Barceló Solymar

3.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Not the worst vacation I’ve been on

    Reviewed by KatelynSB(Kitchener, Canada) on Oct 17, 2019

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    All in all I had fun time at this resort. It was pretty quiet but I didn’t expect it to be a huge party during the off season. One thing I did find weird is that there was no 24 hour bar. Which again may be because it wasn’t peek season and they couldn’t justify having someone at the bar all night long with nobody ordering anything. We also didn’t have any hot water in the main building of the resort during our stay apparently the boiler was broken. Also something I could live with out after being in 38 degree weather all day long! The food wasn’t good and going to Cuba I don’t expect it’s to be good anyways but I always found something I liked at the buffet. We had an amazing ocean view from the 4th floor everyday I went on the balcony and it amazed me how beautiful Cuba really is. There is an entertainment staff member named Alejandro I believe. He was a very fun guy getting people at the pool involved in all the games and just going around the pool and talking to all the guest. The pool bar tenders David and Jorge were there for the whole week I was there and they were great always served me right away with a smile! Our Maid Grey was amazing my room was always cleaning and smelling fresh everyday with extra water in the fridge. The pool was very nice and refreshing I spent the majority of my vacation in it. They wifi wasn’t the greatest but it worked well enough for me to check emails and social media. I had a fun time during this stay here at Barceló Soylmar with convenience of getting into the town of varadero and the beautiful pools and beaches but I don’t think I will be returning.

    My favourite Country

    Reviewed by Lewis O() on Oct 16, 2019

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    Barceló Solymar, Cuba, Varadero !!! My favourite place to enjoy and be relax, main bufete excellent food, Italian restaurant nice pizza, pasta and nice staff, about no beach i dont know how to explain!!! Best of the best!!! And the most important thing special location!!! Thanks Family.

    My favourite Resort

    Reviewed by alexander m() on Oct 14, 2019

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    Barceló Solymar my favourite place to be relax, best staff, everybody always happy I don’t really know how to explain how I feel, best beach and best location if you would like to know Cuba Barceló best option !!! Thanks see you soon guys.

    Thinking about future

    Reviewed by Curiosity818537() on Oct 14, 2019

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    I always trusted Barcelo name (my partner work for this chine for many years) and made reservation without reading any comments. This will be out first visit to Cuba. Now I'm really afraid. I decided to write directly here because I hope all management answers for a guests are true and all our preferences will be noticed. We are arriving to Barcelo solymar 08 December 2019 (1932682153 my reservation nm) suite bungalow. Please make sure 1) Cleanes ( sheets, mattress protectors fresh and free of stains ) 2) Bathroom free of mold, timescale. Shower head work properly. 3) Nothing missing from the room ( towels big and small, bathroom toiletries ..... ) . 4) All electronic devices TV, air conditioner, hairdryer......... are in good condition and work properly Everything must be fresh and replaced up to all hotel standards So how you can see we are not asking for something WOOOOW. Only follow standards and don't make the shame for Barcelo name. You still have a lot of time. Why I'm writing here??? Because I'm very experienced traveller and work in the hotel too. Only 15% of all reservation departments reading and following guest requests. So now I hope we are safe during our holidays and any department don't will have any complaints from our side

    Avoid this place...NIGHTMARE!!

    Reviewed by melschroeder79() on Oct 13, 2019

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    Calling this place a nightmare is being generous. Giving it 1 star is being kind. Problems from check in to the last day. - room was not ready upon arrival -finally get a room to discover no blankets whatsoever, NO SMOKE DETECTOR at all, broken glass between the beds, water coming out of the light right when you entered the room, the bathroom was filthy, toilet seat was broke, no working phone in the room and what looked like mould around the a/c vent in the room -finally get sheets that were a joke and they were not washed or changed for the whole week, another joke was the hand towels we were give to use for showering -after complaining we were told to go to the front at 9am to view another room. We did so but we were told nothing was ready for us to see and to go back later, sensing that another room wouldn’t be ready we decided to stay put -the front desk staff were the definition of rude and very unhelpful -shortage of beach towels -don’t be fooled by the hotel page claiming a lifeguarded beach, nightly entertainment and a beach bar because they are non existent - maid and wait staff were mostly friendly but that was about it. -food wasn’t the greatest but didn’t expect much -also told the main building had no hot water Save your money and don’t get scammed like my best friend and I did. Trust me, avoid this place like the plague!