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  • Service 4.5
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I don't get the 4-star review

Ligaya72 (Las Vegas, Nevada) on Jul 02, 2022

I don't get the love for this hotel. It's supposed to be a 4-star hotel per most websites. Not so much IMO. Positive: Excellent location. You are smack dab in the middle of the action. You step out of the hotel on the marina side and you make a right towards the beach 10-15 minutes walk away, restaurants, activities and shopping are just a stone's throw away. AYCE: it has an option for an all-inclusive which I see the value if all you want to do is eat and drink. The food choices are endless, and I see the value. There's about 7 restaurants that the hotel offers including Italian, Seafood, Mexican. There's breakfast buffet and swim-up bars as well. Since we're only staying for a day to experience central CSL, we did not go for the all-inclusive since we wanted to wander around to shop and eat as we please. Early check-in. We checked in at around 10:45 and the check-in process was smooth and no questions asked. We were presented with 2 towel cards, 2 free drinks, a wristband and we're off. We only had to wait for 20 minutes for the room to be ready, wherein we were approached by Yesenia the timeshare lady, and once we told her it's our last day, she sent us off. So no hard-selling there. Negatives: Oh, boy. Lots. Room: We were given a room on the 3rd floor, facing the pool. The view is nice from our balcony and the balcony itself is great to get some fresh Cabo weather. But, the rest of the room is crap. The a/c can not be controlled, it's either on or off. The shower stall is gross and shows area of deferred maintenance, and signs of mold. The safe is rusted and questionable at best. The bed looks relatively clean otherwise, but I felt itchy. The lock to get into the room looked flimsy and I think it only needed a strong shoulder to push and someone can be in. I for sure would not pay $40 for this room if I'm only judging the room. Especially since all I want in a hotel first and foremost, is 1)cleanliness and 2)safety. This room for me, is 0 for 2. The elevator and stairs to the room showed age and deferred maintenance. Staff at the bar and breakfast buffet is rude and brash. So was the check-in lady, but at least she did not turn us away when we asked to check in early. If you don't pay all inclusive, the breakfast buffet is $20 per person. If you just step outside of the resort, you have your gamut of places to eat for much, much cheaper. But my spouse was hungry and needed coffee ASAP, we just went ahead and ate. Pool area - is very, very busy from 10am to 6pm. It's packed, and I felt claustrophobic just watching the pool users. We however got in around 7-8pm and it's empty. But around 9pm, the staff starts cleaning the pool with chemicals so you only have a small window to enjoy the pool and spa by then. Customer service: I can forgive the room's poor cleanliness and safety, since it's on me for not doing my due diligence. It's a last-minute booking for our final night, since we spent 3 nights before somewhere else, about a $35 cab ride away. I wanted to be in the middle of the action on our last night, and knowing I won't stay in the room/hotel for all of the 24 hours, I set our budget at a certain price and I thought, it's 4-star hotel with great reviews, nothing can go wrong. But, I was severely wrong. The front desk was brash, but accommodating, the breakfast buffet staff was rude, Yesenia the timeshare lady was understanding, and the valet guys were attentive. After we got back to the room after an afternoon of activities, we got a call from the massage lady telling me about her promotions and discounts. I told her I'm not interested because I don't have time. She said repeatedly and almost badgering-ly: "You don't like my stuff? You don't like my stuff?" I don't even understand that. I just slammed the phone on her. Like what? But the security to the gate to get out of the resort to the Marina was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. First off, we checked out, our wrist bracelets were turned in and destroyed, we got a ticket to get a cab with the valet so we can get out from the driveway. Well, lo and behold, we were told the cab will be about $80, my bad, I misunderstood and I was $20 short. I needed cash. The ATM onsite is out of order. So I excused myself from the valet, left my husband and luggage, and tried to get out of the resort from the marina side. I tried to explain to the guard, and he said where's your wrist? None. I checked out, I needed cash which is in a market ATM a few feet away, I will be in and out in less than 2 minutes. He said I'm not on his paper list. I said you may not have it, since I was a last minute booking. He called the front desk, and with limited understanding of what I was trying to say, can not verify me. I stood there, 10-15 minutes. I wanted to scream. I'm sweating on my airport clothes, the other alternative is to walk around through the driveway side, and that may not even be let out due to my lack of wrist bracelet again. This guard was a nice guy, but dense. Finally, I was let out. Took some cash, and came back a minute later. I told him I was just there a minute ago, and wanted to get back in to get to the airport to catch my flight. He still has to call the front desk, and I have to again, wait an additional 5 minutes to be able to let in. After. He saw me. 1 minute ago. Needless to say, I am done with the resort right then and there. Would I come back? Not likely. There's definitely other choices in the central CSL. Ironically, I was tempted to book all 4 nights on this hotel. I'm so glad I did not do that. I think the hotel offers decent value for your money, it's just not for me.

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SCAM! Do not book!

W3951XYscotth on Jul 01, 2022

What a disaster. We booked Marina Fiesta which is in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, walking distance to everything. Upon check in, we were informed they had no rooms, that we had to stay at their ‘sister’ resort 15 minutes away (by car). Now we are trapped unable to walk anywhere, choices are now take the shuttle into town or dine at their on location restaurants They are happy to discuss time shares with you as well. This is a true story. Once at the sister resort, we encountered 4 other groups who were all told the same thing. This is a warning to others, do not EVER stay here.

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A little disappointed.

Bobbie R on Jul 01, 2022

Not impressed. Extra charges for everything. Our room was cleaned 3 out of 7 days with no amenities left. Couldn’t take any food to the room. The pool is very odd. 6 feet deep so not good for kids or old people. Hard to get in and out of because the steps are so large. Wouldn’t stay here again. Reception staff were basically uninterested.

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Cabo Jem

EricHickox on Jun 30, 2022

This was our third trip to Cabo in this resort. It's a lovely resort in the heart of the Marina area and nightlife. The staff is very friendly and attentive and accommodating. Highly recommend the all-inclusive packages as they have lots of dining options.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fantastic all inclusive

mstpetersen (Granite Bay, California) on Jun 29, 2022

This place rocks??. Get the all inclusive. Right at the heart of everything. Best food as you get to go to regular restaurants that are open to the public. Walk to the beach and walk home from the clubs at midnight. Totally safe for a single woman. If you have all inclusive you also can go the sister property Hacienda Encantada by free shuttle and also eat there. Infinity pools over looking the waves crashing onto the rocks. Best there for breakfast! Take the early shuttle and a dinner dress to eat at Las Riscos MAGNIFICENT ??

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