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Terrible service at Restaurant

Kinrossguy on Jun 29, 2022

Touring with TAUK and after arriving for my dinner reservation at 7:15pm was taken to a table for one at 7:30pm I eventually stood up and walked out at 8:15pm having had no-one take my food order ONE FULL HOUR after my dinner reservation. The drinks waitress asked "Everything OK sir" as I stood up and put my jacket on at 8:16pm I answered "I'm walking out of my 7:15 dinner reservation" I have NEVER experienced such appalling service at ANY Restaurant anywhere in the world. Can't fault TAUCK nor the beauty of Jasper but thus was completely unacceptable

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Tired, poor service, SEWAGE in the bathtub

Schmutzarella (San Anselmo, CA) on Jun 29, 2022

My family and I came to the Canadian Rockies for a 'bucket list' trip in June 2022. We booked 2 nights at the Fairmont Lake Louise and three at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Both of these Fairmont hotels were extremely expensive, extremely old and in stunning locations. Both hotels had sub-par service and staffing issues. Both hotels, very unfortunately, had major plumbing problems in which raw sewage started coming up through the bath tub drains. On our last day in Lake Louise, I went to take a shower and saw/thought that the water had not fully drained from the bath my son took the night before. We were in a hurry to leave, so I checked the drain with my hand and saw it was in the up position, then stepped into the cold water and showered. After the shower, I flushed the toilet and raw sewage started spewing up from the drain. I freaked out and started washing my body in the sink with soap and water. We were in a hurry to leave to catch a transfer to Jasper, and, still stunned, I complained at the front desk and was given a $100 credit (on a $3900 hotel bill, $1700 for night one and $1200 for night two). I spent the day nervously wondering if I had been contaminated with a bacterial disease and spraying my hands with hand sanitizer, and checking in with my son on how he felt, as he had bathed in the tub. When we got to Jasper, the hotel was old run down (rooms like a 1970 Motel 6 that hadn't been remodeled ever), but stunningly situated. We checked into our little cabin, had a late dinner at the only open restaurant (which had long waits due to staffing shortages). Went to bed, woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom, and saw that raw sewage was AGAIN seeping up from the bathtub drain!! This was unbelievable. What are the chances, right? I called the front desk and was told that the other family in our cabin pod had complained of the same thing and that maintenance was on the way. I went to the front desk, explained the extraordinary circumstances that this had JUST happened yesterday at another property, and was told by the front desk that they would work on getting me moved to another (upgraded) room while we were on our tour that day. We got back at 3pm and were told that there were no other rooms to move to except a downgrade to a standard room in the main lodge. I was shown the room, which was a standard hotel room circa 1972. It was awful. My son had been very excited about the wood-burning fireplace in our cabin, so after reflection, I told the staff member that I would like a bucket of cleaning materials ASAP and I would clean my own damn bathtub rather than stay in that depressing little room. A staff member came immediately to my original room to clean the tub, which had NOT been cleaned after they fixed the plumbing issue and had black residue in it. Finally a manager showed up, Hamza Rasheed, and tried to make me happy. He offered a complimentary dinner at the Orso restaurant (without alcohol because he bizarrely said he couldn't authorize me buying a $1000 bottle of wine, whatever that implied) and said he wanted to make sure II felt taken care of. I told him that honestly, at the Fairmont Lake Louise, I felt the $100 credit wasn't enough, and after the traumatization and re-traumatization of the raw sewage twice in 2 days, I would feel satisfied with a dinner and some other amenity. We discussed a canoe ride on the lake, but the weather was bad, so I asked for a spa treatment. He said he would look into it. I wanted to put all this sewage fear of major illness nonsense out of my mind, so my son and I went about our day and relaxed at the pool, then went to dinner. Hamza shows up halfway through the meal and loudly enquired about the dinner, to which I responded pleasantly that it was lovely. He then loudly explained that he could not find 2 spa treatments back-to-back and therefore if there was anything else I needed during the stay to let him know. He looked pleased with himself for so cleverly solving his problem, and slunk away. So here's where I started to feel manipulated. I had not asked for 2 spa treatments, back-to-back, or otherwise. I asked for one, any type, any time, since we had no plans on our last day due to the weather. My sense was that Hamza was simply trying to publicly shame me into backing down on my second request in a public place. What was I going to do? Argue? I wanted to finish my pleasant dinner and put the thought of raw sewage out of my mind while I was eating. I don't do a lot of reviews of hotels, but I stay in a lot of them. I have 1300 nights with Marriott and another 300 with Hyatt. I've stayed in a lot of hotels, and I know what is acceptable, what is poor, and what is just a plain disgusting. I'm absolutely shocked that the Fairmont name is put being upheld for the sub-par experience I received at both of these hotels. I have not yet checked out yet (although frankly would have already done so, had I not prepaid the accommodation through Rocky Mountaineer) and so I don't have an end to this story. But beware: if you are coming to Jasper and want to splurge on something nice, don't come to the Fairmont. All the pictures are of a few newly renovated cabins, but most of the resort is still tired, old and not well-maintained. The service is slow as molasses and there is only one overburdened restaurant open on both Sundays and Mondays (and shuttles stop to town at 6pm). And don't forget you might get the experience of having raw sewage spew up your bathtub drain!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Terrible Service

Voyage556982 on Jun 27, 2022

The place was the level of a 1 star hotel. It was really the hostess of the lobby bar and servers. Super understaffed and yes they were not surprised to share that. They were having a staff party and really really short staff. Again not shy about telling you a 2 hour delay for food! I would not waste the money unless they can fix the hostess—-who was rude and super delayed service!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Nice people but an uncomfortable experience

Bensoncg (Lake Oswego, Oregon) on Jun 26, 2022

We stayed at three Fairmont properties on our recent trip to Canada. The Hotel Vancouver and the Chateau Lake Louise were awesome in every way, but we could not say the same thing about the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The people were very friendly, but the room was very cold; it also felt and smelled damp and musty. We turned the thermostat up to extremely hot but it remained cold. We asked the concierge who delivered something to us and he just said it would take a while to warm up, but when we told him it had already been several hours he said he would send someone. No one ever came. An hour later we called and were told by someone else that the heat had been turned off in the building for the summer. On that day the high temperature barely reached to the low 40s (6-8 Celsius) and a cold hard rain had fallen for hours; we were freezing. They did send over a space heater and a spare duvet, but why couldn’t they have told us the heat was off when we checked in and sent over the heater then? Another problem was that the door from the room to the patio was unlatched when we arrived in the room — but we didn’t notice until much later. As this was a ground-floor room facing a street, someone could have just walked in at any time. Clearly someone on the cleaning staff had been very careless, at the expense of our safety. In the morning when we were ready to get up, we discovered the power was off in our bathroom. The rest of the room had power but the bathroom did not. (The bathroom was also extremely small and uncomfortably cramped.) We tried to report this but no one answered and the phone just rang. Eventually the power came back on. We were given three options for “express” check-out, but two didn’t work. We tried the check-out on the TV but it said it was “not available.” We had already failed to get through on the phone and we were not very interested in the third option: going back to the lobby in a separate building through the cold and rain. The people we dealt with during our stay were all friendly, but they were not always helpful. Clearly the place has issues. We won’t go back to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge unless we can be assured of some significant improvements.

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Beautiful Property Excellent Staff

johnlS8895UH on Jun 25, 2022

Was treated first class. Excellent facilities. People seemed happy to be there . Great food. Games room. Pool Golf. We had a lakeside cabin was quiet and beautiful We did the planetarium on property , gift shop, couple tours. We’re a couple of bears people saw pretty cool

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