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Avoid Disappointing Your Group!

Mike L (Saint Louis, Missouri) on Jul 07, 2024

If you are organizing a group, I do not recommend the D Hotel, unless you want to disappoint your group! The D Hotel fell short of our expectations. Our family reunion, which represented 13 US states and 1 country, was hampered by a subpar reservation system, limiting our attendance. While location was a key factor in our decision, it was the sole redeeming quality of our stay. The experience was akin to buying a used car without proper inspection, resulting in unforeseen issues. 1.) The sales department's organization left much to be desired, and they often resorted to making excuses for their shortcomings. Despite being a large hotel with a significant number of rooms, they failed to provide adequate space for our registration bags, and the sales manager, Ciara, charged us a $200 fee for the foyer area to give out registration bags, even with booking over 30 rooms. Furthermore, she did not confirm the setup and attempted to claim that no additional tables were available on the day of the event, despite the maintenance staff providing us with two extra tables. We are grateful that we decided against using their banquet services, as we were informed by another group that the food was of poor quality. Ciara told me that they do not offer groups any perks unless you have 50 or more rooms, while most hotels offer perks with 25 or more rooms. We had close to 40 and would have had more if there wasn’t so many problems with their reservations. 2.) The hotel rooms are furnished with basic amenities and do not offer any thrilling extras. The additional charges for amenities is absurd as they are not provided. Some of our rooms had phones that were not in working order and there was a delay in obtaining a luggage cart. The hotel has a substantial number of rooms, but the limited availability of luggage carts caused inconvenience. A valid form of identification is required to use a luggage cart, but availability is not guaranteed. 3.) The A/C didn't work as expected, and the hotel staff cited the building's age as the reason. As paying customers, we deserve a cold room, especially in the scorching Vegas heat. To provide quality customer service, the hotel staff should relocate the guest to a different room without delay instead of asking them to wait for the A/C to cool down. 4.) Their customer service does not seem to be a priority. Instead, they gave us the impression that our stay was a favor to us. 5.) Do not make reservations to any events because dealing with the D you’re likely not to make it! Several in our group missed out on a paid concert due to their room flooding, which means they missed out on the party bus that we paid for too. 6.) Personally, I had to cancel dinner reservations. Despite calling 3 times about no air and giving the room several hours to cool off. They finally decided to move me to another room. I had to pack everything up and move to another room. The saving grace about having to cancel the reservation is that it was at their sister property- Circa Barry’s Downtown Prime. They only offered to refund one night of resort fees. 7.) They only wanted to refund one night of resort fees (29.95) after totally inconveniencing us and causing us to miss events. I had one from our group to check out and go somewhere else because of the service. 8.) Customer service training for management and staff is essential, as demonstrated by the poor attitude displayed by your assistant manager, Vanity, during our interaction. The delayed response exacerbates the frustration and prevents a positive customer experience. Although the D Hotel Fremont property has the potential to be outstanding, its poor customer service overshadows its positive aspects. I would not advise booking a group or staying there if customer experience is a priority.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Formerly My Favorite on Fremont, But No More

Dena T on Jul 05, 2024

This review concerns my four-night stay at the end of April/Beginning of May (Sun-Thurs). Check-in was quick and painless, as it was after 7:00 on a Sunday night. My Premium Corner King was clean and well-stocked and I was delighted to see I had a stunning wraparound view of downtown and the mountains. I had a quick shower and noted that the shower drained very slowly, which has not been a problem on my previous stays. It was so slow that I was a bit concerned, but it had drained by the time I brought some food back to my room. I have stayed at the D several times previously. I love the price point and location and enjoy the vibe, although I usually opt to gamble elsewhere (I like the old-school King multigame machines). My biggest complaint on previous stays has been that my room has not been cleaned at all on my last few visits, and it’s not that much of a complaint. One of my visits coincided with a Covid surge, plus I don’t really make enough of a mess to need Housekeeping. My last visit had a very unhappy ending, as hotel security attempted to enter my room while I was attempting to rest. I am hearing impaired and had not been feeling well due to the heat, so I had my hearing aids out when security knocked. I did hear when my door was pushed open on the chain lock, which I recommend ALWAYS using in hotels. I called out, “Wait a moment, please!” and looked through the gap in the door to see an extremely stern gentleman in a suit, flanked by another hotel employee. I was in such a state of panic that it was hard to fully register what he said, but I believe it was that the hotel was required to conduct a wellness check because my Do Not Disturb sign had been up for two days. I had a delayed flight on Sunday and a show to attend on Monday night, so I did leave the sign up on Monday so I could rest. On Tuesday morning and afternoon I was out of the room for several hours in the late morning and early afternoon, and I did see Housekeeping on my floor. Same thing on Wednesday, although I did put the sign back up long enough to consume some food and make a phone call. Between those two days I would estimate that I was out of my room for at least 7-8 hours in late morning/early afternoon, always removing the Do Not Disturb sign from the door so I could get Housekeeping. They never came. I should note there is a possibility Housekeeping may have knocked on the door while I was on the phone on Wednesday, in which case I missed it. Nonetheless, I left the room shortly afterwards and was gone for a few hours. Housekeeping and/or Security could easily have gained access during that time. Had the concern really been for my wellness, hotel staff could easily have reached me by phone or email rather than attempting to bust into my room. Key card tracking would have shown I was in and out of the room and quite ambulatory, but The D apparently prefers using more invasive methods to ensure the wellness of their guests. Rest assured the hotel was well within their rights to attempt to enter my room as they did. Having taken note of how they choose to execute their policies at the expense of a repeat guest, I will no longer choose to stay there. I am giving one point for location and one for the room, but this was by far the worst experience I have ever had in a Las Vegas hotel.

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Hotel Supervisor RANDY STEVENS

Robert C on Jun 30, 2024

I have to give a huge shout out to Hotel D Las Vegas- Their Hotel Supervisor named RANDY STEVENS and his staff. He was extremely professional, attentive and made our entire stay AWESOME. This young man is a great human being and leader! His supervisory skills and guidance for his younger staff is evident. You all have a great supervisor at your front desk. Thank you all, Dr. Robert E. Cooks

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best hotel on Fremont Street

cludasdulac (Torquay, United Kingdom) on Jun 25, 2024

The best place to stay down town. Very clean, fun hotel. Stayed here several times. Yes it is very noisy, my advise take ear plugs. You can get a good deal here if you shop around. You won't be disappointed. Always play the slots here, great odds.

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Better then expected!

Stay798339 (Sarnia, Canada) on Jun 17, 2024

This hotel was in the perfect location with close access to all of Fremont and beyond. 15 min walk to pawn stars shop and about half an hr to the start of the strip. Rooms was clean , spacious and up to date. Never had to wait for an elevator, all staff was helpful and polite. Coffee shop on main floor was great never a wait. Access to stadium pool at the Circa was an added bonus. Fremont St is where it's at for sure , the strip is overrated unless of course you want to stare at each hotel. 5 days 4 nights went by so fast, whoever says Fremont St is dangerous or shady needs to get out more and experience life. Would definitely go back!

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