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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 3.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 4.0

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Disappointing, noisey and in need of a complete revamp

Emeraldgem27 (Dublin, Ireland) on Apr 12, 2024

We had an 11 night stay here over the Easter break. We travelled from Ireland and spent thousands of Euros to come here and have a “Dream Holiday” with our young family. I will start with the positives about this hotel. The location was amazing. So near shops and restaurants and 15 minute drive to the parks. So if you didn’t have a car you have restaurants in walking distance. The rooms where cleaned daily, you always came home to a made bed and fresh towels. The guy Raymon in the bar was so lovely, I was waiting quite a long time on a pizza to take away up to the room and he came over and spoke to me and my son and was a lovely lovely guy. My children enjoyed the one pool that was opened. Unfortunately that is we’re the positives end for me. The first room we were given the night we arrived was situated basically at arms reach of the I-4 and the noise all night of cars revving and beeping was unbearable. I asked to be changed the next morning which completely ruined the first day because I had to wait until 2pm to be given a new room, after being promised one for 11am and packing up all our stuff and leaving the cases at reception, so the first day was gone waiting around for the room. The second room was even worse. We were given a room at the end of block 2000 facing the car park and right next to the bars and restaurants and the bar Kitty O’Shes bleared music until 2am for every single night of our stay!! So after a long day at the parks and early wake ups to make the most of the day it was not ideal and I have to say completely put a dampener on the holiday I paid too much money for, to enjoy as I was so tired and irritable from the lack of sleep. Look the rooms are not great. But I knew that from looking at photos. They are out dated and smelly and the beds are TINY!!!! But the room is the room and thankfully you don’t spend much time in them. But if you are looking for luxury..this is not your place There is security at the main entrance that check cars and people coming in to make sure they are staying at the hotel and that is great. But this hotel is more of a budget motel and you get all walks of life staying here. One night there was young guys in the car park revving their car around doing donuts and blaring music at 12am and the security did absolutely nothing. I don’t think I was as prepared for it not to be a hotel full of families enjoying Disney… I seen some questionable characters stay here. Also we left my husbands prescription sunglasses in the first room when we were packing up to be moved and they were taken.. I can’t say for sure by an employee or a guest so I can’t point fingers. Also If you are looking for true reviews, please don’t look at the Facebook Fan page. That is run by complete weirdos that delete all the negative comments and attack you for saying anything bad about the hotel and give people a completely wrong perspective of what the hotel is like. I too was led astray. Would I stay here again? No! Would I recommend it? No!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Fair price for fair amenities

Jason B on Apr 08, 2024

Rooms are basic but clean. Aircon works very well. Food on offer is a Buffett and was a little over priced, however the position of the hotel is great, although the hotel bus service was not (only two Disney parks service and a single pickup time too and from). Comfort Zone has The Best Barman in Orlando. Raymon you were a joy!! Great service and company.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

OK hotel. In need of some renovations.

BigFilipino (New York City, New York) on Apr 08, 2024

Came here for one night and found this hotel to be just ok. It feels really outdated and more like a motel then a resort. I suppose for the right price and depending on what your needs are this could work. I felt safe but not particularly impressed.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Avoid at all costs

NearlyThere2012 (County Laois, Ireland) on Apr 04, 2024

If I could give this hotel less than 1 star I would. We arrived approximately 10:30pm after checking out of our Disney Hotel and had planned to stay here our last night before taking flight home the next day. Reception seemed fine but staff were uninterested. Told our room was in building 2 on second floor and to walk across car park to it. We arrived at building 2, took the lift and got out at second floor. All rooms open out to external walkway and lights in walkway were not working so it took us a few mins to find our room. The second we opened the door you could smell damp. The rooms are dated and grubby. We knew it was only one night so said we would just put up with it. The carpets looked filthy and when we went into the bathroom the floor around the toilet had brown water sitting on the tiles. You could see damp on the walls and black spots. We rang downstairs and requested our room be changed and the girl on reception said it was the last room they had available that the hotel was completely booked out! I explained what the problems were and told her I didn’t think the room was cleaned. She said housekeeping had left for the night so she could send someone up to “freshen up” I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and she said everyone had left for the night. Approx 5 mins later we had a knock on the door from a guy holding a can of air freshener, he said he was there to “freshen up” with the can! Seriously! My husband again phoned reception and asked to speak to a manager and the lady on reception said she didn’t have a phone number for him! My husband then explained that they must have a way of contacting someone that the room is filthy and we needed someone up straight away. She then said she would send a manager! Seriously…… they just said they didn’t have one on duty. I wouldn’t let my children get into bed until we had checked the sheets. We were afraid of bed bugs. We pulled back the sheets and I wasn’t prepared for what we found. Used tissues in the sheets and stained sheets! Absolutely disgusting! When the manager then arrived to the room he explained there was no housekeeping staff and asked if we wanted to look at another room they had available. 20 mins prior we had been told by the front desk there was no other rooms. We explained that the room was disgusting and we wanted a refund and we would be checking out. He explained there could be no way for a refund for the room. We then showed him the condition of the room and what we found in the bed and he agreed there on the spot to a refund. We took our bags and left and checked into a hotel across the road. What I will say is the manager himself seemed friendly and apologetic. I do think once he saw the room he realised it was completely unacceptable. Would never go back and would advise everyone to avoid.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Worst hotel ever

Tracey R on Apr 02, 2024

This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, I was moved room twice, due to musty dirty smell in room and the 2 lifts not not working and being on the 5th floor. The worst thing about this hotel is the location it is iin the middle of an island and surrounded by main roads and motorways, with noise from trucks and cars all night long, the swimming pool has a view of the motorway too. My Daughter was moved twice too, first time due to caterpillars coming into her room under the door as she was on the ground floor and the next room has ants coming up the drainage in the sink and onto the worktops. We asked to move to one of their sister hotels but the staff where very unhelpful and told us we could check out and pay again for a hotel somewhere else. I am currently staying at the hotel and this morning there are workmen drilling and banging in the room next to mine. We paid thousands to come to Florida and have been many times, but this hotel has ruined our holiday, DO NOT book this hotel you will regret it .

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