El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel

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Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Not good enough

    Reviewed by MyExperience0101(Aguascalientes, Mexico) on Jul 15, 2020

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    I really did not get the best service, I understand the Covid-19 situation, but there are so many deficiencies with the waiter service and there is unacceptable that we have to pay for the WIFI service, I mean, it´s obvious I will not use the WIFI service all day because I want to enjoy the beach and everything and when I want to use the WIFI connection, I have to pay for it, I already paid for the total service and is not cheap and I have to pay $10 usd additional dollars per day, really? Awful.

    Mexican Vacation

    Reviewed by samanthann123(Delano, Minnesota) on Apr 16, 2020

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    This place was gorgeous and the service was awesome! I was there right before COVID-19 took off and closed the boarder between Mexico-USA but the staff was very friendly and helpful even during stressful times for the world. I highly recommend to anyone planning to visit Mazatlan!

    very good

    Reviewed by whiteruff(Saskatoon, Canada) on Apr 02, 2020

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    Was our third time there and will likely be back. Was unfortunate that the covid 19 outbreak was happening, which had us worrying about people back home and getting home, so wasn't as relaxing a vacation as usual, but we still enjoyed our holiday. Also was nice having Canadian tv channels to help keep us informed of events back home.

    Great service

    Reviewed by leonardomb72(Mexico Beach, Florida) on Mar 31, 2020

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    We are very happy about the service, from the beginning to the end of our stay at the hotel, every aspect was great, it was clean, the food was good, the hospitality of the staff... We are sure we are coming back on the next vacation

    Excellent Family Holiday!

    Reviewed by katiepgiles(Victoria, Canada) on Mar 29, 2020

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    We stayerd at this hotel over spring break. We absolutely loved our stay. We did the elite program pool view. Our room was an average all inclusive room, however we had the biggest balcony with a partial view of the ocean with beautiful sunsets. Our family of four went to this resort with our friends (also family of four) they were great in putting our rooms close together. I highly recommend this resort, but you have to do the elite program as you can eat and drink (the nicer booze) anywhere at any of the resorts. The food was amazing and the beach/pool service was awesome! They also have an amazing beach, the tide goes out far so its super kid friendly, yet waves to have some fun boogy boarding. I can't wait to come back again (and I've never said that about an all-inclusive before).