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Lovely Hotel

Lionel_22102 on Jul 02, 2022

This hotel was perfect for our needs , relatively small and quite , excellent service and lovely food. Clean hotel and surroundings and a lovely pool / beach area The restaurant food was lovely and happy hour 12-1 / 5-6 was ideal A few minor points Beds were made everyday however glasses / tea coffee etc not taken / replaced Restaurant pricing is expensive , just short of 60bbd pp for Sunday lunch was a bit steep , however I understand island costs are generally expensive anyway - would be a nice touch to have a slight discount for guests staying in the hotel for vacation What would have really made this place special would be the Caribbean vibe ! - music played was the likes of boyzone , some local original music or steel pans would have been amazing for the atmosphere. when we heard Mr Impact entertaining on the steel pan one night we had goosebumps as that was the sound of the Caribbean we had been waiting for Overall a lovely place, all the staff were friendly and polite , reading other reviews I think people have to remember conversations are two way ! It doesn’t take much to ask staff how there day is going etc Final word to Deborah in the gift shop ! Full of life and soul , very helpful lady who truly cares We will definitely be back !

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OK..... but want more than OK.

Alan P on Jun 30, 2022

This was our 2nd trip to Barbados as a group ( 6 adults 1 child). We had previously gone in December 2018 and had a wonderful holiday in a self catering Villa. So fast forward 4 years ( covid delays ) and we decided to try a hotel . We'd stayed close to the Butterfly Beach previously and had also popped in for a drink , so thought it would be the best bet. The hotel website says 'newly refurbished' in 2018 ( or 2019) .I think it's time to take that off as a selling point as its now quite a time lapse. The presentation of the hotel is OK, but I do think it still looks a bit drab. The immediate outside area when you walk from the lobby just looks a bit unwelcoming. Sun loungers set out around a weed and grass populated part paved floor just looks uninviting..... you won't be surprised to hear nobody was ever kn them. The main bar area is fine, but I just can't help feel something was missing. Bit more decor maybe ? Maybe some fans to help with the heat ? More music ? I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was definitely missing something. However, I can't fault the staff who worked in the bar, they were all brilliant. The live entertainment that they had in the bar area was very good..... its just a shame there wasn't more of it. The Saturdays for example, no entertainment! It's a Saturday!!!! Come on !!!!! No massive shock the numbers in the bar on the no entertainment nights were minimal at best, but fairly full ( for june) when it was on. Its not rocket science to see what I'm suggesting they do there. The room was fine. We had a sea view room for me, my wife and 4 year old daughter. However, the 'view' was largely blocked my multiple palm trees. So maybe don't sell a room as 'sea view' if you basically can't see it. The house keeping were a bit hit and miss. Clearly two beds in the room ( double and a small single ), yet we were often only left with two towels??? Did they really think it was only 2 people in there ? Come on !!! Basics !!!! Our bins in the room would only be emptied on an adhoc basis too, despite having plenty of rubbish in then. They also turned up at really random times , despite checking that 10am was a good daily time to do it. We agreed, but then it was 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm..... pot luck really. An unfortunate issue for not just the hotel but the whole island by the looks of it was a colossal amount of seaweed both in the sea and all washed up on beaches. This wasn't every day, but I'd definitely say the majority. This was something we didn't experience at all back in 2018. I was a little surprised by the lack of anyone from the hotel maybe trying to move some of it off the beach area immediately by the hotel. Wouldn't have taken too long and would only require a rake or two , even if only to bundle it up to one side or a corner. Instead it was left leaving the beach quite often totally unusable. Now I I know that is not the direct responsibility of the hotel as all beaches are public beaches, but we did see staff from other hotels in the area moving the stuff to help guests. All in all, the hotel is OK. Its far from bad or anything like that. But, I don't personally travel nearly 8 hours to the Caribbean for 'ok'. The issues I have raised in this review really aren't too tricky to fix and would have greatly improved the experience of staying at butterfly beach. Just a little attention to detail that's needed.

