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  • Rooms 4.0
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  • Value 3.5

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Certainly not the place it used to be......

robranz (Harriman, Tennessee) on Dec 07, 2022

Pre Covid, we would visit this resort a couple of times a year and really enjoyed the place. It's a very large property right on the ocean and is a great place to stay. Even today....still an awesome place to visit......if you can afford it :) My review isn't negative on the resort or property so much. Far from it. The place is still a great place to stay. It's just not a very good value anymore...which may be said for most things I suppose. Room rates are high. We actually prefer to stay at the far end of the property (Ocean Tower) but those have now been converted to Hilton Grand Vacations....which can be a better value per night by the way. I think our partial ocean view was only around 240 a night maybe. Any of the other rooms on the hotel side of the resort were much higher. A similar view room was closer to 400 a night I think. And to be honest, I can almost say, "hey...you're going to Hawaii...of course it's going to be expensive...right" :) The issue is that if you're driving a rental, you can tack on another 80-95 bucks a nite for resort fee and parking (self or valet). We were there 8 nights so added almost $800 more to an already fairly pricey stay. But at least Mauna Loa erupted while we were there...so there's that :) But really the main issue stems from you're paying A LOT more and getting a lot less. I realize covid has had an impact and labor is possibly in short supply nowadays (for whatever reason) but so much has been cut back at the resort that it certainly didn't feel special and exciting anymore: -The train seemed to only operate one tram vs the normal two which caused a pretty long delay for a ride...remember...this is a verrrry large property. -The dining options are very limited now. The Boat Cantina is gone and the lagoon grill and pool grill area are only open 6 hours a day. The Kona Tap room has very limited offerings and seems to only serve appetizers in the evening. That leaves just two fairly expensive restaurants on the property. -Daily room cleaning seems to be a thing of the past and they now leave you garbage bags for you to take out your own trash and leave it outside your door for collection. -They no longer have the evening running/lighting of the torches.....a couple of guys just drive around with a propane torch to light them now. I'm certain there's quite a bit more that I'm forgetting but for the first time, I was disappointed to be staying there and not at all sad about leaving :( I fully realize things have change post covid impact I suppose and I get the financial impact that it's had on places like this. I just can't see spending so much for so much less than used to be there. We'll be going back to our 2-3 trips per year to the big island ....but I think we may have had our last stay at this hotel. There are very nice condos in the same complex as this hotel that rent for a few hundred a night with none of the added fees. We can always walk up to the Hilton to watch the Dolphins :)

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Vacation Just Like Home

Shelley C (San Jose, California) on Dec 02, 2022

The units are a step above most and definitely above any hotel! The fact that you have a kitchen fully furnished stocked with appliances and equipment and a formal dining area. The beautiful views make it a wonderful vacation spot. Plus the availability to visit the other resorts is a major plus.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Rude and uncaring

Jeff W on Dec 02, 2022

Flight was delayed until the next day. Tried to check in and was told our reservation was cancelled due to a no show, even though the travel agency had called and told them we would be a day late. Additionally, we had a luau scheduled and paid for at the resort for the day after we were supposed to arrive. Whenever I called them to ask about rescheduling, since our flight was delayed, they told me it was a 72 hour notice to cancel. They did offer that if I would take a 2 hour tour of the property, they could get me tickets for $87 a piece even after I had already paid. The person at check in really did not care about our situation. He was rude and uncaring.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Sadly not very satisfied

Explore323340 on Dec 01, 2022

Unfortunately a lot of dissatisfaction of our stay over Thanksgiving week. Uncomfortable beds, towels rough and too small, lack accommodations. Customer service and welcoming to the hotel was lacking not even concierge was helpful with anything. Pools were freezing and no hot tubs open since under construction along with the waterslide which was main reason we booked this hotel. No sand at the beach so unable to hangout near water. Food options suck or don't exist. Classes offered were always too full to accommodate even though we were 30 mins early evey time. Overall I would not stay here again which is sad because the grounds are beautiful...potential is there but lots of improvement to be made!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A very nice and relaxing resort – great for kids

JJJC_Family (Virginia) on Nov 29, 2022

Much larger than I thought it would be. It has a tram system and boats to transport guests from the lobby to their building and from their building to the lagoon they created and perhaps other places on the property I don’t even know about. You need these modes of transportation because they have you park your car or have it valet parked after you check in. You can schlep your luggage yourself on the tram or boat or obviously have an hotel employee bring it to your room. We first went to do some food shopping and brought it and some of our stuff on the tram. Unfortunately, we got off the stop before we should have and had to walk quite a bit to get to our building with some pretty heavy stuff. It was fun, though, because we walked through the museum of oriental art objects lining the walkways. They were interesting and attractive pieces. We got to our building and it was pretty big with an open atrium. They have a soda vending machine at $3 per bottle at the bottom by the elevators. Available for guest use is a microwave and ice maker, only not on the floor we were on. The room is very large and nicely laid out and decorated. We particularly like the very large side tables by the bed. We have medicines, tissues, CPAP machines drinks, etc. and need all the space we can get. There’s a fairly big balcony. A large, quality TV with a good guide is very welcome. It sits on a nice, decent-sized piece of furniture, which even has a DVD player in a niche and ample table top for more stuff to put on.. I appreciate the decent sized refrigerator and the coffee maker with good coffee in it. The sink is out in the open with bright lights around a large mirror and a big counter, and has some very good shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap. The toilet and the shower/tub is in a separate room. The towels are a bit of a disappointment as I would have expected lush, thick towels in a fancy resort like this, but they are acceptable. The HVAC system works very well, changing the temperature in the room very quickly. That is exceptional. There is a table with two chairs and a couch that will seat three people. Finally, there is a large walk-in closet with safe that will accommodate a 15” laptop. Nice. It’s a very pleasant room to spend five nights in. I should mention that they have two nice shopping areas just 2-3 minutes away. A couple of places to buy groceries, several restaurants and even a movie showing three movies are available there. There are at least a couple of restaurants in the resort, itself. The Italian one looks nice, but is quite pricey. It took 280,000 points for our five nights, but I have no buyer’s remorse. It’s a very relaxing environment, where you don’t even need to run all over the island to have a nice vacation. If you just want a hotel, you may not want to be in this somewhat isolated location. It may be particularly suitable for families with young children as the lagoon beach is completely contained and you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety as they run into the water. Almost every beach in Hawaii has signs warning about the various dangers that await you should you have the courage to step in, one of the reasons we hve never stepped in. The kids I saw there were having a grand time. Even the adults enjoyed the big peddle powered boats, surfboards with paddles, kayaks, etc. So it depends on what you want and what you need. If you do come, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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