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Last updated June 4, 2024 at 02:13 PM MT
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Designed as a no-frills fare option, UltraBasic comes with changes to carry-on baggage allowance and boarding zone modifications

Starting today, WestJet is introducing its newest fare offering, UltraBasic. Replacing the Basic fare offering, UltraBasic is WestJet’s lowest priced option and has been designed as a no-frills fare that gives guests the choice to add certain extras like reserving a seat in advance or adding a checked bag. 

“We are committed to air travel affordability, and UltraBasic is an innovative cost-effective solution that strengthens WestJet’s ability to offer guests budget-friendly airfares to more destinations,” said John Weatherill, WestJet Group Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer. “With UltraBasic, guests can tailor a travel experience that meets their needs, without paying for additional services they don’t value. We are delivering on our low-fare promise and believe UltraBasic will give more Canadians the opportunity to fly.”

For guests seeking the convenience of bundled offerings, WestJet’s other fare offerings, including Econo, EconoFlex, Premium, PremiumFlex, Business and BusinessFlex, will continue to be available.

UltraBasic Fast Facts:

  • The introduction of UltraBasic will result in price reductions across domestic and transborder routes, continuing WestJet’s mission to provide affordable travel options for all guests 

  • UltraBasic is a key part of WestJet’s larger strategy and has been thoughtfully designed to provide more choice and make air travel more accessible for guests from coast-to-coast

  • It is anticipated that the introduction of UltraBasic will expedite the boarding process, contributing to enhanced on time performance and a better guest experience

Weatherill recently outlined the airline’s affordability promise to Canadians, highlighting WestJet’s approach to providing air travel options that are customizable and competitive.

What to expect with UltraBasic

UltraBasic offers guests the following options at the lowest possible fare price including:

  • a personal item to be stored under the seat

  • a pre-assigned seat at the back of the aircraft

  • the option to add checked baggage and seat selection for additional fees

  • the option to purchase Extended Comfort for additional benefits

  • the same friendly service, onboard food and beverage offerings, and access to the WestJet Connect inflight entertainment and connectivity system as before

The UltraBasic fare differs from what existed with WestJet’s Basic fare offering:

  • guests are not permitted a carry-on bag*  (UltraBasic guests flying on transpacific and transatlantic routes only will be permitted to bring a carry-on bag in addition to a personal item)

  • guests will be last to board**  

When booking UltraBasic on, for transparency and to prevent misunderstandings, there is clear messaging about the fare and its limitations throughout the booking process. This messaging is intended to ensure that guests are informed and aware of the fare they are purchasing and the terms they agree to. Digital and printed boarding passes will also indicate no carry-on bags are permitted with UltraBasic fares.


The UltraBasic airport experience

To save in advance of travel, UltraBasic guests can add checked baggage to their reservation before arriving at the airport. They may also check their bags at the airport check-in counter before proceeding through security. 

Guests who purchased UltraBasic will board the aircraft in the final boarding zone. Guests checking a carry-on bag at the gate will be charged a checked bag fee and a service fee to check the bag under the aircraft.

Once UltraBasic comes into effect, Basic Fares will no longer exist. Guests who purchased a Basic fare prior to the June 4, 2024, launch of UltraBasic will still be permitted a carry-on bag on all WestJet flights.

More information about UltraBasic can be found on

* Unless an Extended Comfort seat has been purchased for all flights in a single direction, including connections OR travelling on a transatlantic or transpacific flight

** Unless an Extended Comfort seat has been purchased OR they are a top-tier WestJet Rewards member

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