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25th wedding anniversary

joannesB3218EI (Doncaster, United Kingdom) on Jun 19, 2022

Lovely stay for our 25th wedding anniversary and my 49th birthday. Lovely hotel, authentic, clean and lovely staff. We stayed in sea view 421 room, private balcony watching hummingbirds in the trees listening to the sea. We stayed half board for 9 nights, £1500 in total, which is cheap for Barbados. We had complementary bottles of wine to celebrate and the team remembered my birthday and gave me a brownie on the day, a lovely touch. They keep a tight check on all drinks, food etc so won’t be overcharged. £4k for the whole holiday from start to finish. Food is varied, 3 courses and a drink. Not a massive variety but enough to eat different each meal. the weather in June is windy but keeps you cool, but did blow sea weed some days, not all. If you want luxury then go elsewhere and pay £2k more. We rented a car for £254 for the 10 days, through a comparison site and picked up from airport, well worth it(taxi £30 each way).We got to see the whole island; which is quite run down, covid effect I’m guessing. Even the so called posh hotels elsewhere looked tired from the outside. Would highly recommend. (I felt sorry for the staff as some customers were so rude,) thank you all

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Has its ups, but also some considerable downs

Jukebox696969 (Truro, United Kingdom) on Jun 12, 2022

So...... let's start from the beginning.... Check in was odd and difficult, the girl behind the counter basically ran away, so we waited 5 minutes for someone else to come and check us in. $140 US charged to the card for the room deposit.... didn't even know this was a thing any more but fair enough. We were on the 4th floor, there is a lift but take the stairs is my advice! The room, it's.... well.... adequate. Everything works but it reminds me of the rooms I'd stay in on a 20's holiday with the lads. Saying that, everything works just fine. The bed was comfy, air con and shower good so no complaints, just very basic. The 2 pools are nice, and it is right on the sea, however there is a huge amount of seaweed in this area so don't expect the stunning bright blue sea on the white sand, its usually brown with seaweed but lovely to swim in once you are past the weed! Might just be the time of year as well so not a negative, just our experience. The restaurant is just about OK, food is typical burgers, pizza, chips at lunch .... but what we had was OK. They would only allow us to charge to the room which seems pointless as we had the cash and didnt want to rack up a bill. They do have some themed nights which was a nice ideal, however the food was just ok again and not sure they actually know what tapas is. I don't like that they include a 10% service charge, then also have a tip section on the bill though! One or the other surely.... Heard a lot about "additionl charges" being made, but we didn't experience that. There is the government tax which is added to everything which is what I assume people are talking about. The biggest problem with the hotel really is the location, I know that's strange when it's right on the beach, but the surrounding area certainly isn't the most beautiful part of the island and it's become very run down. You might factor that in to what you pay, so in that case its fine, but a lot of walking or buses needed to get to anything that we would class as nicer parts to visit. Speaking of buses, don't be concerned about getting on the ZR's.... they are fast (sometimes too fast) frequent (literally every 30 seconds) and cheap (3.50 BDS). You can jump on or of anywhere you like so great value and very convenient. Just don't try to pay when you get on, sit down quickly then you will get the tap on the shoulder when it's time to pay. As with reception, the staff were a real up and down mix, some were happy and would chat to you, others would just blank or ignore you, this was the same right through the hotel from the guy on the front gate, to the restaurant. Everyone has a bad day, understandable, but when you work in customer service you can't have half the hotel staff being basically rude to guests in my opinion. The older men and women seemed to be great, the young guy at the restaurant with the pony tail didn't say a word in a full week even though we tried to speak to him.... all he did was lean against the bar and look miserable.. To sum up, if you are on a budget and want somewhere clean and close to the sea, then The Butterfly Beach isn't half bad... but if you are bringing someone here to wow them, it's not going to.... nor will the walk or constant bus trips needed to do so. 3.5 out of 5 is what I would give it if the option was there, but as that's not available I'll go with 4 out of 5.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Sophia and son

522sophiaf (St. John's) on Jun 11, 2022

Great place room very nice and clean customer service was great I will be back my son enjoy him self and him love the place never wanted to leave ??at for the restaurant miss Deborah she so lovely great customer service don't remember everyone name all was good thank you all an see you all soon

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