European Air Passengers Rights Regulation

In line with guidelines set out by the European Air Passengers Rights Regulation (261/2004), you may be entitled to compensation for the interruption in your travel plans. Compensation amounts are based on the length of the delay and the distance of the flight, to a maximum of 600€ (or the cash equivalent in £, CAD or USD).

Please fill out the form below for each individual traveller if:

  • you were on a WestJet-operated flight departing from the European Union or United Kingdom
  • you arrived at your final destination, as indicated on your booking, three or more hours after your scheduled arrival time.
  • your final destination was St. John's, Newfoundland and you were delayed over two hours you may also qualify
  • the delay was a result of factors that are deemed within WestJet's control.

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To process this claim, the email address must belong to the passenger name listed above. Payments cannot be processed to a single email address for multiple guests.

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Only eligible for flights departing from an EU country.

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A 13-digit number that can be found on the boarding pass issued to you at the time of check-in or on the eTicket receipt emailed at the time flight reservation

By providing my flight information and WestJet ID, I acknowledge that I am a member of WestJet Rewards and am eligible for this compensation. If it is determined that I have a valid WestJet ID but am not enrolled in WestJet Rewards, WestJet will enrol me in the program on my behalf.