767 aircraft

Hello 767

More seats, extended range and enhanced amenities. Welcome on board our largest aircraft.

WestJet has added four Boeing 767 series aircraft to our fleet. With 262 seats on each aircraft, the more guests, the merrier.

Expand your horizons

Experience year-round service to and from London Gatwick on our 767 aircraft, and come winter, enjoy this service between Alberta and Hawaii. For more information on flight schedules and availability, visit our Flight info page.


Plus fare, our Premium Economy

Booking a Plus fare, our Premium Economy offering, gets you so much more than a seat on a plane. It's that feeling you'll get when you experience the smartest, most comfortable travel option. Expect our same unbeatable service, coupled with extra benefits - all for a price that is much lower than our competitors. It's the best of both worlds.

While seated in Plus, our guests enjoy:

  • Bottle of water upon boarding and a pre-departure drink
  • Premium meal selection, including hot entrée. View this month's menu
  • All beverages, including beer, wine and spirits
  • Amenity kit
  • Hot towel service

About the aircraft: 767-300ERW

The 767 is the aircraft type, 300 is the series number – the medium size, if you will, of the 200, 300 and 400 series aircraft.

ER stands for extended range, meaning it has increased fuel and range capabilities. Finally, the W indicates that these aircraft are outfitted with winglets which improve the fuel efficiency of the aircraft.