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Staff let the place, locals treated nicer and different rules for locals.

UKTraveler93 (London, United Kingdom) on Sep 20, 2023

Really disappointed with this hotel and our stay. We booked this for a weeks getaway and were sooo looking forward to it, it was a massive let down for me. The hotel itself has great potential and overall i liked the hotel grounds and rooms and facilities, having a kitchen in the room was very useful. the lunch and dinner menu is priced ok, could be better, alcohol is also priced well. Moire choice needed for dinner menu and also breakfast buffet. Dionne the receptionist was great, very helpful and always had a smile for us, the others on the other hand not so much, in particular the receptionist Salitta? (not sure that's correct spelling) she was a bit cold and difficult to deal with, just made everything a bit awkward for me, asked to pay our bill in the local Barbadian dollar currency...she said "sorry the machine wont allow me to do that and you will be charged in US dollars"...? I mean really?! absolute rubbish! They just want the US currency as its more money for them. When she was explaining my room bill to me i smiled and nodded and say ok alot, this must have annoyed her because she paused and looked up at me and gave me a dirty look? very very weird? I didn't enjoy interacting with her. The staff in the bar and restaurant were AWFUL and SO difficult to interact with, so blunt, miserable and rude! Stacey (although her name badge said Shakera) was AWFUL, that girl has a massive attitude problem and SHOULD NOT be working in a customer facing role. On our first night she forced us to tip her, pointed to the tip part of the receipt and tapped it aggressive and said "tip!"...shocking! this was so rude! after the awful service i received I would never tip her. Our first morning we were rudely told by Stacey that continental breakfast is served at 7am and the hot food is 7:30am. (we were not told this at check in, just that breakfast is 7am) my partner asked her so politely and nicely can we start going to the hot food buffet at 7:25am because others were already going..and she literally shouted at him and pointed to the clock on the wall "I TOLD YOU 7:30am RIGHT?" this was such disgraceful behavior and looking back i wish i had reported her. She is an awful person. She made my vacation terrible because she was serving every single day and she was so rude to deal with. The management need to have a serious conversation with her and how she interacts with guests because she is the worst and rudest person I have ever dealt with. We also noticed that the older holiday makers were waited on a lot more and the staff were a lot nicer to them...we figured out it was because they were getting tips from these older people. We were the only young couple at the hotel at the time and we got treated like dirt! its sooo obvious that special treatment is given to the older people and locals more then the young couples on vacation. The ladies in the gift shop were so blunt and miserable also, you ask them a simple question and they dont even look up at you. Its like most of the staff are just so miserable at this hotel?? Now for the worst bit that ruined my stay..the different treatment for locals compared to tourists. It was so obvious that the locals were let get away with loud music and boom boxes around the pool, shouting around the pool, being loud and obnoxious and no one said anything to them. We had a pool access room on the ground floor which the sunbeds are reserved for the guests staying in them rooms, there is clearly a sign saying this. We had two local women sit on our sunbeds outside our private terrace, I asked them to please move as we would like some privacy in our room because we were getting ready and showering etc as they were sat on our sunbeds right outside our glass door, they went crazy! started shouting and swearing at me! clearly didn't like to me told off by a tourist.. the lifeguard and security did nothing because they were local to the island obviously! if this was me swearing and screaming going crazy i bet the security and lifeguard would have said something to me. The locals blasting music from their phones around the pool made it SO UN ENJOYABLE to lay out that we had to leave and move to another part of the hotel. again, no one said anything to them or did anything. Also their kids were in the adults only pool when there is clearly a sign saying no kids allowed....the security did nothing! Another example was when the manager had her "managers rum punch night" around the pool and guests were invited. My partner and I were taking some pictures on our terrace (as holiday makers do on vacation!) and the manager saw us and started laughing and making jokes? then the locals all looked over and started laughing also... it was so rude and disgusting making fun of people on vacation like that trying to take some nice couple pictures on their own terrace to send to their family back home? If that is what the manager of the hotel is like then it is no wonder all her staff are like that also. I would not go back and stay here again, massive let down and I will not be recommending it to anyone. Different rules for locals clearly.

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Excellent budget hotel

Gurd B on Sep 09, 2023

Had a great 10 night stay at Butterfly. Staff as always all polite and all very attentive. This was our 3rd visit here and the place is still just amazing. All the beaches are excellent and only a bus ride away. You must try the reggae reggae buses, it was the first time for our kids to visit who are 18 and 19, they loved every minute of it. Happy hour twice a day 12-1 and at 5-6pm great value for money. The hotel may not be 5 star but if you are on a budget it's excellent value. Prices have gone up on the island for dining out but the exchange rate being so low things can be a bit costly when out and about. I would recommend Rockly beach which is a bus ride away, you can hire chairs and there are 3 beach kiosks to serve plenty of drinks and food. Thank you butterfly for a great stay.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Butterflies that keep fluttering back

Sunshineanddreams (London, United Kingdom) on Aug 29, 2023

Discovered this little gem 15 years ago and have been a regular visitor since. Great family run hotel on the South Coast. They gave many returning guests so obviously doing something right. Room many different categories to suit your needs we have stayed in four of the different categories and have never been disappointed . Great food I Love breakfast Monday nights is Managers Rum Punch apart a great way to meet other guests and staff.

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Pretty decent

Lee L on Aug 22, 2023

The manager was lovely! Very helpful and pleasant! However, two of the front desk staff were rude and unfriendly. I will most likely not stay at the Butterfly again due to that. The rooms were nice, with the exception of the toilet that barely worked.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Last Year Was Bettee

teonneyt on Aug 14, 2023

This was our second year visiting Butterfly hotel, last was everything to us that why we decided to visit again this year. Upon arriving at the hotel there wasn't anyone to greet us because Lea the front desk personnel was busy addressing what seem like room services issues. There was a lady from room service department that was bending over the counter with bags of linen, talking to Lea, Lea seems very stressed and exhausted because she was taking several deep breaths and mentioning how tired she was. There was a comp wine for my birthday and we really enjoyed it. The bed was a little soft and rather on the bouncy side but over all ok. Ryan did our booking and he was lovely. I was a bit disappointed with some part of out breakfast because Upton arrival to the restaurant Lynette told us that there was no booking for us to eat breakfast and it seem like we made a mistake about having breakfast. I told her I didn't make any mistake my booking includes buffet breakfast for two. After a few mins she then said she saw our room number. At breakfast the superviors lady poured us coffee and it was a bit cold, it was too full because there was nowhere to put sugar and milk the coffee was over flowing. There was no water on the table and when we asked for two glasses of water there was too much ice in it. Lynette came to our table with dirty wares from a previous table while picking the ware from our table. After the issues with having breakfast we was told it's a buffet breakfast without any direction as where the buffet area was. Luckily we knew where because we stayed there last year. The bacon swas limited to one overly fried extra crispy pieces there was no in between pieces for person who don't like that much of a crunch. The fruits on buffets was old, the apples had no crunch and after biting into it,it was so soft it left apple in my partner beard. The purple plum skin was wither/wrinkle as well. There was no selection of different teas once your beverage was tea it was brewed for us without asking what is your preference or better yet give the preference options to us. The room and pool was the best parts of out stay this time around.

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