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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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Mid-remodel but I found it very enjoyable

northernk (Phoenix, Arizona) on Aug 23, 2023

Knotts Berry Farm Hotel is in middle of a long remodeling. Parking lot has shifted to accommodate instead of parking in front where the entrance as of this review is closed up one goes around the back to enter. The current office as of my stay is in the old gift shop at the back and the lobby was completely closed off so it and the restaurant were in active reconditioning behind a temporary wall built to block off the construction zone as one walked from the temporary check in to the elevators to get to one's room. I had one of the newly remodeled rooms and it faced away from the park and over the pool area and parking lot to the west. I never had an issue with the old rooms and the theme park pictures (wonder what they did with them) and I'm a bit concerned about losing the neat Snoopy rooms. HOWEVER, though they have gone to a farm motif, I must say I loved the room. Everything was in super new and great condition, the chairs and furniture and bed were all super comfortable. The hotel was quiet I never heard a peep for a Friday night in August that's pretty good, though the park had been quiet during the day as well only picking up some in the evening. I have no complaints on the hotel really it was super clean and made me feel quite at. home in the room which now includes a small fridge as well which I believe not all rooms had before. So yes this is highly recommended I just hope they don't keep raising the price out of reach over time when remodel is finished.

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never again! not even for 1000 alpacas!

mrmikepatton (Portland, Oregon) on Jun 28, 2023

ive been to this hotel many many times over the years and always had a nice stay. this time however was different and strange. the hotel is still in the middle of remodeling. we got one of the new rooms and although small it was a nice look and large tv. we typically put do not disturb on the door as we were only staying a few days and dont need new bed changes daily. one of the days we come back from park and there is a note said they did a welfare check because we had the no not disturb check on for 48hrs. never heard of such nonsense in my life. i check in with the front desk and they say its in the paperwork i signed in with. i didnt see it but there is a ton of small writing but it was not told to me by the front desk when i checked in. then i was told that all the hotels in the area are doing this. weird ive stayed at over 50 different hotels in this area and this has never happened. the next hotel i go to i ask the front desk and they look at me with a confused look. they had no idea what i was talking about and let me know they would not enter my room if i put the do not disturb sign on the door. my friend who was staying with me at the same time in different room. they were just coming in with housekeeping even with do no disturb on it and then they did a wellness check anyway. like what are they looking for? and why even put a do not disturb on the door if they just going to ignore it. im wondering what the heck is going on at this place? i could see if i was there a full week or something but this was a few days. i guess they think we were doing something wrong but i dont know why? never seen anything like this before and never since. no way i would come back here again. they could have been upfront about this at check inn. with all the other bla bla they do this would be important to bring up. i also brought up they always wanted to come in after we leave. no matter when we left thats when they wanted to come in. they couldnt pay me to come back to this place.

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Walking Distance to Knotts's - Rooms could use some updating

Christie B (Boise, Idaho) on Jun 26, 2023

Location to Knott's was awesome! Was within a short walking distance. Great pool, splashpad and hot tub. Room size was great for a family of 5, plenty of room, but room could use an update. Pull out was not in the best of shape, and bathroom really needed some work. Room was pretty dingy overall as well. Would stay again due to the proximity to the amusement park however.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Family vacation!

LindaW404 (Winton, California) on Jun 14, 2023

We requested three standard double queen rooms. They were kind enough to put us in three connecting rooms. This was very nice since we had cousins in each room. The beds were very comfortable. There was ongoing construction, but it was quiet while we were resting. The only complaint was that there was only a single very small waste basket in each room. We had a great stay and the package we got included tickets to the park. What a great value!

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May 2023 Under Renovation, ALSO read fine prints.

Marie M on May 27, 2023

We usually stay at Disneyland Resorts, but we very much enjoyed our trip to Knottsberry farm this Past March 2023, that we decided to come again for our Kids early summer vacation Memorial Day weekend. First, when we made reservations, it did say that it will be undergoing renovations. At that time, the website did not say the restaurant was going to be closed during our stay, now it is there in fine print under amenities Restaurant (closed for renovation). So please keep in mind that there is no restaurant for breakfast before the parks or dinner after the parks. Or even during your arrival/departure. We checked in 9pm, we were given a room that has no working AC. Someone came in to take a look and verified it was 74 degrees and not cooling down. It was late, flying from Hawaii. Our kids were tired, hungry and hot, and we already unpacked. Decided to just sleep in the room for the night. Jacquelyn, the manager was no help. We voiced our concerns, but instead of offering solution and making us feel heard or even listened too, all she did was argue and make comments, like the renovations was posted on the website. You can walk across the street to eat breakfast. When asked to speak to the general manager or manager, she says I am the manager that manages that Management team. We basically voiced about how impressed we were on our last stay, that we decided to come to Knottsberry Farm AGAIN instead of Disneyland, but this time it’s not the same WOW, like last time. She didn’t even apologize for the ac not working in the room, didn’t even say welcome back or thank you for coming back, not even a , let me talk to the office manager or director of rooms or something. NOTHING. Maybe she was having a bad night. Idk. But we work in a hotel industry in Hawaii, having folks fly thousands of miles away. There needs to be some kind of hospitality there. Steve in the other hand was great, we made a call, he answered, and he was able to help me. He was actually the one that helped us at the front desk the last time we came and we loved it! Parking around the building, renovations, I didn’t mind. But the way you treat your guests, that plays a big impact. 2 stars just for the location (5-8 minute walk to theme park), and Steve from the Front Desk was very very helpful. But keep in mind. NO RESTAURANT. There is room service, but you pay and arm and a leg.

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