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For great Spring break vacation deals from Kitchener/Waterloo, turn to WestJet. We know that Spring break can be the perfect time to get out of Kitchener/Waterloo and see the world. That's why our vacation deal experts hand-pick only the best deals, rates, hotels and resorts, giving our valued guests a diverse range of top-class packages. We believe in making travel easy, and that includes offering our guests an extensive flight schedule out of Region of Waterloo International Airport to ensure come Spring break there’s a flight for you.

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At WestJet, we offer our valued guests great vacation packages that are sure to be memorable. That's how we've earned the country's best guest service and guest satisfaction ratings.† Beyond that, we also offer the WestJet Rewards program, which helps guests earn WestJet dollars® for every WestJet Vacation package booked with us – and you can earn dollars even faster with the WestJet RBC® MasterCard.* So when it comes to travelling smart, there’s only one way to go for your next Spring break vacation deals from Kitchener/Waterloo: with WestJet Vacations.

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