Holiday Inn & Suites Across from Universal Orlando®

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    One Word HORRIBLE

    Reviewed by Vivienne R(Ocala, Florida) on Jan 24, 2020

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    Our stay was from Jan 19 - Jan 22. Our friend is an Spire elite member and is very loyal to Holiday Inns. While the hotel a bit old it was still ok. However things began going downhill very fast. On the second day of our stay my husband and friend went downstairs to get breakfast. After getting on the elevator they heard a pop and the elevator began going down making lots of noise it finally stopped and everyone was pretty scared. The elevator was misaligned and they had to take a ladder and everyone had to climb the ladder to get out. We asked the front desk if the elevator was fixed. They said they did not know anything. Since we where scared we decided to take the stairs daily which was not fun after having a day in Orlando in the theme parks. On our last night we got back around 10pm. It was a cold night in Orlando and we all wanted to take a nice warm shower. I turned on the bath and only cold water was coming out. So I contacted the front desk and they said that they were having issues with the boiler. We all waited to for a couple more hours but it was getting late being it was 1:30am and so we all had to go to bed without being able to shower. On another note.. It was actually quite entertaining having to come back each night to find roaches all over the kitchen floor and having to step on them and then clean the floor with a paper towel. I decided while I was there to call Holiday Inn Guest Relation since I was getting nowhere with the front desk. They gave me a case #. The day after we got back I received a call from Carlos the manager that he had left a message on my voice mail. I returned his call and left 2 numbers for him to contact me on his voice mail. The next day I decided to contact Carlos. This was on 1/24/20. I tried calling the number he gave me and the phone would ring and ring and no one would pick up. I could not even get to dial #4 because there was no recording coming on. So I decided to contact Holiday Inn Guest relations. I explained to them my issues and our horrible experience. The agent placed me on hold and she tried to contact the manager. Once again to no avail. She then told me the most she could do was give me one night 30,000 points. I explained that we had two nights there were not fun. My husband and my friend are still shaken up with an elevator that shook and then took a dive down and it was not fun having to take the stairs since we did not get any feedback with the front desk if the elevators where ok or not. I told her if I could speak to her manager at Guest Relation. After on hold over 35 mins I was able to speak with a manager. Once again I explained the story to her and all the issues we had. I even placed my husband on the phone so she could hear his story of getting stuck on the elevator since I was not involved. After she (The Manager) heard me in which she sounded like I was boring her the whole time she told me she could only give me 20,000 points. Since I was not sure If I understood her correctly since she seem to be from another country and her english was not even of a latin accent but another foreign country she said to me Yes, only 20,000 points. I said but the other agent offered me 30,000.. She then says to me well you declined that offer and I will only offer you 20,000 points. My jaw dropped !! This is the way Holiday Inn treats their "elite" customers !! WOW.. She once again said in my face that was all she was willing to do. WOW I thought !! So I called back Guest Relations and spoke with another agent. This time I not only had to repeat my horrible experience but also ask them if they were in the business of a game show? Yes, a game show like "Let's Make A Deal". I explained to the agent what the "Manager" had done and how I was treated. She said that she does not do that. Eventually she explained after I repeated my story for the fifth time to another person. She said that the Holiday Inn can only issue you one night/or 30,000 points. They can't give you anymore. I asked so no matter what happens only one night. She said Yes. I took it before she brought it down to 15,000 points like the other one did. So the moral of the long story is this.. If you like ..... 1) Killing Roaches. 2) Getting stuck in elevators. Fun ride after all we are in Orlando. NOT !! (SARCASM) 3) Taking cold showers after a long day at a theme park on a cold night. 4) Phone tag with the manager with a hotel phone that never picks up and he never calls you back. 5) Playing deal games with Guest Relation Managers. (word of advise: DON'T COMPLAIN TO HOLIDAY INN GUEST RELATION MANAGER BECAUSE THEY MAY LOWER THE FIRST COMPENSATION THEY GAVE YOU. Or... 6) DON'T STAY HERE OR ANY HOLIDAY INN HOTELS !!! (Me I prefer #6 advise) :)

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    Thin walls

    Reviewed by PTRBIGEBA364WC(Honolulu, Hawaii) on Jan 22, 2020

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    Everything was nice up until 1230am. At that time I could hear the room next door’s occupants. It made my already “hard to sleep” night worse. What should I expect? Anyway I hope to get some rest before my business trip tomorrow. Select another establishment.

    HUGE suites for a great price

    Reviewed by CANDACEM971(GARDEN RIDGE) on Jan 19, 2020

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    I was very happy with my stay. Great location. Night staff was fantastic and friendly (not always the case at night!) very helpful. Highly recommend. Location can’t be beat, lots of restaurants nearby

    Great staff,clean, welcoming

    Reviewed by chrispU5538GJ() on Jan 17, 2020

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    Would give 10 stars to Tiffeney if i could.Great service, good job guys! You really make a difference ?????? Special parking lots for IHG members.Will definitely stay there again at my next visit in Orlando.Easy to reach from Turnpike.

    Orlando overnight

    Reviewed by DWolf76() on Jan 17, 2020

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    The Holiday Inn and Suites Universal was a reasonably priced, clean hotel. We arrived before noon and room was ready. Ariel, at the front desk, was friendly and helpful. By walking to Universal (which only took 10 or 15 minutes) saved us the time driving and parking fee.