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  • Service 4.0
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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Overpriced but good location

Derrick B (Sydney, Australia) on Jan 08, 2023

Considering the price we paid we feel the room offered was a letdown & small. The curtains were dirty, we had to ask for our coffee bags, sugar, milk etc on a daily basis instead of giving the coffee for the whole stay in one go like we requested, and had to use a paper cup. There was no room service meaning the rooms were never made up. We had a microwave but no plates or cutlery. We got charged a cleaning fee, but got asked to start the cleaning process before we left. We stayed at a few of your properties during our time in Hawaii and never got asked to empty the bins before we left, shouldn't we get some of the extortiate fee back?

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Appreciate manager Eveline

dkim327 (Los Angeles, California) on Jan 06, 2023

While there were issues with our accommodation (we were not provided the unit type as initially reserved 3 months prior), the guest services manager Eveline was patient, respectful, understanding of our frustration, and provided us with reasonable alternatives despite it being the holidays and having limited options. We really appreciated her kindness, effort, and professionalism that allowed us to enjoy our trip.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Disappointed for the booking

677stepheny on Jan 03, 2023

We booked the hotel via the Costco Travel package. Costco called us a week before leaving date that the hotel is over-booked so we can cancel our package(we might have to pay for the penalty fee for flight cancellation) or reroute to another similar hotel. We said Yes over the phone and asked Costco to send us a written confirmation. The email did not come until we called again and waited for another 2 business days. The confirmation email from COSTCO is still this hotel name and they told us to go to this hotel directly and it would be all set. But when we arrived on the night nobody was at the reception. The service phone does not work so we called Security. The security guy seemed to serve as the receptionist for the night but our name was not on his list and he has no idea of what is going on. So luckily we have the emails with the new hotel name and he helped us call the new hotel and confirmed we are on their list. Can you imagine how we feel waiting in the dark at a totally strange place for 20 minutes? Not sure how COSTCO travel works with the hotel but it is very disappointing that the hotel just drops the ball at the last minute. and it seemed they don't have a service desk at 10:00pm so not sure how their customers feel.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Maui Family Vacation

teachtwins2 on Jan 03, 2023

We enjoyed our stay at the Maui Banyan. The 2 bedrooms were very spacious and clean. The kitchen was large and supplied with dishes, silverware and pots and pans. A washer and dryer was included and desperately needed since we had 2 teenagers. The room’s balcony had a partial ocean view and the beach was right across the street. Access to stores and restaurants was right up the block. I do recommend the Maui Banyan. We were very comfortable and extremely pleased with the location and access to the beach.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Review of Unit G203a via 3rd Party Option

reedmangreg (Chicago, Illinois) on Dec 19, 2022

This was our 2nd AirBnB during 3 week trip to Hawaii on the 4 main islands... and 2nd AirBnB that turned out to be also at an Aston hotel without knowing this in advance :) similarly to Kauai it never crossed me to book directly with the hotel as the hotels didn't look appealing to me yet the individual units via 3rd parties had and cost way less and without the resorts fees... you still have access to everything needed to enjoy your stay as, and you see exactly what you are getting as there are so many differently equipped unit - so this review is of the particular unit, but also about the hotel/area so others can find it useful like we did Location: easy about 45m drive from the OGG airport, in the heart of Kihei, across the street from the Kamaole Beach Park II (reviewed separately) that is great for sunsets, and for day chilling. Plenty of restaurants walking distance, we had a car but you can easily enjoy the trip by just staying in the aeaa... but then again it's Maui with nice road trips available so having a car I would say is a must Grounds: this is a condo type of hotel, the grounds aren't big, on one side a parking garage, on the other parking lot with a swimming pool, and some small grounds - nothing to brag about, it functions! The parking garage has 3 levels and we always found a spot to park - even with 3rd party bookings the parking is included in your stay and you check in at the front desk for the sticker to hang on your rear view mirror when parked Room: so we booked via 3rd party this exact unit and we knew what we are getting, I guess via hotel it's a different story - though this a double edged sword, while our unit was nice and functional it had a broken a/c when we arrived that we waited for the owner's contractor to be checked... only so it came back ON to be basically useless and kept the room hot (once they fix/replace that old unit the G203a would be 10/10, otherwise it's bad at night to sleep) - had this been through the hotel we would probably get another unit right away... you pay extra resorts fees etc. directly but you have more flexibility which we knew in advance we won't, always a risk with a direct owner booking... but it's something for something and no regrets. As to the unit, it had a balcony view towards west/southwest, tv, good wifi etc. - I don't recall safe, and other than very poor A/C I would say small bathroom could have used better ventilation - unit wise the rating would be 3.5/5 Beach/pool: we didn't use the pool but the Kamaole Beach Park II is nice, safe, and at the reach of your palms :) the Beach Park I and III are pretty much within walking distance as well, otherwise you can drive to some other beaches - with plenty restaurants/shops in the area it's an easy way to spend a full day on the beach, though we never did as we enjoyed exploring Maui during our 1st visit here Food options: so while there are plenty cafes, bakery type of options for breakfast there aren't too many traditional American style breakfast places here, which for us wasn't a problem at all, but I could see how the lines formed badly and stayed forever like that every time we passed the 2 places in Kihei - for some reason people rather stay in the line for ages then actually enjoy a different option :) for lunch/dinner plenty of options of variety of cuisines, good ice cream place etc. - I have reviewed all we hit if you need ideas Things to do: we loved the trip to Haleakala for sunset, MauiWine, the Road to Hana was a meh but still something to do if you visit for the 1st time, Maui Tropical Farm was excellent (we didn't do tours just a lunch and walking on the grounds), we drove to Lahaina area for the Coconut Plantation, we did the Maui Pineapple tour - all things were lots of fun and excellent ideas for not only first timers but returning islanders Overall: this was our 4th and last island in 3 week trip, we like exploring and staying at this location/hotel made that very convenient and didn't break the bank :) for that the hotel is 5/5, the actual unit like I said once they fix the A/C will be also 5/5, until then it was tough, and not sure I could stay again like that :P

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