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  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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DWood72 (Seattle, Washington) on Feb 10, 2024

Absolutely ridiculous experience. Beyond angry. How can it be allowed that construction can take place this early in the morning, especiallly on a weekend?! The first few mornings it was lots of stomping above us so we just figured it was a loud family getting up and getting ready to go to the park. On our final morning though, after 2 very long days at the parks including staying out until Disneyland closed at midnight the night before, and with a very worn out 5 and 2 year old we were awoken to the brutal sounds of power screw drivers, power saws and hammering directly above us at 6:10 am. It was then obvious that they had put us directly below a floor with remodeling still going on, which was quickly confirmed on my way down to the front desk by testing out the 4th floor on the elevator tablet, which gives an “invalid floor” message after your tapped the number 4. When exiting the elevator at the lobby to go report the noise I was quickly intercepted by a lady with a tablet in her hand, who was clearly there to spot upset guests and intercept them and try to diffuse the anger with that fake overly kind tone of voice rather than acknowledging the situation. After being told that their construction hours started at 6:30 (it wasn’t even 630 yet, not to mention how completely ridiculous of a start time that is) she told me she’d “let them know” and “see what they can do.” Spoiler alert - it never stopped, shocking. If you still insist on staying here because it’s a Disney hotel and you get a whopping extra half hour in the parks (used to be an hour back in the day, whatever happend to that?!) make sure you ask what floors construction is happening on and don’t let them put you in a room above or below those floors. Because at first glance it looks like the hotel remodel is done when you walk in the lobby and when you go up to your floor it looks like they’ve just closed off one of the two towers to finish the rooms on that side of the building. I would have never imagined it’d be happening immediately above any guest rooms. We for one will be staying at the Westin down the street next time instead. Also, our brand new shower and bathroom sink didn’t even drain so the remodel work going on isn’t even good quality.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The location makes it the best!

Disneyforever292 (Omaha, Nebraska) on Dec 30, 2023

Paradise Pier was perfect for our family! Although we didn't get a rethemed room, we were on the 11th floor, which had the rethemed rooms. When we got off the elevators, we were in the new part and could see how amazing it is going to be! The old rooms were still great though! We had plenty of space and comfy beds. We had two rooms for our family of 5 (with three big teenagers) and we were given adjoining rooms! Perfect! The best part about this hotel is it's private entrance to Disney's California Adventure. Although we had to enter through the Grand Californian Hotel for our morning that we reserved Disneyland for our entry, we didn't ever use it again. Even when we went to the Disneyland park, we entered through the Paradise Pier private entrance for Disney's California Adventure and walked through the park to get to Disneyland. We did the same thing coming home! It was amazing! There was never a line, the people were friendly, and it was so nice to walk in a quiet, uncrowded place! We truly loved this hotel. Hopefully, we can come again sometime after the retheming is complete and experience the new rooms!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Khristine is the best!

Robert S on Dec 22, 2023

Me and my family recently took a trip out to Anaheim, CA. We were looking to stay on site where Disneyland is located and settled on the Paradise Pier Hotel (soon to be Pixar place). This woman named Khristine who was from the front desk of the hotel was outstanding in every way! She answered all of our questions regarding the hotel's access to Disneyland, gave us free swag and goodies, made us feel really great about our trip, and made it a place to go back to in the future. The rooms were clean and already had touches of Pixar scattered about in the room even though they hadn't officially transitioned into Pixar place. I definitely recommend this hotel out of all the other Disney-themed hotels because of its access and the friendly customer service, especially Khristine!

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Too much money for what??

Tracie C on Oct 30, 2023

We took our 8 year old grandson and granddaughter to celebrate Halloween for the first time inCali. We booked this trip with them and my husband from Seattle. We spent almost $3000 for 3 nights at this hotel. Our room was sub-par for what we paid. The hotel is under construction which we’re aware of. Surprisingly, that did not bother us as much as we thought and we were understanding of the situation. However, the room is dingy and old, the water pressure was almost null and void for both the shower and sink. The pool is small. The small old refrigerator was old and and not cold. There are no food and beverage service. And with that, why would you not have any ice available at the pool when we have to bring our own drinks there?? This is by far the most disappointing room experience that we’ve had. You charge way too much for sub par accommodations. The best part of our experience at this hotel was housekeeping , which we really appreciated but I highly recommend going elsewhere. This looks place was very disappointing overall. We definitely overpaid and will not stay there again.

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hobbesEngland (England) on Oct 10, 2023

Really wanted to be wow-ed by this hotel-its a Disney hotel after all, but the best I can say is it was clean! I understand the hotel is undergoing a refurb, but we paid a lot of money for a room that was shabby at best. The furniture was chipped and scratched, the shower was almost antique and there were minimal facilities for food in the hotel. The best thing about the room was the view of Disney California Adventure (and we had to pay extra for that!) The Pool area was nice but that was the first thing refurbed-presumably to entice more people to stay there! The walk to the parks was further than many of the hotels on Harbor Boulevard, and the room we had just left at the Candy Cane Inn was far nicer. The only advantage of staying at a Disneyland hotel is an extra 30 minutes in the park in a morning, and by the time we had got through security and the turnstiles, that was down to 25 minutes. Normally when I leave a Disney hotel I am teary, but this hotel did not g=have that effect on me. We will not be coming back to this hotel.

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