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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 3.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Overall good for the price

Nazgol A on Oct 26, 2022

Overall an average stay since we spent most of the day at Disneyland/CA Adventures. Beds are comfy but do squeak a lot. Breakfast doesn't have too many options and we ended up eating at Starbucks. For the price and distance to park it's a great stay. Our main complaints was that one not a big deal but the safe didn't work and was broken and there was no turn down service. The biggest caution is to ask for a room not facing the highway since it's very loud at night. We had no idea and were not able to change our rooms.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Awful service not recommended foe business.

CindyOak (Oakland, California) on Sep 22, 2022

Not recommended for business travel. The good: the room was reasonably comfy, clean, with typical amenities. Reasonably quiet. The bad: had a reservation and arrived for check in at 5 pm. Exhausted and needed to work before dinner. No rooms available (?!) and had to wait. The lobby is small, cold and uncomfortable, nowhere to sit with phone plugged in. Restaurant closed on Monday. While I waited they checked 2 people in ahead of me. Annoying but whatever they finally check me in. I go To room on 3rd floor and oh great neither room key works &$@#. Back down to get new keys right as the front desk is handing my work colleague her key-for the same room. OMFG. But I am strong, I am patient, I’m not a Karen. So they give me a new room and finally get settled. After a long work day on day 2 i get home and no housekeeping was done. Whatever, I’m strong, I’m patient, I crashed out. Day 3 in the am I realize this means I have no coffee. But I am strong, I’m patient. I’m not a Karen, I run off to work with no coffee. In the evening I get more coffee from the front desk, “all I had to do was ask”. Well all you had to do was tell me, but I just think that and don’t say it - I’m not a Karen! Day 4 am I have coffee, yay, but forgot no housekeeping means my bathroom floor is now full of wet towels and only small dry ones left after the shower. I guess this is my bad? I should have planned ahead…just not used to this for business travel. A crazy day at work, the. In the evening I have a great meal of mussels in a garlicky sauce and just a few too many cocktails. This will matter for the next part. After a 6am work call in the room with a headache, i have a dry and gross garlicky mouth. Go to take a shower. Oh crap I FORGOT ABOUT THE TOWELS. I dry off with a wash cloth. Go to brush my teeth oh crap I AM OUT OF TOOTHPASTE. I’m not feeling strong right now. I am a little crabby, not at my best. I go down to the little shop next to reception. No toothpaste there. So I go to reception to request some, there is a long line of people checking in or out. I am not one to cut in line, but for a possibly quick request, it’s okay to ask, right? I thought so. I politely ask and this rude b*** cuts me off before I can finish “I am helping this customer you will have to wait in line”. I am now broken. I am still strong but I am not patient and she may have just made me a Karen. I dont demand to see the manager, there may still be hope for me. But I do say somewhat loudly “the service here is terrible”. There, that got her! “Thank you have a nice day” the b*** says with snidely. OMG that pissed me off more than anything which was obviously her goal. I am now late and run to my room grab my crap and go to meet my colleagues with nasty garlic hangover breath breath. I go back to my room after breakfast and there are other workers at reception (in addition to the b***) so I ask the other ones for toothpaste…. And this b****…this b**** she immediately reaches inder the counter and hands me toothpaste. Like…it was right there the whole time? And you wanted me to wait in line for this? I became a Karen today. “So it was right there and you wanted me to wait in line? You need to learn what triage means and how to do it. You could have just handed it to me”. The b**** omg this freaking b****. “I know what triage means and I needed to take care of the other customers first”. “You may know what triage means but you choose not to do it since you could have just handed it to me”. “Thanks for the suggestion, HAVE A NICE DAY!!!”. Hey, b**** this 1 star review for your understaffed overpriced zero service hotel with the gross green pool is for you. Have a nice day!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Just okay

Caity1228 (Louisville, KY) on Sep 04, 2022

We stayed 3 nights while visiting Disneyland. The location is okay but not walking distance to the parks. They do have transportation but there is a charge for it. Nothing special about the hotel itself but it was sufficient for what we needed. My only real complaint was they seemed to be hoarding the towels. We checked in and had 3 in the bathroom. The next day I asked the front desk for more towels. I requested 6 because my daughter and I each use 2 and then my husband and son needed 1 as well. I was told they could only give me 4 “since that’s all that’s supposed to be in each room” implying that we had too many people in our room. I was stunned. I’ve never encountered this and thought it was extremely rude. We made so with our 4 towels but come on. Also, they need a pool bar, badly!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Quite average but practical for Disneyland

bussieres86 on Aug 26, 2022

The hotel is very clean and super well located. In addition, the ART shuttle for Disney and other recreational offerings in Anaheim stopped directly at the hotel and was visited frequently. The bedroom and bathroom are both very large. The swimming pool is large and clean. Very close to the freeway, which means easy access but be warned, you can hear vehicles throughout the night. We did experience some issues : - The wifi is one of the worst I've experienced. It is slow (less than 0.5mbs), and often unavailable altogether. - The walls are not well sound-proofed. Our neighbour set her alarm every night at around 1 am, and we could very clearly hear it. One night, her television was on for hours, and we could hear the words from the show she was watching. The sound issue is very inconvenient in a hotel packed with early and late Disney-goers - Very low water pressure in the toilet - A few things are a work in progress. The laundry room was closed, so we had to use the neighbouring building instead. The hot tub was never opened during our stay, even though a sign said it would open up on our last night. - The A/C was very loud

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Service Excellence- Maritza and Team

JT_oakland (Oakland, California) on Aug 25, 2022

Maritza Rocks!!! Anthony is Awesome!!! Adell is Cool!!! I needed to have my 3 rooms on the same floor and if possible to have 2 of them connect to each other. I understand how difficult it can be to have connecting rooms so I was hopeful. When I called, Maritza answered the phone and was SUPER friendly and willing to assist. I explained to her that I would be arriving by 2 PM and was hoping for the above as well as at least 1 room to have early check-in. Maritza not only took care of me, she amazed me!! She was able to secure 3 rooms on the same floor all close to each other and 2 of them were also connecting as requested. After that, she informed me that she could have all 3 rooms available for my early arrival as well. When I arrived Maritza was assisting another guest and Anthony checked me in. Anthony was also friendly and fun to engage with while completing the check-in process. Anthony is new to hotels and has been at this one for just about a year. You can really tell that his passion is hospitality. Adell was the 3rd team member that I had the pleasure of meeting while checking in. She has worked at another hotel before but is newer to this location and Sonesta. She too loves hospitality but enjoys wowing the guests after they come back from a long day at Disneyland. Update: my room lock stopped working and I had to call the desk for maintenance. It took 5 minutes and 11 seconds from me hanging up with the desk to maintenance fixing the lock. It took Maintance 2 minutes and 28 seconds to get the call from the desk and to come up to my room. Once he came up and saw what was needed it took him another 1 minute and 27 seconds to go back and retrieve tools and batteries to fix the lock. Once he had his tools He was able to fix the lock in 77 seconds. I am not sure if many will understand how great this is. I realize that responses aren’t typically this fast. However, a shoutout has to be made because they did this all in less than 6 minutes. That’s crazy!!!! Lastly, I have to shout out housekeeping for clean rooms. I always break down the room to inspect for bugs, dirt, or any other unwanted items. Not only were my 3 rooms super clean, they were dust free too! Great job to the Sonesta Anaheim for such a wonderful staff and leadership!!!

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