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Covid positive shake down

monica1093 (Anaheim, Ca) on Sep 13, 2021

Two couples went to separate timed covid tests at the hotel. So when testing it was unknown we were together. Each couple had a person test positive. One of them, my friend that has breast cancer and awaiting surgery was one my bf the other. We were floored and the hotel called and told them. Myself and my friends husband received negative results and received an email with the results. They told my BF and my friend they could retest the following day for $150! Unknown if this was a scam my friend was beyond freaked out because she is suppose to have surgery and made sure to get vaccinated. We spent all day looking up cars to rent to drive from Cabo to Tijuana and then have my BF sister pick us up in Oceanside. Both of them appeared healthy but were thinking they were asymptomatic. They went the next day and saw several others retesting and finally had enough nerve to tell them they had a positive test (who wants to admit that)? Come to find out several people there were doing the same thing My BF made a scene to the manager and he quickly got him retested. Within 10 min he said they were both negative and he wasn't going to charge them. My boyfriend went to Kaiser when we got home the following day and received a negative on the covid test. What a joke. They "pay" for the tests if you are there four days but you might as well get your own. Disgusted

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

A decaying hotel

Paradise08347668837 (Bogota, Colombia) on Sep 12, 2021

This is not a five stars hotel! We arrived one day after a big storm and they never give us a notice of this until the check in. We slept in the hotel 3 days without electricity and they didn’t give us any kind of compensation. The food was very bad, only two restaurants were working with food restrictions. In the other hand, the staff was very rude and disinformed about everything happening in the hotel. The pool didn’t have filters and the water was green, also the ambiance was terrible. The only good thing about this hotel was the Concierge Dario, he was very helpful and kind. We were very frustrated about this experience, so we changed hotel and it was the best decision. I do not recommend this hotel at all, we don’t understand how the paradisus los cabos has 5 stars.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Terrible service and staff in a great building

teodorog410 (Stanford, California) on Sep 12, 2021

Arrived to a beautiful hotel with a great view. The good stuff stops here, if hell exists, this must be like it. Day 1, Sept 8 2021. Arrived to a platter of rotting food in our rooms. Terribly understaffed restaurants could not provide timely service or remove used plates. No hot water, soap or shampoo in the shower. The pool was murky green. We had very light rain and two of our rooms flooded overnight. Day 2, We were told once the hurricane came, restaurants would close, but room service would be available. We had paid ocean view, yet we were relocated (without compensation). Suddenly, we were rushed to get “anything we could get from the restaurant” in 20 minutes and get locked up in our rooms. We were threatened to not leave, even when the hurricane was a few hours out. The rooms had empty refrigerators and no snacks. Promptly we lost power and the building has no backup generator, except for a few lights. Things got really humid and bad without AC at this point, I think this is what jail must be like. If I were running an all-inclusive resort, I would give wine/liquor/beet and playing cards to guests before recommending them back to their rooms. Day 3, we woke up to a disaster, it seems like this beach hotel is not ready for rain. Broken glass everywhere, water and mud everywhere, hotel guests were helping clean and few employees were seen fixing things. Central pavilion and staircase blocked off because apparently the skylight was collapsing. Seems grossly unprepared for a beach hotel. Management and staff was apologetic but completely useless. Barely had breakfast in a super damp and hot restaurant, still no alcohol was being served – feels like the least inclusive “all inclusive”. Even the gym would not open. By the afternoon, we had some alcohol yet no ice and rude waiters. Food servings were limited and the restaurants were still foggy and damp. It was a struggle to eat there. Still we slept with no AC or place to charge our phones. Day 4, We went fishing, so things were great! Until we returned to our Mexican Hell, still limited servings of food. Power came and went overnight, and by 3 AM the TV started blinking uncontrollably black and white – unresponsive to any buttons. It took us a while to groggily figure out how to disconnect it. Day 5, Food improved a little bit, but restaurants were still hot and damp. The green pools were opened, right when our taxi came to pick us up.

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Dream vacation!!!

beatrizs454 on Sep 11, 2021

We got back from our office trip to San Jose del Cabo and really enjoyed our stay at this hotel. The entire staff was helpful and friendly. They arranged our rooms next to each other and also accommodated our bed requests and room location. All the restaurants were great and very accommodating since there were vegetarians and gluten free in our party. Jose in the recreation department was awesome with his games and trivia as well as the yoga classes. The view from this hotel is breath taking, the beach and the swimming experience in the ocean was great. Covid measures followed including the test that was provided to us so we were able to come back to our reality. All seamless. We all agreed this was a dream vacation.... Thank you Paradisus for making it happen.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing Resort and Staff

bmikeee on Sep 10, 2021

My fiancé , our two friends and I just got back from our stay at this resort and we had the most amazing time! The resort was beautiful with multiple pools, a swimmable easy access beach, great food with many options and accommodations, as well as delicious drinks. There were many entertainment options from evening shows to dance lessons and beach volleyball. All of the staff were so friendly and welcoming and helped make our stay flawless. Johnathan (pictured with us below) was amazing and gave great suggestions as far as where to book tours, dinner selections, and also did a great job at keeping us up to date with activities around the resort. He was super fun and a great host. The bar directly to the right of the entrance was a favorite spot of ours to hang out in the evenings and Luis the bartender took great care of us the entire stay. Very nice and knows how to make some good lemon drop shots haha . Overall we had an amazing time and can’t wait to book our next trip here!

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