowna – Calgary

 8x daily


Kelowna – Edmonton

5x daily


Kelowna – Regina

2x weekly

Sunday, Thursday

Kelowna – Saskatoon

2x weekly

Monday, Friday

Kelowna – Vancouver

5x daily


Kelowna – Victoria

9x weekly


Kelowna – Winnipeg

3x weekly

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


“WestJet is a highly valued partner at Kelowna International Airport and for our entire City,” says Kelowna Mayor Tom Dyas.” I am excited to see this relationship continue to grow through additional air service to support development of our local community.”